Sarcophagus was a moon that orbited the planet of Sacorria, and served as a massive graveyard for the planet's deceased inhabitants. The Sacorrians began using the moon as a burial ground shortly after the development of space flight; before that, it was simply known as "the moon." It was settled since at least the founding day of the Republic, as a native of the moon named Cope Shykrill served as a Jedi five hundred years before the First Great Schism.

Offworlders were permitted to visit Sarcophagus, but none were interred there. Used by all three of Sacorria's species, Sarcophagus housed a diverse collection of tombs, grave sites, and mausoleums on its surface, as well as catacombs and burial caves underground. Orbital shuttles provided transportation to and from Sacorria, and the Central Databank provided locations for the vast number of plots.

Sacorrians remained superstitious about Sarcophagus. Looking up into the night sky and seeing the full moon stirred up thoughts of death and calamity. By tradition, and the decree of the Triad, pointing a telescope at Sarcophagus was illegal because it was seen as disrespectful of the dead.

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Behind the scenes[]

A real-world sarcophagus was a container for mummified bodies in antiquity.



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