Samish Kash was a Human male who ruled the planet of Delaluna at the time of Lorian Nod's death during the Clone Wars.


Shortly after Kash was elected regent, he led negotiations with Lorian Nod, an envoy of Junction V. Kash wanted to expel the mistrust between the two worlds and allow free trade and travel which Nod agreed to since the former Jedi wanted to make up for his mistakes that he did from the past. However, during the Clone Wars, the Separatists had an interest in the major systems in the Mid Rim. Therefore, Count Dooku and the other three regents invited Kash to the planet Null, along with bodyguards Floria and Dane, who were former bounty hunters. With Floria, he led a romantic relationship with her.

Before the negotiations began, Kash was nearly killed by bounty hunter Robior Web, who had been hired by Dooku to eliminate Kash and force the Delalunan resistance to join the Confederacy of Independent Systems. Kash was wounded in the attack, but Lorian brought Kash to a local med center in time to save his life. After Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker arrived to the rescue with Floria and Dane, and find Dooku, Samish Kash survived from his wounds and joined the Galactic Republic, bringing Delaluna on the Republic's side. The other regents were not consistent with Dooku and swore their allegiance to the Republic as well.



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