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Santhe/Sienar Technologies, owned by the Santhe Corporation, was a massive umbrella corporation based on the planet Lianna in the Tion Cluster that manufactures an exceptionally wide range of vehicles and weapons. Originally Republic Sienar Systems, Santhe/Sienar Technologies provided numerous starships for the Galactic Republic for many millennia. A short lived subsidiary, Sienar Design Systems, produced the Sith Infiltrator. Though they denied any involvement in the ship's design, SDS was forced to shut down due to intense scrutiny from the Senate. A century before the Battle of Yavin, the Sienars united with the Santhe family, who owned Santhe Security, due to an arranged marriage.

During the Clone Wars, RSS produced many vehicles for the Confederacy of Independent Systems, much to the disdain of the Galactic Senate. Shortly after the Emperor Palpatine took control, the Senate ordered the dissolution of RSS. The Emperor quickly revived the company as Sienar Fleet Systems and placed it under the control of Raith Sienar. SFS quickly became one of the largest and most prolific Imperial manufacturers. Its chief rivals for Imperial military contracts were Kuat Drive Yards and Corellian Engineering Corporation. Later, Sienar would form his Advanced Projects Laboratory (whose purpose was very similar to SDS). This firm is responsible for Darth Vader's TIE Advanced x1. Sienar was the CEO for many years of SFS, but was killed in an assassination.

Lady Valles Santhe of the Santhes took direct control of the company, following the assassination of Raith Sienar, and operated it after the collapse of the Empire. She then created Sienar Army Systems when the Emperor Palpatine was reborn in the body of a clone. After the defeat of Grand Admiral Thrawn, the company began supplying vessels to all buyers, including the New Republic.

Santhe/Sienar originally did not invest in the Corporate Sector Authoriy. However, the company realized they could not ignore the large discount on raw materials available to their competitors, and invested as a voting sponsor following the establishment of the Corporate Sector.[1]





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