Sarlucif was a planet in Wild Space and home to the outlaw tech base run by Klaus Vandangante and his daughter, Jessa.


Jessa Vandangante and another outlaw tech on Sarlucif

The secret outlaw tech base was constructed of quickly assembled hangar domes and habitation bubbles. The landing field was a large, flat expanse of fusion-formed soil. The defense system for the base consisted of a number of turbolaser emplacements. In 2 BBY, the base was evacuated after an Authority incursion.

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"The name is courtesy of my then-five-year-old son, who asked one day if he could name a planet. Sure, I said, and then wondered what I would do when Joshua wanted to call his planet Gwrlrtz or Elmo or some name I'd have to hide somewhere. "Sarlucif," he said after a moment's reflection. Startled, I asked him to repeat that. I wish any of the names I made up for the Atlas were as good as Sarlucif."
―Jason Fry[src]

The planet debuted, unnamed, in Brian Daley's Han Solo at Stars' End in 1979, and appeared in the subsequent comic strip adaptation. Sarlucif would not receive its name until the publication of The Essential Atlas in 2009. Atlas author Jason Fry used a name provided by his five-year-old son Joshua, which the author felt surpassed any planet name he devised during the course of writing the book.[2]



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