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The San-Ni staff was a melee weapon favored by martial artists throughout the galaxy, including Jedi Weapon Masters who used the weapon as an alternative to the lightsaber. It consisted of three metal rods held together by power couplings.


A difficult weapon to use effectively, yet popular among its few users for its discreet nature. The staff, when deactivated resembled a baton 50 centimeters in length. It could be activated only by first grabbing each half of the baton, twisting, then pulling them apart. A 10 centimeter long stun prod then sprang from each end of the staff, and two high-voltage power couplings would crackle to life in between the three pieces. Activated, the San-Ni tripled in length to 150 centimeters. The electrical discharge was powerful enough to shear off limbs, cook flesh, and even a near miss would give severe burns to an enemy, the wielder however seemed to be shielded from this, through the use of miniature heat sinks.

The San-Ni staff was a versatile weapon. The wielder could protect himself from lightsaber blows by parrying them using the san-ni staff's power couplings, which were impervious to lightsaber damage. In addition, a wielder could choose to strike an opponent using the power couplings in order to deal non-lethal stunning damage.[1]


The San-Ni staff was used by the Jedi Master Waldan Bridger, a trait for which he was most known for in the Jedi Order. He employed its use in a duel with General Grievous during the Battle of Togoria during the time of the Clone Wars. However, it did not stop the cyborg from cutting the warrior down within the first minute of the quarrel.


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