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"There's more ways for a Jedi to help people than by leading an army."

Sanya was a Devaronian female member of the Agricultural Corps, serving as a delegate for the Galactic Republic on the agriworld Ukio. During the Clone Wars, she met the Padawan Tyzen Xebec, who labeled her a "washout" inadvertently. Sanya bristled at the comment, as she was adamant that serving the AgriCorps was just as valuable as leading an army into battle. Sanya herself would soon see combat, however, when the Confederacy of Independent Systems made their bid to render Ukio useless to the Galactic Republic.

When the people of Ukio, as well as the animals, were driven berserk by Project Instinction, a Confederate operation launched by mastermind "Doctor," Sanya attempted to quell the rioting, and was aided by Xebec. She noticed that Xebec too was going mad, and battling his compatriot, Commander Ganch, in violent hand-to-hand combat. She urged Xebec to center his thoughts, and encouraged him to overcome the new-found ailment. Xebec did so, and together, he and Sanya worked to put an end to the Doctor's machinations. Although Ukio was saved, the planet was later purchased by the Confederacy, mooting the Republic efforts.


Republic meddlingEdit

"Are you a Padawan?"
"Not quite. AgriCorps. I'm here to assist the Ukians."
―Tyzen Xebec and Sanya[src]

Sanya banters with her Ukian friends.

Sanya, a female Devaronian, was a member of the Agricultural Corps, a part of the Jedi Order. She was assigned to the agriworld Ukio, where she worked alongside the natives. Two of her friends were Tonzet, and another Ukian. During the Clone Wars, she worked on a crop of burrmillet, and ensured that there were no grub larvae. The crop, she conjectured, would be a full one, which pleased her. When a team from the Galactic Republic arrived to inspect Ukio's defensive systems, Sanya met up with Tonzet and her other friend. Tonzet was speaking out against what he termed "Republic meddling," and he did not trust the newcomers. When Sanya made her presence known, Tonzet was delighted, and inquired after her crops—she delivered the news, but was curious as to whether or not he included her under the umbrella term of "Republic meddling." He insisted that he did not, because he knew Sanya, and so the Devaronian suggested that he get to know the newcomers.[2]

The leader of the Republic team, Jedi Padawan Tyzen Xebec, approached the trio, hoping to ask several questions. When he noticed Sanya, he asked whether she was a Padawan learner as well, but she explained that she was in the AgriCorps instead. Xebec clarified by asking if she was a "wash-out" since she failed to be picked as a Padawan—the Devaronian took umbrage at the remark, joking that Tonzet should forget her earlier remark about getting to know the strangers, before haughtily informing the Zabrak Padawan that there were other paths through which a Jedi could help the people of the galaxy than leading troops into battle. Xebec was hushed by Sanya's response, having heard similar thoughts from another at an earlier point.[2]

During their meeting, a Confederacy of Independent Systems Lucrehulk-class battleship approached Ukio, and deployed modified seismic tanks. From the surface, Sanya and Xebec watched as the tanks deployed a black, cloudy substance over a portion of the planetary shield, which greatly concerned the Padawan. The Ukians and the eopie livestock began to panic, fearing Confederate invasion, but Sanya advised everyone to calm down. When Xebec's attempts to communicate his clone trooper commander, Ganch, proved futile due to jamming, the Devaronian realized that someone intended to destroy the Ukian crops. Although the cloud was dispersed by the liege's lowering of the planetary shield, enemy Confederacy units had landed on Ukio.[2]

Soon, all of the eopies started going beserk, rampaging in their pens. Sanya detected a disturbance in the Force, and asked Xebec if he felt the same. He was unsure, but soon, the two youths were confronted by a pack of savage Ukians wielding scythes. Xebec quickly ignited his lightsaber, and urged Sanya to run. The pair were able to escape, and make it to the Ukian shield generator complex, where Xebec's team were stationed. There, the Padawan found two of his troopers, Ganch and Squawk, fighting, and so he was forced to intervene as Sanya watched on. When the two clones ganged up on Xebec, the Devaronian advised him to keep away from them, as they were clearly being driven into a violent, inexplicable rage. Ganch in particular, lashed out at the young Zabrak violently, striking him with his helmet.[2]

