Sand gizzars, or "sando g'dizzards" in the Huttese language, was a food dish created by the Hutt species. The dish could be abrasive when eaten if it was served incorrectly.


Sand gizzars, known as "sando g'dizzards" in the Huttese language, was a food dish[1] that was considered a delicacy[2] and produced by the Hutt species. Served as an entrée, the dish could be abrasive.[1]


Despite the dish's abrasiveness, the Human scholar Ebenn Q3 Baobab recommended to readers of the book he authored in 6 ABY, the Galactic Phrase Book & Travel Guide, that they try the dish if they were to visit any of the Hutt eateries in the spaceport of Mos Eisley on the planet Tatooine. He claimed the dish was one of his favorite Hutt foods and provided the Huttese translation for it in the section of his book detailing the language. Baobab described Hutt cuisine as expensive in the book, claiming that it should be eaten with gloves, but that utensils were necessary. He also stated that the cuisine was consumed casually in no particular order.[1] The dish was served along with other Hutt delicacies at a feast held by the Hutt crime lord Popara Anjiliac Diresto in his penthouse on the planet Nal Hutta[2] in 19 ABY.[3]

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Sand gizzars were first mentioned in the book Galactic Phrase Book & Travel Guide written by Ben Burtt in 2001. They later appeared in the 2012 novel Scourge written by Jeff Grubb. Scourge was a novelized version of the Wizards of the Coast Star Wars Roleplaying Game adventure Tempest Feud, although the dish was not mentioned in the original RPG material.



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