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Sanrafsix was a world in the Sanrafsix system, in the Grumani sector. It was located at the intersection of the Duros Space Run and the eponymous Sanrafsix Corridor.


New Sith WarsEdit

Before the Republic Dark Age, the planet was a hub of trade and cosmopolitan cultural exchange. Because of that same reason, Sanrafsix could not maintain quarantine during the first year of the outbreak of the Candorian plague and ultimately isolated its groundside population to inevitable death.[3]

The orbital stations of Sanrafsix were presumably still in business shortly before the Jedi-led Operation: Influx, however it was unknown to the Republic which Sith Lord ruled there by that time.[3]

Three decades later, during the war between the Republic and the Brotherhood of Darkness led by Sith Lord Kaan, Sanrafsix was still located in Sith space and was the site of a Jedi victory.[1]

Clone WarsEdit

During the Clone Wars, the Grumani sector, including Sanrafsix, was under the control of the Separatists.[1][4]

Galactic Civil WarEdit


Grand Admiral Thrawn, under whose control Sanrafsix was in 9 ABY.

During the reign of the Galactic Empire a millennia later, Sanrafsix was the site of a notable spice-smuggling system.[1]

Shortly after the death of the Emperor Palpatine at the Battle of Endor in 4 ABY, a large portion of the Grumani sector, including Sanrafsix, came under the control of Admiral Sander Delvardus's recently-formed Imperial faction, the Eriadu Authority.[1] His rule proved to be short, however, since in the following year the nascent New Republic recaptured Sanrafsix and the rest of the sector in a "merciless" assault.[1]

When the Imperial Grand Admiral Thrawn returned to the known space in 9 ABY and began his campaign of conquest, the Grumani sector, including Sanrafsix, either was conquered or allied itself with Thrawn's forces.[1]

Yuuzhan Vong War and a new EmpireEdit

The Grumani sector, Sanrafsix included, remained unscathed by the Yuuzhan Vong War that ravaged the galaxy from 25 ABY to 29 ABY.[1]


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