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This article is about the large animal. You may be looking for the tailring, also known as sand dragon.

The Sand dragon was a large, carnivorous reptile. It had a huge head with massive sharp jaws, large eyes, four thick, muscular legs and a short heavy tail with a spiked knob. A sand dragon had pink, tan and black scales. Sand dragons, as their name suggests, were suited for a desert terrain though they tended to bathe in rivers and lakes sometimes.

The Imperial Procurator of Justice and leader of the Empire Reborn Hethrir once used a sand dragon as a guardian at his compound on his personal Worldcraft. However, one of his captives, Jacen Solo, used his growing Force abilities to communicate with the sand dragon, which he nicknamed Mistress Dragon. He then persuaded her to carry him, his sister Jaina, and all the captive children.


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