"Remember, we are the good guys. No coercion, no extortion, no threats. And hopefully, no killing, unless absolutely necessary to preserve your lives or your ship. May the Force be with you."
―Santhou Lazith'chika[2]

Santhou Lazith'chika was a male alien member of the Rebel Alliance and a major adviser of Lens and Mikka Reekeene, founders of Reekeene's Roughnecks. Lazith'chika had authority over several members of the Rebel Alliance, even though he was not a military officer. He was commonly involved in briefings and debriefings of the Roughnecks, including Tay Vanis and the Green squad. Although his goals and background remained obscure, Lazith'chika had earned the Reekeenes' respect and, as such, was treated with deference by the Roughnecks.

A member of a humanoid, but cadaverous, species, Lazith'chika was considered to be frightening by Humans in his environment; however, he was a good-natured being; a trait that could be appreciated with a careful analysis of his behavior. Secretly Force-sensitive, Lazith'chika feared the Galactic Empire's hunters of Jedi, and thus he hid his powers pretending to be an eccentric, inoffensive being.


Santhou Lazith'chika was a male alien of a humanoid species. He was said to belong to a long-lived race; he himself claimed that he had traveled through the galaxy for more than two centuries, but he refused to elaborate further about his background. A Force-sensitive being, Lazith'chika had learned to use the power of the Force to a certain extent, following a path different from that of the Jedi Order. During the reign of the Galactic Empire, Lazith'chika believed that Emperor Palpatine's minions might pursue him because of his knowledge of the light side of the Force. Lazith'chika thus decided to not demonstrate his skills and to pretend to be a harmless, comically mad being.[1]

At some point, Lazith'chika came into contact with the mercenary Lens Reekeene and her husband, engineer Mikka Reekeene. The Reekeenes had joined the Alliance to Restore the Republic, in which Lens had become a high-level officer. Lazith'chika revealed little of his past to the Reekeenes, but he earned their trust and became Mikka's main adviser, and Lens' second adviser after Mikka.[1]

The Reekeenes and Lazith'chika then founded the Reekeene's Roughnecks, a guerrilla organization that harassed Imperial forces in the Fakir sector. They intended to attract Imperial attention, diverting Imperial resources from engaging the Alliance Fleet. As the highest-ranking members of the Roughnecks, Lazith'chika and the Reekeenes briefed the members of any sub-team and answered their questions. Also, as a security measure, a member of the Roughnecks who had been briefed for their mission could not speak with anyone except for Lazith'chika or the Reekeenes.[1]

As such, in 0 ABY, Lazith'chika aided Lens Reekeene while briefing the Roughnecks' Green squad for a diplomatic mission on Masterhome. Reekeene and Lazith'chika used holograms to confer with Green squad. After Reekene informed them of their goals, Lazith'chika apprised them of the details on the people whom they were going to contact and the negotiations that might follow.[2]

Around this time, a silent, hooded Lazith'chika joined the Reekeenes and Rebel Lieutenant Am Serro aboard the modified Tsukkian water freighter Home that served as the Roughnecks' mobile headquarters to hear the report of special operative Tay "Tiree" Vanis' twentieth operation. Vanis had failed to recruit new agents, but he had executed enough missions to force him into retirement as standard Rebel Alliance doctrine required agents to retire from the field after their twentieth mission. Nevertheless, Lens Reekeene assigned him a new job, and neither Lazith'chika nor any of the other officers objected to this departure from policy.[3]

Personality and traits[]

Santhou Lazith'chika was a cadaverous two-meter tall alien with sickly gray skin and eyes larger than a Human's. Although mostly humanoid, he had an extra joint in each leg and very low corporal temperature. Humans found his look ghoulish. Lazith'chika played up this effect by favoring black robes and behaving in the dismally bombastic way used by gravediggers in B-series holofilms, speaking slowly and pretending to be pessimistic. Nevertheless, Lazith'chika was a warm person and at times this trait showed through his disguise.[1]

Lazith'chika had slight control over the Force, but he refused to publicly display his powers. He had also studied the planets of the galaxy, the species inhabiting them, and the languages those species spoke.[1]

Although he was considered a high-ranking officer of the Rebel Alliance, Lazith'chika refused to wear an identifying patch because he disliked military insignia.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

Santhou Lazith'chika first appeared in The Long Shot Campaign, a chapter of the role-playing book Star Wars Campaign Pack, written by Paul Murphy and published by West End Games in 1988. The Long Shot Campaign was later re-published in 1994, along with another campaign, in Classic Campaigns. He was first graphically depicted in the webcomic Rookies: Rendezvous (2006) by Pablo Hidalgo.[4] Lazith'chika's role-playing stats follow the template "Alien student of the Force." One of the features of the template is that the character belongs to a little-known species, in this case exemplified by the fact that no other character knows Lazith'chika's species.[1]


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