"So are we leaving?"
―Santigo questions his sister[src]

Santigo Milon was a male human who lived on the planet Coruscant during the reign of the Galactic Empire. Originally from the planet Alderaan, his family lived on Level 3204 of Coruscant, where following the Destruction of Alderaan riots took place leading to Imperial stormtroopers beginning to arrest or relocate all Alderaanians. Santigo and his sister Anandra Milon fled their home in order to escape arrested, traveling to several other levels of Coruscant in search of help. He and Anandra eventually ended up on Level 1997, where Anandra was offered a job by a Pau'an criminal, but had to turn it down as it would mean leaving Santigo alone. The arrival of Imperials then caused the pair to flee down to Level 1996, where Anandra told Santigo to keep running while she held off a stormtrooper. The pair reunited after a Herglic criminal killed the trooper for Anandra, and then made their way to Level 1782 on the Herglic's advice. There they found a small hidden camp of other Imperial fugitives who they joined.[1]

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