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"These rebels are all insane. I guess it starts to be contagious after a while."
―Sana Starros[10]

Sana Starros was a human female who lived during the time of the Galactic Civil War. She was once a student at the University of Bar'leth, where she had a romantic relationship with Chelli Lona Aphra. Later, she claimed to be married to Han Solo, though he denied it, and regardless they were not on good terms in the time after the Battle of Yavin. She traveled across the galaxy in search of Han, from Tatooine to the Monsua Nebula, in order to confront him. She was also captain of the Volt Cobra.


Early life[]

Sana Starros was a human female[2] born on the Smugglers Moon Nar Shaddaa.[1] Amongst its last descendants, she was a member of the Starros Clan that dated back to the High Republic Era.[5] She grew up in Wormstew Town.[1]

University of Bar'leth[]

Starros was a classmate of Chelli Lona Aphra at the University of Bar'leth, located on the Core World of Bar'leth. Sana and Aphra both attended Sava Toob-Nix's class on archaeology, where Aphra would frequently interrupt Toob-Nix's lectures. One day, Aphra was late to class and snuck in through a window, and interrupted Toob-Nix's assertion that all of the artifacts once stored at the university library on the Fifth Moon of Thrinittik had been destroyed. Aphra argued that enough of the structure had survived that some of its artifacts might remain buried and preserved, and an archeological expedition could uncover them. The Sava argued that Aphra's ideas were wrong, when Starros spoke up to back Aphra up. Starros pointed out research in the University of Bar'leth library that supported Aphra's claims. Aphra became instantly enamored with Starros.[11]

Aphra was certain that Toob-Nix would try to have her expelled, but Sana secretly blackmailed the Sava; warning him that if he expelled Aphra, she would end his career by reporting how he furthered his own academic agenda through teaching his class incorrect information. Aphra was unaware of Starros' blackmailing of the Sava for years thereafter.[11]

Aphra and Starros began dating, and the pair were monogamous—something unusual for Aphra. However, Aphra eventually ran off without telling Starros goodbye, ending the relationship on very bad terms.[11] Nonetheless, Aphra continued to harbor at least some feelings for her old flame as the years continued to go by.[12]

Securing the Phylanx Redux Transmitter[]

Around 3 BBY,[13] Starros attended the auction of the Phylanx Redux Transmitter and barely escaped with her life after a disgruntled suitor opened fire when Crimson Dawn won the bid for the Phylanx. She was then hired to pretend she had the Phylanx to attract and eliminate those who pursued the Phylanx. Afterwards, Starros traveled to the planet Takodana and kidnapped the leader of the Parapa Cartel, Mozeen Parapa, in order to gain his intel on the Phylanx. Starros then encountered Han Solo and his companion Chewbacca in a landing field outside of Takodana Castle and offered them fifty percent of her cut in exchange for their help. However, Starros discovered she was being pursued by bounty hunters, who chased Starros, Solo, Chewbacca, and Parapa into the Millennium Falcon. Despite Solo's reluctance to accept help from the rude Parapa, Starros agreed to let Parapa go and give him seven percent of the cut in return for his help.[4]

Starros directed them to Freerago's Satellite Diner and Motel, where she returned Parapa to his henchmen when Parapa told him that the Phylanx was in possession of the Pau'an Fyzen Gor. Starros stayed with the Millennium Falcon while Solo and Chewbacca entered the diner and discovered Gor and claimed the Phylanx from him. However, when Starros picked them up, they were boarded by Gorben Frak and a group of bounty hunters hired by the Droid Gotra as well as the Parapa Cartel. Starros paid the Parapa Cartel, but when threatened to turn over the Phylanx to the Gotra, she told Solo to shoot the prize out of the airlock instead, hoping to successfully scare them with the bluff. However, a confused Solo dumped the Phylanx, thinking Starros was serious. When the hunters left to find it, Starros was furious with Solo. She told them to drop her off back on Takodana, telling them she should never have hired them.[4]

A fake marriage[]

