"Nasty critters."
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Sand burrowers were carnivorous worms native to the planet Blenjeel.

Biology and appearanceEdit


A sand burrower attacking

Sand burrowers were large, carnivorous worms with mottled brown carapaces and short appendages running the length of their bodies. Their eyeless heads featured a circular, four-jawed mouth lined with small, inward-pointed teeth. Sand burrowers moved close to the surface when traveling underground, as sand was thrashed about as they moved toward prey, and could outrun humanoids. They used ground vibrations to detect prey, emerging from beneath the sand and snatching their victims in their mouths before burrowing underground. However, Sand burrowers were not very intelligent, and easily mistook the explosion of a thermal detonator or the vibration of a blaster bolt on the sand as a person standing on that spot, which could be used to distract them while the thrower or shooter ran in another direction.[1]

Sand Burrowers in the galaxyEdit

Sand burrowers were native to the planet Blenjeel.[1] In the year 14 ABY,[2] Jedi Initiate Jaden Korr witnessed one swallow a shipwreck survivor and was forced to avoid them as he searched for spare parts to repair his ship.[1]



Notes and referencesEdit

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