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"Lt. Ma'w'shiye's betrayal at Sanjin cost us more lives and equipment than any other operation its size, and his attempts on his former partners are disgusting."
Airen Cracken[src]

Sanjin was a gas giant located in the Colonies region of the galaxy.


Sanjin was a blue-green gas giant surrounded by habitable moons.[3][2]


Clone WarsEdit

During the Clone Wars, in 22 BBY, Jedi Master Neebo went on a mission to the moons of Sanjin to defend refugees.[2] She went missing during the mission, and her lightsaber was later found by Jedi Master Kit Fisto in the castle of General Grievous, on the third moon of Vassek.[5]

Galactic Civil WarEdit

During the Galactic Civil War, Sanjin was under the control of the Galactic Empire.[4]

In 4 ABY, just before the Battle of Endor, the Rebel Alliance sent a squadron of Special Forces on a mission to Sanjin. Lieutenant Ma'w'shiye, a decorated veteran of countless Rebel missions, was part of the operation.[4]

For unknown reasons, Ma'w'shiye betrayed his squadron and stole the team's escape craft. His heartless desertion resulted in the immediate execution by the Empire of eleven Rebel agents integral to Alliance activities near the Core Worlds. Ma'w'shiye's betrayal was expensive to the Alliance, as it costed more lives and equipment than any other operation its size.[4]


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