At some point, Starros married Solo as part of a scam in order to pull off a robbery on Stenness. However, Solo made off with her cut of the robbery.[14] At some point, she came to believe that lying was the only thing that Solo was good for, while Solo saw her as someone dangerous to him, and tried to avoid her.[3]

Hunting Solo[]

"I figured talk of a reward would bring the biggest thieves and cutthroats in town slithering out of their holes. And thieves and cutthroats are exactly what I need. I'm looking for the biggest one of them all. A smuggler. By the name of Solo."
―Sana Starros[15]
Sana Solo shoots Rodians

Sana's voice-activated smart-targeting scatterblasters shoot Rodian criminals in Mos Eisley.

Around the time of the Battle of Yavin, when Solo joined the Alliance to Restore the Republic,[16] Sana set out to find him.[3] Sana's search for Solo led her to the desert world of Tatooine, where Solo and his ship, the Millennium Falcon, had been shortly before the Battle of Yavin. Starros put out the word that she was looking for someone, that person being Solo, and that she was offering a reward to whoever could help her find her supposed husband. A group of armed Rodians confronted Starros in the spaceport settlement of Mos Eisley, demanding to be given the reward money despite not being willing to help her on her mission. Starros used voice-activated smart-targeting scatterblasters from Nar Shaddaa that she had hidden under the table she was sitting at to shoot all four of the Rodians in the knees, and she threatened to shoot them in their faces if they did not provide her with information about Solo's whereabouts. The lead Rodian relented and told Starros that Solo had left Tatooine after killing Greedo, a fellow Rodian.[15]

Soon thereafter, Starros picked up Solo's location and followed him into the Moddell sector in the Outer Rim Territories. Solo, who was accompanied by Princess Leia Organa aboard the Invictus, a stolen Imperial Lambda-class T-4a shuttle, fled from pursuing TIE/ln space superiority starfighters towards a planet in the Monsua Nebula, where the TIE fighters would not pursue due to dangerous electrical storms in the atmosphere.[17] Sana arrived at the nebula and flew past the TIE fighters, the pilots of which were unwilling to pursue her or the Invictus onto the surface of the planet. Starros landed her ship near where Solo was located, and the smuggler was displeased to see her. Organa asked who she was, and she introduced herself as "Sana Solo," Han Solo's wife—though he denied it—and demanded to know who the princess was.[3]

Sana Han and Leia

Sana, unmasked, confronts Han and Leia.

During a brief exchange, in which Starros slapped Solo for tasting like the Corellian wine that Organa had splashed in his face earlier, she revealed that the planet they were on was once a favored rendezvous point for the couple. Organa, announcing that this whole affair was none of her business, attempted to leave but after Solo called out for her to stay, Starros realized the princess' importance, citing the large bounty on her head. It was at this point that the Imperials, who had sent an Imperial-class Star Destroyer into the nebula, caught up with the fugitives. Several TIE fighters and TIE/sa bombers began a bombardment of the surface, dropping proton bombs through the electrical storms below. Realizing an opportunity, Starros ordered her associate Cobra to fire on the stolen shuttle, destroying Solo and Organa's only means of escape. She then announced her intention to turn Organa over to the Imperials and bring Solo back with her.[18]

She attempted to make contact with the Star Destroyer in orbit but was interrupted when Organa kicked Solo into her and drew a weapon of her own. However, it was too late as the TIEs were already descending on their position.[18] After the TIE fighters landed, the pilots got out of their craft and attempted to apprehend Organa, but she opened fire and killed two of the pilots. Solo convinced Starros not to collect Organa's bounty by explaining that he was part of the Rebel Alliance as well, and that he would likely be executed or imprisoned as well. Solo shot the last remaining TIE pilot, and the trio boarded the Volt Cobra. More TIEs appeared re-engaging the Volt Cobra, and jammed its transmissions.[19] The Volt Cobra came under attack by a Star Destroyer. Starros piloted the Volt Cobra and plotted a course before entering hyperspace.[20]

