Saquesh was a male Quarren who oversaw the Exchange's presence in the Refugee Sector on Nar Shaddaa as of 3951 BBY, during the First Jedi Purge.


While he served as one of Exchange leader Goto's underbosses, Saquesh became a part of his immediate superior Visquis' ambitious plan to lure a Jedi to him. On Visquis' orders, the Quarren deliberately mistreated the refugees, cutting the living spaces allotted to them by half, on top of that claimed by the Serroco gang. Included among his retinue of enforcers and bodyguards were over a dozen Gamorreans, as well as a number of Weequay and Trandoshan thugs.

Saquesh attempted to use the refugees as slaves, kidnapping a child named Adana in order to sell her to the Hutts. Concerned for the well-being of the refugees, Meetra Surik convinced Saquesh to release Adana.

The Quarren made no effort to hide his disdain for humans, but he despised them- mainly the refugees- for being weak, not simply for being human.

Behind the scenes[]

In the non-canon dark side storyline, Meetra Surik may side with him and assist his operations in the Refugee Sector.

Another option allows Surik to intimidate Saquesh by either demanding that the Quarren ease his grip on the refugees or Surik will be forced to kill him. This gives the player light side points, however this causes Saquesh and his thugs to attack.

Surik may also have killed him if she was caught stealing their supplies or failed to intimidate him into freeing Adana.



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