Sarlim Gastess was one of the few Gotals with non-functional head cones. Without the natural ability to sense emotions, he was a clinical psychopath by Gotal standards. Despite this disability, or possibly because of it, he became a successful businessman in the Parmic sector of the Outer Rim Territories during the Imperial era. Gastess was feared by other Gotals, but he functioned well among non-Gotals, using his overbearing personality to make up for his poor eyesight and hearing.[1]

His company, Gastess' Finance, Inc., operated by executing hostile takeovers of smaller companies, firing the existing management, and running them into the ground for a quick infusion of credits. Afterward, the company would be either be sold off or disbanded, with its assets liquidated. Eventually, even planetary-sized corporations were targeted by Gastess' Finance. After Gastess was finished with a planetary corporation, the inhabitants were open to exploitation or even slavery by the Empire.[1]

Sarlim Gastess tightly controlled the operations of his company, and took pleasure in the destruction of his adversaries in the business world. He usually carried a blaster pistol openly on his right hip.[1]

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