Rescuing Skywalker[]

After losing the Imperials, Starros told Solo that their marriage did happen on Stenness. Starros was told by Organa to set a course for Nar Shaddaa to rescue Luke Skywalker. Starros, not wanting to join the rebellion, refused until Organa offered to pay her for her help. However all Starros wanted was her husband, to which Organa agreed. Starros set a course of Nar Shaddaa.[20] Upon the Volt Cobra's arrival on Nar Shaddaa,[21] Starros went with Solo and Organa. Along with Chewbacca, Starros helped them infiltrate the Palace of Grakkus the Hutt. However, when they got to the Palace's arena, all their blasters did not work and Starros was buried under rock. She was freed by Organa and revealed that she was not actually Solo's wife. Starros told her of the robbery in which she and Solo pretended to be married. Starros agreed to just be paid as long as Solo was not killed before that time. Starros later left Nar Shaddaa aboard the Volt Cobra alongside the Millennium Falcon.[14]

Working for the Alliance[]

Sunspot Prison[]

Starros was then hired to assist Organa in dropping Doctor Aphra off at the Alliance's Sunspot Prison. Enroute to the prison, Aphra attempted to escape her captors aboard the Volt Cobra, but Starros was able to knock her out. She, Organa, C-3PO and R2-D2 took Aphra into the prison. After Aphra's interrogation, Starros questioned the Rebel Alliance Intelligence Service's effectiveness compared with the Empire's. Starros said if they could not get the answers out of Aphra, she would throw her into space. After Organa left, Starros told Aphra that she wanted her to be killed. She also refused to let Aphra talk her in to letting her out. Aphra called her Starros a rebel sympathizer and said she hated smugglers. As Starros and Organa spoke with the warden, the prison came under attack by several mercenaries.[22]

Starros, Organa, and the guards took out several IG-RM droids. As they regrouped, Starros and Organa discovered that the mercenary in charge had taken the prison's control room. She and Organa watched as the mercenary ordered the deaths of several prisoners. Despite Starros agreeing with the mercenary, she went with Organa. Along the way, Starros and Organa came under attack by Kolar Ludd. She and Organa took Ludd back to the guards and the other prisoners. After the mercenary killed several more prisoners, Starros and Organa saved Aphra from a IG-RM droid. Despite their mutual hostility, Starros and Organa gave Aphra a gun since they faced an enemy, who was determined to kill all the Imperial prisoners aboard the station.[23]

While navigating through Sunspot's cell blocks, Starros attempted to send a distress signal but was attacked by an IG-RM droid, which grabbed her neck. Instead of attacking the droid, Aphra tried to reprogram the droid. Organa shot the droid and stopped Starros from attacking Aphra. When Organa asked if Starros was able to get the signal through, she replied that she did not managed to reach the Alliance Fleet but hoped that someone in the area would pick it up. Starros threatened to throw her estranged friend Aphra into the sun but Organa warned them that they needed to pull their resources into fighting against a common enemy.[24]

They reached another cell block only to discover too later that the intruder had ejected the prisoners into the sun. With the help of C-3PO and R2-D2 and one of Aphra's reprogrammed IG-RM droids, Starros and the other women managed to retake the control room. While Organa interrogated one of the enemy droids, Starros and Aphra argued. Still bitter about Aphra's betrayal, Starros told Aphra to move over. Aphra told her to get over what had happened a "long time ago" and told Starros to get over her crush. Starros countered by telling Aphra to learn how to stab people in the front for a change. Organa broke the argument since she had received a comlink message from Solo and Skywalker.[24]

Parting with Doctor Aphra[]

