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Gaff operating a Sandskimmer

A sandskimmer was a small one-man vehicle primarily used to travel in desert environments.

At least one was utilized on Tammuz-an in a skirmish between the Ko Zatec-Cha gang and Mon Julpa's forces, with Jann Tosh, Jessica Meade, C-3PO and R2-D2 being involved.[1]

Gaff once used one type of this vehicle at the Fortress of Tawntoom on Roon.[2]

Malakili, the keeper of Jabba's rancor, used one when he let the rancor out into Tatooine's Dune Sea for some exercise.[3] It also saw usage by Jabba's Skiff Guards.

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Behind the scenesEdit

Sand Skimmer package art

Klaatu and Barada operating Sandskimmers on Tatooine

This vehicle, as seen in Star Wars Droids, was released by Kenner's The Power of the Force toy line in 1985 as part of the Body-Rig series.



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