Terrified, Sanya retreated into the fields, where she was pursued by a clone trooper. He was inadvertently knocked away by one of the gigauns, however, to her horror. She eventually returned to see Xebec and Ganch fighting—the Padawan was bleeding from the mouth, and enraged. The Devaronian pleaded with Xebec to center himself in the Force, and think about what he was doing, but the clone commander intervened and began throttling the Zabrak. Xebec was able to reach Ganch by pulling rank, prompting the clone to knock himself out with a med-shot. Sanya was concerned that Ganch was dead, but Xebec assured her that he was merely unconscious. The Zabrak then moved Ganch's unconscious form to a nearby shelter, ensuring that the commander would not be trampled by the gigauns.[2]

Turning the tideEdit

"This is so much better than dusting crops!"

Sanya fights alongside Tyzen Xebec

When Ganch was safe, Sanya asked Xebec just what had happened. He was not sure how to describe the sensation he had felt, but described it as being analogous to how he felt when his former Master, Bolla Ropal, had perished. Xebec was disturbed by Ropal's senseless death, but the Devaronian reasoned that even if his Master's death had been senseless, Xebec could still benefit from whatever advice Ropal had imparted before his death. Opting for clarity, Xebec resolved to find out just what the Confederacy had done to the planet. When Sanya asked him what exactly he had in mind, the Zabrak decided that they would track down the source of the disturbance. Sanya retrieved Ganch's right gauntlet, which had an in-built communicator, as well as his remaining DC-17 hand blaster, and together the youths set off to find the Confederate forces.[2]

They eventually located a landed Sheathipede-class transport shuttle, around which was arrayed a guard of three B1 battle droids, and one B2 super battle droid. The B1s were busy maintaining a transmitter, and did not notice as Xebec approached and destroyed the B2. Sanya and Xebec then dispatched the other droids, with the Zabrak destroying the device with his lightsaber in the process. Sanya noted that her head had instantly cleared, and Xebec concurred, although he sensed that there were still more of the devices in effect—Sanya determined that there were precisely two more of the machines. Xebec decided that he would destroy the remaining devices himself, while Sanya would return to the shield generator complex, fearing that the planet's defenses might be jeopardized if the Ukians were still under the effects of the transmitters. Sanya spotted a pair of Single Trooper Aerial Platforms, one of which she took to return to the complex, while Xebec took another to hunt down the remaining transmitters.[2]

While approaching the shield complex on the STAP, Sanya was pursued by a B1 battle droid on another STAP. As soon as the B1 determined that Sanya was not a fellow battle droid, he opened fire on her, prompting her to abandon her craft, and send it flying into her pursuer. She reached the ground safely, but so did the battle droid. As the enemy unit approached her, she reached for her blaster pistol, which was out of arm's length. Reaching out with the Force, she was able to summon the blaster to her hand, and blast the battle droid in the head. Satisfied with her efforts, she ran off towards the generator complex. There, she was able to maintain order, and she was contacted by Xebec's current Master, the Jedi General Keelyvine Reus, on Ganch's communicator. Sanya responded, and was able to direct Reus in the general direction of her Padawan, while having the planetary shield lowered to allow the General through.[2]

Reus and Xebec were able to defeat the Confederate mastermind, known as the "Doctor" and bring an end to the enemy operation, Project Instinction. While the Republic forces gathered at a landing pad in the after math, Sanya met up with Reus and Xebec, as well as another Jedi General, Kit Fisto. Reus commended Sanya for her services to the Republic, and the Devaronian reported that the shield generator complex, although in disarray, still functioned well enough to keep that planet safe. At that moment, the Ukian liege, who had just been ousted, demanded that the Republic forces leave Ukio. The tumultuous events that had taken place on Ukio had lowered the planet's stocks to such a degree, that Confederate Magistrate Passel Argente had been able to purchase the planet, placing it under the control of the Confederacy.[2]

