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San Herrera was a Force-sensitive Human who took on a number of humanitarian causes, usually in association with fellow Force-sensitive Nia Reston. The pair were aware that the Almas Academy might accept them as students, despite their adult status, but they felt that the structured ways of the Jedi was not for them.[1]

In 31 BBY, San and Nia were engaged in rather one-sided trading with the Hiironi irstat. They would take high-end technological goods to the Tarasin in exchange for native crafts of much lesser value. They hired laborers in Gadrin to help them transport the goods. Most of things that San and Nia took the Hiironi were things that the Tarasin did not need, but the Tarasin saw that it made Nia and San feel good to help out the "primitives," so they let it continue.[1]

San and Nia were killed in 19 BBY, when Len Markus touched them with the Darkstaff and turned them into zombies.[2]



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