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"There's always a bigger fish."
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The sando aqua monster was the largest carnivorous aquatic mammal living in the oceans of Naboo. Little was known about these giant creatures, and there were many myths and legends regarding their origins and habitats. What little was known about them terrified researchers as well as Naboo citizens and denizens across the galaxy.



Sando mating dance.

The sando aqua monster had a long, sinewy body that was almost feline in appearance, with hind legs used for movement on the ocean floor and massive finned claws to propel it through the water. Lacking a layer of fat or blubber, it was poorly streamlined, and not fully adapted to swimming. Males could reach over 200 meters in length, with females being at least 150 meters in length. Being mammalian, females nursed their young for about a year. Females bore only one pup per birth. The average lifespan of a sando was thought to have been 100 standard years, although their elusiveness made any accurate study difficult.

Their limbs were part flippers, part claws; scientists theorized that they had only recently evolved from land-based ancestors. Some believed the large, bulbous organ located toward the end of the sando's tail to be a possible remnant of life on land, though the exact function of the organ is unknown. There were even reports of sando monsters surfacing in swamp lakes and attacking falumpaset and fambaa herds, and unsubstantiated reports of them sunning themselves on sandbars. Unsurprisingly, scientists failed to observe their eating habits, or how the beasts sustained their gargantuan bulk. The sando life cycle was a mystery, as they were dangerous, although reclusive, predators. To most natives of Naboo, sando aqua monsters were more of a myth than an actual creature, mainly because they had never been observed in the wild and reports of their washed-up carcasses were rare.



A sando devours an opee sea killer.

According to Gungan mythology, enchanted Sando aqua monsters guarded the underwater city Ossorus, the residence of the guds.[4]

Reports of a sando's washed-up corpse were rare, though Lieutenant Quarsh Panaka of the Royal Naboo Security Forces encountered a beached sando youngster prior to the Invasion of Naboo. It had been attacked by two opee sea killers, and it had surfaced, revealing a secret facility run by a man nicknamed Veermok. The incident was covered up, and the area destroyed.

While attempting to reach Theed during the Invasion of Naboo, Qui-Gon Jinn, Obi-Wan Kenobi, and Jar Jar Binks encountered a sando aqua monster in their Bongo. Kenobi was able to avoid the creature's maw, but an opee sea killer pursuing the submersible was not so fortunate, after clamping its jaws around the opee the giant beast stood on its legs and cracked the fish in half to feast upon it, giving the Jedi time to flee deeper into the planet's core. Soon after, they found themselves being pursued by a colo claw fish, but were again unexpectedly saved by the same sando when it caught and devoured the claw fish.

A sando tries to break into a bunker. Padme finds out she was trying to free her baby from poachers. She sets the baby free, ensures the poachers be arrested, and enables the sando to reunite with her child.



Sleeping sando.


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