"I have served the countess all these many years. But I once served another… My true master was Samuro… a Jedi Knight."

Samuro was a Jedi Knight who lived centuries before the onset of the Clone Wars. He recognized the threat posed by the energy vampire Countess Rajine and imprisoned her and the victims of her life-draining powers on a remote world. Samuro used the Force to raise a barrier over the world, sacrificing himself to ensure that Rajine and her victims could not leave the planet. Sometime before his death, Samuro recorded a message for Rajine in his Jedi holocron and instructed his droid, Z-18, to give it to the Jedi who would eventually arrive on the world. Centuries later, during the Clone Wars, the Jedi Master Mace Windu arrived on Rajine's world. After Windu was captured and imprisoned by Rajine, Z-18 freed the newly arrived Jedi and gave him Samuro's holocron. Once Windu confronted Rajine and activated the holocron, Samuro's image and Windu recited an incantation that freed the life-forces of Rajine's zombies. The victims then turned against the countess and killed her.


Rajine: "What is that?"
Windu: "A message from the past."
Samuro's holocron: "Hello, Rajine. If you are listening to this, it means a Jedi has found you. I alone was not strong enough to destroy the evil that you are. I could only contain you. I was only able to trap you here, but not only you—all of the victims whose life-forces you have drained. All of their life-forces are trapped here with you. As a Jedi I cannot seek revenge, but all of these lives are quite vengeful. They are lost. Alone I could only trap you, but with another Jedi to speak the words of banishment your doom is sealed…the words to awaken the lost…"
―Rajine, Mace Windu, and Samuro's holocron[src]

Samuro gave his life to imprison the former Jedi Rajine on a remote world.

Samuro was a male Jedi Knight who lived centuries before the Clone Wars.[1] He acknowledged the threat that was posed by the Jedi Countess Rajine,[2] who was an energy vampire capable of draining the life-forces from sentients. Samuro imprisoned Rajine and her victims in a city on a remote planet, sacrificing himself by using the Force to raise a barrier over the world to ensure that Rajine and her victims could not leave the planet. After his death, Samuro left behind his lightsaber and droid, Z-18, whom Rajine kept in her service. He also left a Jedi holocron with Z-18, instructing the droid to give it to a Jedi who would eventually come to Rajine's world.[1]

During the Clone Wars several hundred years later, the Jedi Master Mace Windu arrived at the city on Rajine's planet searching for the Alpha-2 Squad of clone troopers. He was captured by Rajine and her zombies and imprisoned within the city. However, Z-18 freed Windu and revealed to the Jedi Master that he had served Samuro. The droid gave Windu his master's holocron, stating that Samuro had said that Windu would know what to do with it and when. Windu confronted Rajine—who destroyed Z-18 for his part in freeing Windu—and activated the holocron, which contained a message from Samuro to Rajine. Samuro's message stated that while he alone was not powerful enough to defeat Rajine, he would be able to defeat her with the assistance of another Jedi. The message revealed that when he and Windu spoke the "words of banishment," the life-forces of Rajine's victims would be freed from her control. Together, Samuro's image and Windu recited the incantation; the zombies subsequently turned against Rajine and killed her.[1]

Personality and traits[]

Samuro's droid, Z-18, shows Mace Windu the Jedi Knight's remains.

"He gave his life to imprison Rajine here."
―Z-18, to Mace Windu, regarding Samuro[1]

Samuro was a Jedi Knight who served the Jedi Order.[1] He recognized the threat that his fellow Jedi Rajine posed as an energy vampire and imprisoned her on a remote world.[2] Samuro also recognized that he was not powerful enough to destroy her, and he was willing to sacrifice himself in order to trap Rajine and her victims on the planet. In his message to Rajine in his holocron, Samuro stated that as a Jedi he could not seek revenge. However, he was not opposed to allowing Rajine's victims to seek vengeance against her.[1]

Samuro possessed a lightsaber and wore a set of brown Jedi robes. He also owned the droid Z-18.[1]

Powers and abilities[]

"His Force power has kept her within these walls for eons. He knew that his power would not last forever…and that one day another Jedi would come."
―Z-18, to Mace Windu, regarding Samuro[1]

When he imprisoned Rajine on a remote world, Samuro used the Force to raise a barrier over the world in order to trap both Rajine and her victims. His Force powers kept Rajine and her zombies contained in the city on the remote world. Before his death, he crafted a Jedi holocron, in which he recorded a message containing an incantation with which to defeat Rajine.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

Samuro was introduced in the short story No Way Out, which was one of four stories compiled in the ninth volume of the Clone Wars Adventures trade paperbacks. The character was drawn by Matthew and Shawn Fillbach, both of whom also scripted No Way Out.[1] Samuro later received an entry in The Complete Star Wars Encyclopedia. The encyclopedia's entries on Z-18 and Samuro refer to him as a Jedi Knight; however, the entry on Rajine refers to Samuro as a Jedi Master.


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