Starros along with Organa and Aphra entered the hangar bay only to discover that the lead intruder had taken Solo and Skywalker captive. The intruder revealed himself as Eneb Ray, a former rebel agent who had been radicalized by the failed Arrth-Eno Mission. Ray now lived to seek revenge against the Empire by any means necessary including murder. Seeking to win Organa over to his cause, he demanded that she execute Aphra in return for sparing the lives of her friends. While Organa refused to abandon her principles, a vindictive Starros pointed her gun at Aphra's head. Despite Organa and Aphra's pleas, Starros proceeded to aim her blaster at Aphra's head. However, Organa convinced R2-D2 to ignite the ion pulse, disabling the station's power and artificial gravity.[25]

Amidst the chaos, Starros and Aphra fought with the former gaining the upper hand. As Starros proceed to choke Aphra, the latter apologized for betraying her. Still angry with Aphra, Starros flung her against Ray. Abandoning their differences, the three women then overpowered and disarmed the rogue rebel agent. After Rebel Alliance forces retook the prison and proceeded to evacuate the surviving prisoners, Aphra took the opportunity to escape. Organa caught up with her and tried to convince her that Darth Vader was untrustworthy. Before the conversation could continue, Starros shoved Aphra into the escape pod and told her never to return.[25]

Through her actions, Starros had helped her estranged friend Aphra escape rebel custody. When Organa asked how long it would take for her to find all the trackers they had hidden in her clothes, Starros responded that Aphra had hidden trackers aboard their ship Volt Cobra. When Organa asked about her connection with Aphra, Starros refused to talk about it. After chatting about Starros's fees, Organa teased Solo and Skywalker about them being terrible rescuers. While boarding the Millennium Falcon, she noticed that the ship smelled like a herd of nerfs.[25]

Hijacking the Harbinger[]

Starros later went with Solo and Organa when the Rebel Alliance decided to take control of the Star Destroyer Harbinger in order to break through the blockade at Tureen VII. After the Falcon landed aboard the Harbinger, Starros guarded the ship as Solo and Organa made their way to the reactor room. Starros met up with Solo, Organa, Skywalker and their team on the Harbinger's bridge.[26] Starros told 3PO and R2 that she could see that Solo and Organa, despite their bickering, were falling in love with each other. She went with Skywalker and the two of them flew TIE fighters to rendezvous with Admiral Verette's shuttle. However, they found the ship and the Admiral's body. Starros then destroyed the shuttle and told Skywalker that the shuttle was either a warning or distraction.[27]

Starros, Skywalker and their group went to check on the maintenance team. Starros found blaster marks but no bodies of the maintenance team were found. Starros, Skywalker, and their team then lost contact with Solo and Organa on the bridge. The doors were closed behind them and Skywalker was knocked out. Starros and the group then came under attack by several SCAR troopers of SCAR Squadron. She and her team were pinned down by the stormtroopers but Sana was later contacted by the bridge.[28] Starros knocked out several stormtroopers until she was held at gunpoint by one after jettisoning the escape pods. However, Starros was able to escape the trooper after she activated a hangar door. Starros was saved by Skywalker.[10]

Journey to Ktath'atn[]

Starros continued working with Solo and Organa at the rebel outpost on Horox III. There, she received a message from Aphra. Starros helped Organa with S4 in making the droid reveal Skywalker's location, that he had gone with Aphra and the droid was re-programmed by her.[29] Starros told Solo that Aphra was taking Skywalker to Ktath'atn to meet with the Queen. Starros, Organa and Solo decided to go to Ktath'atn to rescue him. Starros refused to talk about her relationship with Aphra with Solo or Organa. Upon their arrival on Ktath'atn, Starros, Organa and Solo met up with Aphra's droids, BT-1 and 0-0-0.[30]

Starros met up with Aphra and tried to kill her. However, Skywalker deflected the blast away from Aphra and refused to let Starros kill her. Starros and the others fought the Queen's forces and retreated to the Citadel of Ktath'atn's control room. There, she found several Abersyn symbiotes. When Aphra made a deal with the queen to reactivate the Rur crystal, Starros told Organa that they should have killed her. She engaged in a firefight between the Queen's guards until Solo was taken over by her. Organa and Starros met up with S4, BT-1 and 0-0-0 in the Citadel's command center. After, BT blew a hole in the wall, Starros and Organa saw Bombinax standing over Krrsantan before the two were confronted by Bombinax. Starros later helped Krrsantan aboard his ship.[31]

