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"Revenge is a dish best served cold, and no one serves this dish better than a Sarlacc."
―A HoloNet Report on the Sarlacc Enforcer[src]

Sarlacc Enforcer was the title taken by Sarlacc agents throughout the galaxy during the Great Galactic War and the Cold War. Although it was generally believed that Sarlacci were simplistic, immobile creatures focused solely on eating, they were in fact deadly warriors spurred into action across the stars by the horrors of the Great War. They could be found on numerous worlds performing a variety of different tasks, from political maneuvering, to environmental stabilization, to policing lawless Outer Rim worlds. With their highly developed and dangerous abilities as warriors, these Sarlacc agents made a profound effect on the galaxy and its inhabitants.


"The galaxy is filled with every sort of riffraff, refuse and space trash imaginable. For thousands of years the brave souls who answer to the name Sarlacc have made sure it doesn’t pile up. As deadly as they are misunderstood, these determined individuals are the ultimate authorities on final judgment in the galaxy."
―A HoloNet Report on the Sarlacc Enforcer[src]

Sarlacc across the galaxy had identified themselves as Sarlacc Enforcers for many millennia prior to the Great Galactic War. While active, these agents inspired numerous different organizations and professions with their seemingly limitless abilities. Sarlacci aided smugglers by hiding stashes of contraband in their stomachs and instructed agents of the Sith Empire in the ways of telepathic torture techniques. They gained such renown that they inspired the Knights of the Jedi Order to create the first of their seven lightsaber formsShii-Cho, also known as "The Way of the Sarlacc." At some point, Jedi Consulars recognized the wisdom offered by the Sarlacc Enforcers and took to meditating near their pits to learn to be at peace in times of chaos.

With the outbreak of the Great War, the Sarlacc Enforcers were stirred into action in response to the carnage that had swept across the galaxy. While some took work as hired muscle for the criminal underworld, others had more legitimate interests. The Sarlacci continued their work into the Cold War, during which one Sarlacc Enforcer on Tatooine was responsible for the destruction of a planet through the use of an ingested superlaser.


"Taking a no-frills approach to hand to hand to hand to hand combat, the Sarlacci have a well-earned place among the galaxy’s most feared warriors."
―A HoloNet Report on the Sarlacc Enforcer[src]

The Sarlacc Enforcers were legendary for their combat prowess and their work deeply influenced the galaxy in which they lived. Although they appeared to be immobile, they were in fact capable of moving from world to world with relative ease. The misconception that they were incapable of such travel and intelligence was heavily exploited by the Enforcers, who encouraged the false impression by choosing to remain motionless for years at a time.

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The Sarlacc Enforcer was created in 2010 for April Fools' Day. It appeared on The Old Republic's website.

In the databank entry for the Sarlacc Enforcer's page, the Aurebesh immediately beneath its name translates to, "The Original Noodly Appendage".


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