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A sandwich was food wrapped between two slices of bread. It was eaten by humans,[2] Chiss,[1] Kiffars, and Volpai.[3] Clone troopers also ate sandwiches.[5]

During the High Republic Era, Yoda made a type of sandwich called a sweetpuff jamwich with two crackers and sweetpuff jam.[4] Vegetables could be part of sandwiches.[3] Strono Tuggs suggested that Rings of Hudalla could be served with a sandwich. Emulsauce could be used as a sandwich topping.[6]

Burgers were a type of sandwich.[7] Other types of sandwiches included bantha burgers,[8] nerfburgers,[7] nut-paste sandwiches,[1] ronto wraps,[9] rycrit wraps,[10] seallia sandwiches,[11] shawda club sandwiches,[12]and vando wraps.[10]

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