Starros and Organa watched as Krrsantan threw Bombinax over a cliff. Starros said they would fight the queen with Krrsantan, BT-1 and 0-0-0. Starros worked with the droids in fighting the guards. She knocked Solo and stopped him from implanting a symbiote in Organa.[32] Starros and Organa continued to fight the guards and were able to get through to Solo. As they were outfought, Starros and Organa took several of the Queen's leaders. Starros saw that the Queen's guards were following Solo and asked him if wanted to be a king. After Solo said no, Starros saw that the guards and the people had been freed. After meeting up with Skywalker, Starros said her goodbyes to Aphra. Starros piloted the Falcon away from Ktath'atn.[33]

Working with Calrissian[]

"Remind me never to play Sabacc against you, lady."
―Lando Calrissian[1]

Starros meets with Calrissian

Some time following the events on Ktath'atn, Starros met up with a group of Krawg pirates in the Outer Rim. There, Starros offered the pirates 13 crates of E-11 medium blaster rifle for a 5000 credit downpayment and then asked for 15000 credits for the rest of the crates. However, she kept one of the blasters with her and was warned by the pirates that they would cut her up. The pirates agreed and paid her the 5000. Starros then met up with Lando Calrissian on Coruscant. There, she told Calrissian about her deal with the pirates. Starros told Calrissian that she would sell the crates to the pirates, then she would sell them out to the Empire and collect the rewards on the pirates. In addition, she would keep the blasters.[1]

Starros and Calrissian went to meet with an Imperial officer, where she confessed to stealing the blaster. She haggled with the officer offering the names of the pirates and blasters for 20000 credits. At first, the officer refused and threatened to shoot Calrissian. Starros continued to ask for the price and left it up to the officer. The officer agreed and let them go. Starros and Calrissian continued with their deal, but Starros revealed that Jabba the Hutt had the 12 other crates. The two of them went to Tatooine to meet meet with Jabba at his Palace. Despite Jabba denying his possession of the crates, Starros offered to give name of the pirates in exchange for 20000. One of he pirates attempted to shoot her, but Starros was able to shoot first. Jabba agreed to her price.[1]

As Starros and Calrissian left Tatooine, she told him about Jabba got the blasters and how she stole the first crate. Starros said she stole the rest of the crates while Calrissian was drinking with Jabba. Starros agreed to drop Calrissian off anywhere he wanted, but he demanded his finder's fee. The Volt Cobra then came under attack by the pirates. However, a Star Destroyer arrived and captured the pirates ship. Starros and Calrissian made their escape to Nar Shaddaa. There, she and Calrissian had dinner, but he did not like the food and decided to leave with his cut. After he left, Starros ordered some more appetizing food from the waiter, Gru.[1]

Shortly after, Starros met up with Solo, Organa, Skywalker and the Falcon at the Horox III rebel outpost, which had been attacked and destroyed by Imperials. She told the princess they should leave right away, knowing the bodies would be booby-trapped. They rounded up the dead rebels anyway and Starros found a message from the attackers, who revealed themselves to be SCAR Squadron.[34]

Hunting Aphra[]


Starros is hired to rescue Aphra

Sometime later, Starros was on the 3rd Moon when she was contacted by rebel General Hera Syndulla, who had a job for her. She required Starros to rescue Aphra from the Imperial wreckage-prison Accresker Jail in order to get intel from her that the rebels needed. Starros agreed to do it and took wasted no time tracking the prison. She found Accresker Jail in Senex-Juvex, where it was preparing to deploy its prisoners into a pirate station. While she waited for the battle to begin she talked to Syndulla, who was intrigued to know why she hated Aphra so much. Starros filled the time by explaining her hate for Aphra to Syndulla through a hard-bitten analogy. By the time she had finished, the battle was beginning.[35]

