Sanads of Rorkee was the main hotel in the floating city of Rorkee, in the gas giant Genarius. It was the most outstanding feature of the city along with the Dorumaa Excavation simulation, which was to the east from the hotel.

The hotel included a restaurant with daily shows; a daily spa managed by heterodox but efficient Ulo Enan; and the Cabana Bar, which included dance music. Visitors were commonly greeted in the landing bay by Lujei, a female Human guide who took them to the hotel; there, the bellhops Ta'Sen and Trago Smusch, a Tarasin and a Trandoshan respectively, took care of the luggage. The hotel also had a casino with sabacc tables and other games; and at least four sabacc ringers playing for the house: Barma Fel'Lona, Har Fuggaw, Chizz Major and Kli-Klu Niib.

The hotel also had a secret access tunnel from its kitchen to the Excavation.

In 31 BBY, a visitor of the hotel, Dr. Shilaea Motacc, was given up for dead after a cave-in in the Excavation. The hotel staff who had met her doubted the official claims, particularly when the kidnappers botched the operation afterwards: Dig workers reclaimed Dr. Motacc's personal belongings and took them to the Excavation; and they also bought all the stock of Dr. Motacc's favorite drinks.