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Sand bats, also known as Dragonbats, were flying creatures that inhabited warm and temperate worlds, such as Tatooine.


Sand bats were nocturnal hunters that used to hunt both alone or in small packs, but there were chances to see them gathering into massive "swarms". The swarm was a form of society, since the individuals were protected from threats thanks to the massive numbers and it helped the species to ensure genetic diversity while increasing the creatures' population. Another advantage for these beasts was that they could draw sustenance from carrion as well from fresh meat, making them adaptable to many environments. This fact made them a serious threat to sentient creatures that wandered their territory and a source of fear for fellow animals. Tusken Raiders often dipped their gaffi sticks in sand bat venom, which was deadly to Humans and was said to inflict excruciating pain. Biggs Darklighter was once injured by such an envenomed weapon, but Luke Skywalker carried Biggs in his skyhopper to a medical droid before the venom overwhelmed his friend.



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