Starros flew the Volt Cobra towards Accresker Jail in search of Aphra. As it happened, Aphra was trying to escape with the help of her crush, the Imperial Captain-Inspector Magna Tolvan.[35] When Starros found them, she assumed Tolvan, who was flying a TIE fighter, intended to kill Aphra and shot at her. Tolvan then jumped out of the exploding TIE with a rocket launcher and shot at the Volt Cobra, tearing through the port side and forcing it to crash land. Both now without their ships Starros and Tolvan shot at each other until they both realized they were both trying to save Aphra. Aphra arrived to find the pair were grounded and an Imperial hubdroid approached them to receive their weapons, with the attack on the pirate station having finished. The hubdroid then took Aphra away, leaving Starros and Tolvan with her shape-shifting alien friend "Lopset Yas."[36]

Starros, Tolvan and Yas followed the other prisoner as they trickled back from the battle. After, Yas gave the pair prison clothing to blend in along with advice for them. However, they were soon interrupted by an announcement. Aphra, who had been taken by the hubdroid to an interrogation, had revealed the existence of some highly contagious Force-sensitive gundravian hookspores. As a result, Accresker command decided to decommission the prison and propel it into the rebel sympathizing planet[36] Tiferep Major.[37] They told this to the prisoners and released Aphra back to them.[36]

Chaos at Tiferep Major[]

Desperate more than ever to escape, Aphra contacted the vigilante Tam Posla, who she had a rough history with. She used Yas' shape-shifting abilities to turn into Posla's most hated individual, Cornelius Evazan. This convinced Posla to come for them with a shuttle to trade for his nemesis. After contacting Posla, Starros, Aphra, Yas, and Tolvan realized that the jail's staff were abandoning the prisons tug-cruiser, leaving it to fall into Accresker Jail. Together, they evaded the crash and found the other prisoners rioting. The convicts noticed who Aphra was and surrounded them, only to be attacked by a large Force spirit generated by the Force-sensitive hookspores. Tolvan asked about boarding the wrecked tug-cruiser, so Starros had the others lug a large gun to blow a hole in the side.[37]

Inside the cruiser, the group found the control room and Aphra discovered there was one escape pod left. Starros pointed out they could not use it due to the prisons gravity field. However, she Aphra realized that she could slice it to be toned down, as well as opening the bulkheads between them and the escape pod. After she opened the bulkheads and rearranged the wreckage-prison by toning down the gravity field strength, she led Starros and the others towards the escape pod. In their way, stood the hookspores which briefly possessed them with the spirit of the deceased Jedi's consciousness that made it Force-sensitive. Before it deemed them useless to her, Starros believed she saw her brother. She then realized that Aphra was after the Jedi's lightsaber aboard his ship. Starros and Tolvan prompted her to continue to the escape pod.[37]

After arriving at the escape pod, Aphra let Tolvan and Starros get in first. She then tried to jettison them in it together but Tolvan jumped out in time, leaving Starros in the escape pod as it shot out towards Tiferep Major.[38] On the planet, Starros assisted the evacuation of the population while Accresker Jail descended on it. Luckily for her and the forces sent by Syndulla starfighters, the prison had been halted in mid air by Darth Vader, who had been contacted by Tolvan as a last resort. Starros and the starfighters Syndulla sent, flew over Accresker Jail and destroyed Vader's shuttle. Vader then destroyed the X-wing flown by Tan Leader with his lightsaber. While Vader left the scene to deal with the hookspore, Starros and several rebels landed and found Tolvan in the wreckage of his shuttle. With Vader leaving and allowing the prison to fall again, Starros decided to give up finding Aphra and escaped with Tolvan.[39]

Smuggling the Rebels[]

