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"The mountain behind you is named Sammie."
Raal Yorta[src]

Sammie Staable was a Human bounty hunter during the Galactic Civil War.


Along with Raal Yorta, Staable captured Rodian criminal Ten-Suckers Madoom on Ord Mantell. Unfortunately, the duo did not submit the correct paperwork when collecting their bounty, and thus received only 245 credits for Madoom's capture.

It was at that point that Sammie revealed to Raal that he was going to join the Rebel Alliance. Later, in an Ord Mantell bar called the Power Dive, Raal attempted to talk Sammie out of it. Sammie would not hear of it, and pulled a blaster on Raal, taking him hostage on his own ship.

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Sammie Staable was based on a character roleplayed by Ariel, in the Rebel Breakout scenario of the Star Wars: The Roleplaying Game gamemastered by Pablo Hidalgo.



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