The Valsedian OperationEdit

After departing Ukio, Sanya and the rest of the Republic fleet returned to Coruscant aboard the Venator-class Star Destroyer, Selfless. Sanya debarked alongside Master Reus, Commander Ganch, and Xebec, and the young Padawan asked Sanya if she would miss the AgriCorps and the work she did on Ukio. She replied that she'd miss the good the AgriCorps does, but not the dirty work, and in fact, she preferred planets like Coruscant. She revealed that she was also born on the planet, or at least that's where the Jedi Order found her, and Xebec welcomed her home. Reus thanked Sanya for her help on Ukio and expressed her hope that the Agricorps would reward her in her next assignment. Ganch then made sure Reus was aware that he had fully recovered from the effects of Project Instinction and was ready for duty, but Reus insisted that Ganch was due for leave.[1]

They were met by Captain Rex, who asked that Reus and Xebec meet Grand Master Yoda immediately, and offered to accompany Ganch to the RSO Center for relaxation. Ganch was hesitant, but when Reus insisted, he invited Sanya to join him and they departed. When the group arrived in the RSO Center they were greeted by Commander Cody who offered for them to join him at his table. While the clones conversed Sanya dropped her fork and while retrieving it she noticed that there was something blinking on the underside of their table. Ganch immediately ordered for E.O.D. protocol and asked for any standing RSO members to see if they could identify it. Two nearby RSO members responded and identified it as a remote triggered Detonite charge. Another RSO member informed the commanders that they all had undergone training in case they were ever rotated into the field. After surveying the rest of the room, Sanya noticed that all of the tables and chairs were rigged with charges. The RSO members then worked together to simultaneously defuse the charges with the guidance of Cody.[1]

Personality and traitsEdit

"Padawan Xebec? You're about as blunt as a shovel."

Sanya encourages Tyzen Xebec to center himself on the Force

Sanya was described as a "spirited" being by Jedi Knight Keelyvine Reus. The Devaronian was quick to defend the conduct of the Galactic Republic when arguing with her friend Tonzet. The Ukian tolerated her, as an envoy of the Republic, because he knew her, and so she suggested that he be open minded and get to know the Republic newcomers as well. When she met the leader of the Republic team, Padawan Xebec, she regretted her earlier comments when he labeled her a "washout," since she was in the AgriCorps rather than the Jedi Order proper. Sanya glowered at the young Zabrak in response, and did not hesitate in calling him blunt. It was her belief that she was serving the people of the galaxy just as sufficiently as anyone leading troops onto the fields of battle. Although in a crisis Sanya made every effort to calm down her fellow workers, she was alarmed by the prospect of someone wanting to destroy all the hard work the Ukians had put into the crops. She was concerned even when the apparently violent clone trooper stabbed himself in the neck with a medical syringe, fearing that the man had taken his own life.[2]

Sanya was mystified by the behavior of those on Ukio during Project Instinction, and was querulous as to just how individuals such as Padawan Xebec had been driven into an uncharacteristically violent stupor. When Xebec explained that there was no reason for his Master Ropal's death, the Devaronian reasoned that the Zabrak could give value to his life purpose if he followed the teachings that Ropal had passed along. Sanya's helpful words inspired instantaneous forward action by Xebec. Even in the heat of combat, she was able to joke about his earlier snide remark about her being a "washout." Sanya was also a pragmatic being, opting to utilize enemy STAPs to reach her destination, rather than wear out her boots. She found the process of flying a STAP to be highly enjoyable, and much more enthralling than the act of crop dusting.[2]

Powers and abilitiesEdit



"How's that for a washout?"
―Sanya following her destruction of a battle droid[src]

Although Sanya was assigned to the AgriCorps, she had sufficient Force sensitivity to be able to feel disturbances in the Force, which she detected during the apex of Project Instinction. She was able to resist the Doctor's neural scramblers through the Force, centering her feelings and refusing to give in to her anger. Sanya also displayed some skill in the art of combat, managing to dispatch a pair of droids with a blaster pistol. During the Battle of Ukio, Sanya was able to use telekinesis, with some difficulty.[2]

Behind the scenesEdit

Sanya first appeared in the 2009 webcomic The Clone Wars: Act on Instinct, penned by Pablo Hidalgo. She was introduced in the sixth installment of the comic, which was drawn by Thomas Hodges.


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