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"You can count on Sapphire to provide first-rate transportation, even past the tightest Imperial blockades."
―Airen Cracken[2]

Sapphire was a female Human smuggler born circa 22 BBY whose parents died in an accident due to an error made by the Imperial officer Dane Tizzin. Following their deaths, Sapphire became a smuggler and helped the scoundrel Kevas Startron in his last run. As a reward for her assistance during the run, he gave her his ship, a Hyrotil Crescent-class transport that she named Sapphire's Gem. Becoming the captain and only crew member of the Gem, she customized the ship with new technology to make it stealthier and faster. Although young, she became an outlaw because of her smuggling activities in several systems.

Sapphire was secretly a courier for the Alliance to Restore the Republic and a contact of General Airen Cracken. She also spent time searching for Tizzin, in hopes of getting revenge on him for the death of her parents.


Born in approximately 22 BBY[1] to two maintenance technicians who specialized in TIE fighters, Sapphire spent her childhood in several Imperial bases because her parents were forced to travel due to their work. When Sapphire was a teenager, she sought to join the Imperial Academy. However, her parents were killed in an explosion caused by a blunder made by Dane Tizzin, a young Imperial lieutenant. As Tizzin's family was well-connected, he was not accused; instead, Sapphire's parents were blamed. From that moment on, Sapphire wanted to exact vengeance on Tizzin.[2]

Unable to join the Academy, Sapphire turned to smuggling for a living. She happened to be friends with Kevas Startron, an old smuggler and owner of the Hyrotil Crescent transport New Cov Quasar. Startron was planning to retire after one last smuggling run, and he asked Sapphire to be his partner. With Startron's health declining, Sapphire was forced to do most of the job. Upon conclusion of the run, Sapphire lied about her involvement so that Startron would get the credit for it. Grateful for her support, the scoundrel gave his ship to Sapphire, who renamed it Sapphire's Gem and made several customizations to it—she modified the ship to make it both fast and furtive, adding sensor-disrupting technology such as special shields that hid power emanations to avoid detection. She also replaced the energy weapons with fire-linked concussion missile systems that, while less aggressive, were easier to hide from enemy sensors. As the ship required a crew of only one, Sapphire piloted it alone as its captain. Soon, she became a fugitive in several systems on charges of smuggling, bribery, and avoiding arrest.[2]

At the beginning of her smuggling career, Sapphire was looking for the Alliance to Restore the Republic, a clandestine rebel movement that opposed the Empire. She was able to join the Alliance and secretly became a courier for the group, pretending to be uninvolved in politics in order to hide her affiliation. Sapphire worked alongside Alliance General Airen Cracken, setting up raids on Imperial convoys. For a long time, Sapphire searched for Tizzin, but was unable to find him.[2] Years later, her connection to the Rebel Alliance was a not-so-well-kept secret. At that time, Tizzin had became a commodore and Naval attaché to the staff of the Moff of the Kira sector. When an assassination attempt was made against the Commodore, a young Imperial officer by the name of Lynx Reglis impersonated Sapphire to save Tizzin's life.[3]

Personality and traits[]

Around 0 ABY, at twenty-two years of age, Sapphire was an efficient smuggler who used her knowledge about Imperial naval procedures to her benefit. Her bright green eyes and short red hair attracted the attention of people first meeting her; many of them considered Sapphire to be a beautiful woman. Although young, she earned General Airen Cracken's respect and admiration. Years after her parents' death, Sapphire still remembered Dane Tizzin's involvement in their deaths and planned to exact vengeance.[2]

Sapphire dressed in a one-piece black body suit with blue highlights, not discarding other complements such as belts and vests. She used both a heavy blaster pistol and a vibrosword. She also carried a datapad, comlink, and three medpacs with her.[2]

Behind the scenes[]

Sapphire was first mentioned in Cracken's Rebel Operatives (1994), a supplement to Star Wars: The Roleplaying Game that was published by West End Games, edited by Bill Smith, and written by several authors. Dan Verssen is credited as the designer of the section mentioning Sapphire. The book included an image of Sapphire drawn by Doug Shuler. In 1997, Sapphire was mentioned in another roleplaying book, Stock Ships, which was edited by Paul Sudlow and Eric S. Trautmann.


Notes and references[]

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