Saqqar was an icy planet[2] that was located within the Saqqar system in Hutt Space,[1] a region of the galaxy controlled by the Hutt species. The planet lay on the hyperlane called The Dead Road, which connected it to the worlds of Tisht and Usk. A smaller hyperlane linked the planet to the world of Nar Haaska.[2]

The surface of Saqqar was covered in snowy plains, where colossal ruined towers were visible that were left behind by an extinct civilization. Saqqar was orbited by a half-derelict orbital station that served the needs of the occasional starship traveling along The Dead Road.[2] The Kajidier kajidic, a Hutt clan, had influence on Saqqar.[3]

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Saqqar was first mentioned in The Essential Atlas, a 2009 reference book co-authored by Jason Fry and Daniel Wallace, which placed the planet in grid square T-11.[2]


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