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Samuel was the operator of a mining facility on an unidentified planet in the Outer Rim Territories. He had a daughter named Leddar.


When Darca Nyl came to the planet in pursuit of Lycan, Samuel told him he would give him Lycan's destination if Nyl would help him recover Leddar, who had been kidnapped by Samuel's former business partner, Royce. Samuel and Darca rescued Leddar. But when Samuel seemed to care more about credits than his own daughter, Darca threw Samuel and Royce a blaster—which was not, in fact, working—and told them that they were free to fight it out and live a short life of hatred and revenge, ignoring what was important. He didn't care, he said. The appeal to realize their selfishness was successful on Samuel, who quickly regretted his own actions and selfishness and rushed to his daughter, asking her for his forgiveness. After Leddar and Samuel had been reunited—in earnest, this time—Darca went on his way to follow Lycan to Molavar.


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