Sometime later, Starros met up with Solo, Organa, Skywalker and their droids on Nar Shaddaa. There, Solo gave her data he retrieved from the Ring of Kafrene. In exchange, she was asked to help find the both the Alliance Fleet and the Millennium Falcon, which they had been parted from during their defeat at the Mako-Ta Space Docks.[40] At the planet Barnahof, Starros was able to hide Solo and the others from the stormtroopers stationed there. She helped make contact with the informant Bodo Linx, who knew someone on Brentaal IV who could help them contact the Alliance. Starros then took them to the Dene Gois Cluster in order to avoid Imperial Interdictors and major hyperspace lanes that lead to Brentaal IV.[41]

Prisoner Starros

Kreel brings Starros forward

As they flew through the Dene Gois Cluster, Starros and her ship were spotted by a Imperial Star Destroyer. At first, she wanted to stay on course, but Solo convinced her to allow himself and friends to use the Volt Cobra's escape pods to evade the Empire. Starros had them jettison onto Hubin.[41] Without her burdens, she then evaded the Star Destroyer, only to be intercepted and captured by SCAR squadron.[42] She was tortured by Interrogator droids for information on the rebels' whereabouts, which subsequently took them to Hubin. There, Sergeant Kreel found Starros' friends at a mansion owned by Hubin's owner, Thane Markona. He threatened to kill Starros if the rebels did not reveal themselves, which easily lured them out. Markona's daughter, Tula Markona, then stunned Solo and Organa, while Markona himself had Skywalker duel Kreel.[43]

Reunited with Aphra[]

"Who the hell are you?"
"Sana Starros. She's Chelli Aphra. And she's my problem."
―Ariole Yu and Sana Starros[44]

In the aftermath of the Battle of Hoth, which cost the Alliance Echo Base,[45] Starros was recruited by Aphra,[46] who had judged the smuggler to be someone who was less-than-likely to betray her, to help her steal a Path engine.[47]

Personality and traits[]

"I…I don't let my guard down much. I know what they say about me: Studious Sana. Never cracks a smile, never misses a class. Always at the library, always buried in some ancient text. But I am having…feelings while I'm doing all that, you know?"
―Sana Starros, to Chelli Aphra[48]

Sana Starros tried to make by in a dangerous galaxy of ex-lovers, Imperials, and other dangers.

Sana Starros was a human female with black hair, brown eyes, and dark skin.[3] While on the hunt for Solo, she wore a brown and silver mask, along with a green hood that covered most of her face. She was determined to find the man she claimed was her husband and was willing to injure or even kill others in order to accomplish her goal.[15] She and Solo were not on good terms, and she felt that lying was the only thing he was good at.[17] Starros bore a grudge against her former lover Aphra for betraying her. In return, the rogue archaeologist despised her for being a rebel sympathizer.[22] If there was one major skill Starros learned from Aphra, that skill was finding a way to eke out an advantage from any situation.[49]

Though the two were forced to work together with Organa to help defeat the rogue rebel operative Ray, Starros was unable to overcome her hatred and resentment towards Aphra.[24] Unlike Organa, Starros had no qualms about killing Imperials and took the opportunity to try and kill Aphra during a confrontation with Ray. Despite almost choking Aphra to death, Starros helped Aphra and Organa subdue Ray, ending his reign of terror. In spite of her hatred for Aphra, Starros helped her to escape her rebel captors by ejecting her into an escape pod.[25] As their alliance continued in the aftermath of the Battle of Hoth, however, their bond grew once more.[44]


Sana Starros primarily used a EE-4 carbine rifle[15] and owned a scopeless SE-14r light repeating blaster.[50] Starros also had a DH-17 blaster pistol, which she can hid under her cloak.[51]

Behind the scenes[]

Sana Starros was introduced as an unnamed masked character in the 2015 Marvel comic book Star Wars (2015) 4.[15] Her identity and alleged relationship to Han Solo was divulged in Star Wars (2015) 6.[3]

On March 18, 2021, StarWars.com announced that Star Wars comic books released by Marvel Comics in June will have Pride Month variant covers that feature gay and transgender artists paired with LGBTQ+ characters. The first cover revealed was by Jan Bazaldua and features Sana Starros on the cover of Doctor Aphra (2020) 11.[52]



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