Sand People Carving

The carving

The Sand People Carving was an artifact carved on the walls of a cavern in northern Jundland on Tatooine. It was crafted by the native Tusken Raiders that claimed to had depicted the early history of the planet. These carvings consisted of four murals that claimed that the desert world was once a lush and verdant planet long ago. This time saw four races that lived harmoniously with one another until a great disaster came before the world. In the calamity that befell Tatooine, the first race died with the second being the Jawas who fled into shelters. The third race consisted of the Sand People who survived with the fourth race. Afterwards, the early Sand People battled against the fourth race and destroyed them.

During the Cold War era, Jedi Master Eriz Vossan came to Tatooine as part of a cultural immersion experience with the native Jawas that was made by the Jedi Order. However, he was one of a number of Jedi that fell to a dark plague created by Vivicar. This experience led him to become obsessed with finding the ultimate warrior species who were able to survive in the harsh environment of Tatooine. Eventually, he went to the Sand People Carving and examined the murals whereupon he concluded that the Tusken Raiders were the ultimate survival warrior race. He came to believe that their belief in being strong by sacrificing the weak was a policy that needed to be adopted by the Galactic Republic in order to defeat the Sith Empire.

The Scorekeeper's Herald on their search for Master Vossan encountered the Carving and learnt of Eriz's findings before confronting him over his actions.


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