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The Sanctuary Pipeline was a hyperlane that was created around 3 to 4 ABY. The Pipeline was created by the Galactic Empire as a route to quickly transport supplies and materials to the construction site of the second Death Star. The hyperspace route ran from Sullust, which was located right on the Rimma Trade Route, to the Forest Moon of Endor, which was the site chosen to build the massive space station.

It was located above the galactic plane, but below the Spar Trade Route that ran to Annaj and the Kuna worlds.[1]



An Imperial convoy in the Murk system.

The Pipeline was actually the expansion of a smaller previous hyperlane, the Silvestri Trace, using S-thread boosters to force open a route where one would not be possible naturally. The route's name reflected its purpose, as the primary pipeline for building materials on their way to the Sanctuary Moon, the name given by the Imperials to the moon that the Death Star orbited. The hyperlane was heavily guarded, with Imperial-class and Venator-class Star Destroyers escorting transport ships going to and from the Endor system.[2] The Rebel Alliance also utilized this route, to transfer their fleet for the assault on the second Death Star.

After the Battle of Endor, the Sanctuary Pipeline was later used by the travel agency Star Tours as a route to Endor. However, as the Empire was no longer present to maintain the route, it fell into decay, thus making it hazardous. Theft of S-thread boosters by criminals saw the Pipeline vanish shortly after the Battle of Endor.


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