Sarlis Beni was an individual alive during the Galactic Civil War.


In 1 ABY, a Bothan named Lercer Gaia sent a spy to meet with Sarlis Beni, upon the recommendation of Kaesii DuPree. The spacer agreed to meet with Sarlis, who was based in Mos Entha. Sarlis tasked the spacer with going to Mos Taike to kill four spies, and to speak to their leader, Eyan McDermitt. After speaking to Eyan, the spacer learned that he would need to go to the Imperial Oasis to find Jubai Laetlii, who was in possession of an important datapad. The spacer ended up killing Jubai, and delivering the datapad back to Sarlis.

Behind the scenesEdit

Sarlis Beni was a Non-Player Character (NPC) in the MMORPG Star Wars Galaxies prior to its closure on December 15 2011.


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