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This article is about the creature found on Ponemah Terminal. You may be looking for the sandworm of Tatooine.
"Maybe the captain tamed the giant worm and rode it through an explosive desert of sand and lava?"

Sand worms were gigantic worms that inhabited the Sea of Sand, a region of the desert planet Ponemah Terminal's southern hemisphere.

Biology and appearanceEdit

It was unknown how big sand worms could grow. Although the largest known specimen measured over ninety meters long, with a mouth that was nine meters wide, a gigantic worm was observed swallowing an entire sandcrawler whole. In addition to being said to spit acid, sand worms were capable of tearing through starship hulls and crushing sail barges with their powerful jaws. Their monstrous screams were said to be best not described in detail.[1]

Sand worms in the galaxyEdit

Sand worms were indigenous to the desert world of Ponemah Terminal and inhabited the Sea of Sand, a hazardous region of the planet's southern hemisphere that was plagued by waves of caustic sand, lava geysers, and a permanent ion storm.[1]


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