"Been awhile since you've been on Tatooine with your old partner Saponza. It actually feels good to be back under the twin suns."
―Saponza, to his partner[2]

Saponza was a male human[2] from the sun-scorched planet of Tatooine[1] who worked as a mercenary and had been part of the galactic criminal underworld for decades. He claimed to be a veteran of the the Kwymar Suppressions and Mytaranor Campaign, writing them into his experience section of the Undervine network. At one point, he "skipped out" on a job for the Black Sun syndicate, which sent a Mandalorian assassin after him in response. Desperate for credits to get away from the hunter, he waited for a reply to his Undervine listing. After a month of no replies, Saponza angrily wrote about his predicament in the Smuggler's Guide after spotting the book in the waiting room for Keldooine Starshipwrights. He decided against taking the book and instead hoped including his profile within it would help him find work.[4]

In 0 ABY, shortly after the Battle of Yavin,[3] Saponza and his partner established a base of operations in the former's Tatooinian homestead. The two mercenaries soon attracted the wrath of Jabba, the resident Hutt crime lord of Tatooine. Bib Fortuna, Jabba's chief of staff, contacted him and his companion several times, and even though he warned them about Jabba's revenge, they still ignored it, possibly believing Jabba would forget or simply not bother. In retaliation for the death of six of his henchmen, Jabba had Saponza's homestead razed to the ground. Realizing that they could not defeat the Hutt on their own, Saponza and his partner were forced to pick a side in the Galactic Civil War[2] and chose to join the freedom fighters of the Rebel Alliance.[3]

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Personality and traits[]

At the time of the Galactic Civil War, Saponza was an older, yet broad-shouldered human sporting white hair.[2] He was outwitted by Bib Fortuna, and did not believe Jabba would bother to seek revenge. He did dispatch six of Jabba's henchmen however and was skilled with a blaster, despite being slightly weak minded.[2]

Behind the scenes[]

Saponza (pronounced /sə.ˈpæn.zə/) was created for Star Wars: Commander, a 2014 mobile strategy game by Disney Interactive. In the game, Saponza assists the player regardless of the player's affiliation.[2]



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