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The Sandral-Matale feud was a conflict between the Sandral and Matale family families on Dantooine during the Jedi Civil War. The feud was ended in 3956 BBY due to the intervention of the Jedi Padawan Revan.[1]

Both families disliked each other with Ahlan Matale undertaking efforts to petition the Jedi Order to intervene. Matale's efforts became more persistent in 3956 BBY following the disappearance of his son Shen whom Nurik Sandral had kidnapped in retaliation for the disappearance of his son Casus (whom kath hounds had killed on the plains and whose disappearance was not linked to the feud).[1]


Casus Sandral's disappearance was blamed on Ahlan Matale.

"I decided to move my family from the crowded Core Worlds to Dantooine, but I wouldn't have done that if I had known about the Sandrals!"
―Ahlan Matale to Revan[src]

The feud had its origins after Ahlan Matale decided to relocate to Dantooine due to his dissatisfaction with the Core Worlds. Upon his arrival, he came into contact with the Sandrals who had also arrived on the planet around the same time that he did. Neither liked the other: Matale believed that Nurik Sandral wanted to steal his wealth while Sandral believed that Matale was nothing more than a brute who liked to exert his power over others because he had the credits with which to do so.[1]

The feud[]

Revan speaks with Nurik Sandral at his estate.

The Sandral estate was where the feud was resolved.

The two families often argued (both men transmitting their hate to their children) and sometimes almost came to blows in open warfare. There was one particular occasion when Sandral droids were detected at the Matale estate which led to the Matale droids seeing to their destruction. Matale became convinced that the droids were sent either to assassinate him or to conduct reconnaissance of the estate in preparation for an attack.[1] But in truth, Sandral had sent his droids to search for his missing son Casus whom he would come to believe Matale had kidnapped.

Some weeks later, causing the feud's peak, Shen Matale disappeared with his father believing that his Sandral rival was responsible for this. Matale did not decide to attack outright in fear that his son could be harmed and so lobbied the Jedi Order at their enclave to intervene.[1] Matale's consistent efforts in coming to the Jedi irritated Vrook Lamar and he often threatened to attack his rival if the Jedi failed to act.

The Jedi later sent the amnesiac Jedi Padawan Revan to investigate the disappearance of Shen Matale in 3956 BBY. Revan questioned Matale at his estate first before heading to the Sandral estate. But Matale attempted to bribe Revan with credits to motivate him to find his son which irritated the Padawan.[1]

Revan soon found kath hounds around a corpse that turned out to be Casus Sandral who had disappeared. The datapad near his corpse indicated that he came under attack while investigating the ancient Rakatan ruins on the planet. His disappearance led his father to believe Matale was involved and so had kidnapped Shen in retaliation for his son's disappearance despite the fact that Nurik had no idea his son had been killed.[1] Revan informed Nurik of the death of his son and handed him his old datapad before Nurik excused himself. Before he could leave, Revan met Nurik's daughter Rahasia who informed Revan that she had fallen in love with Shen whom Nurik had kidnapped and was being held in their estate. Rahasia enlisted Revan in freeing Shen who would leave on the basis that Rahasia would join him so that she would avoid her father's anger.

Revan reunited the two lovers outside of the estate but were interrupted after Ahlan Matale arrived with two droids in tow. He had grown impatient and decided to free Shen himself. Nurik and two of his droids also arrived to confront Matale with both elders attempting to keep their children apart. Revan convinced the two to let their children remain with each other, therefore facilitating a compromise to have them purchase an estate for their two children while taking steps towards ending their bitter feud.[1]


The Jedi Council learnt of Revan's role in bringing the feud to an end and praised him for having been diplomatic in resolving what could have escalated into open conflict between the two families.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

"The master has been injured, terminate all opposition!"
Matale droids[src]

Nurik Sandral will still be convinced that Ahlan Matale kidnapped his son irrespective of the fact that the player tells Nurik about his son's death.

In the event that Revan fails to convince Ahlan and Nurik to allow their children to live together, then their children run to seek refuge in the Jedi Enclave which enrages their parents. Matale declares he would not rest until he gets Shen back.

"Shen, no."
―Rahasia to Shen as he decides to leave her[src]

It is possible to convince Shen to leave Rahasia and leave with Ahlan to return home leading to a heartbroken Rahasia being left in her father's care. The player can convince Shen his relationship with Rahasia would not work or could manipulate him into hating her.

The dark side option allows for the player to lie to Nurik in telling him that Ahlan was responsible for killing Casus. This would lead to Nurik killing Shen in revenge and Ahlan killing Rahasia in return. This in turn leads to Nurik killing Ahlan with the latter's droids then eliminating Nurik before turning on the player, therefore initiating battle. The player also can talk with the Jedi Council about the incident; the player can lie to them and gain dark side points as a result.



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