Sansia Bardrin was the daughter of the wealthy industrialist Ja Bardrin. While running technology for her father on Makksre, she was captured by pirates, who in turn handed her over to Chay Praysh's slaver consortium.

She did not trust her father, believing (correctly) that he cared more about the fate of the luxury yacht she had been piloting, the Winning Gamble, than he did about her. However, she had no idea that he had, in fact, set her up to be captured in order to acquire prototype technology which Praysh had stolen from the Uoti Corporate.

Sansia was rescued by Mara Jade and another of Praysh's slaves, H'sishi, both of whom fought and killed a great many of Praysh's Drach'nam guards. At the same time, Sansia recovered the Winning Gamble and used it to destroy Praysh's starfighters. After returning home and learning the truth about her father's ploy from Talon Karrde, she took her revenge by gifting the ship to Mara and valuable stock options in her father's company to Karrde, as payment for their services, much to her father's dismay.



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