"The decision to use such powers for the betterment of all, and not for selfish purposes, distinguishes the Jedi from all others."
―Sar Agorn[src]

Sar Agorn was a male Jedi Master who served the Jedi Order and the early Galactic Republic. He was an amorphous, blob-like sentient whose form was constantly surrounded in green gases.


A Force-sensitive male, Sar Agorn was of a rare species of amorphous, blob-like sentients whose form was constantly surrounded in green gases[2] Training as a member of the Jedi Order on Ossus some 500 years before the First Great Schism, Agorn attained the rank of Master and studied as a Jedi Consular, becoming a resource on the early history of the Order and their roots on Tython which had been abandoned over seven centuries prior. During Agorn's life he trained Padawan Cope Shykrill, a Selonian prodigy strong in telekinesis. During Shykrill's training, the boy fell to the dark side of the Force; though Agorn was unaware of this until the murder of three other Padawans. While Shykrill made it appear that he was one of the victims, Agorn and his contemporary Nuck Lyu realized the truth and released Shykrill from the dark side's grip by killing him.[1]

One of Agorn's lasting contributions to the Jedi Order was his keeping of a personal holocron which would later be recovered long after his death. As his personality served as gatekeeper, many assumed that his image was that of a degraded image, but scans proved that the confusion stemmed from viewers' unfamiliarity with Agorn's rare species. Agorn's personality was also preserved as a Gatekeeper for the Great Holocron to teach about the early Order's history and interactions with the dark side.[1]


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