Lady Saro was a female Atoan and the High Priestess of Atoa.[2] She claimed that her ability to speak Basic stemmed from a ritual she performed on a captured stormtrooper, in which she removed and consumed the trooper's tongue. She claimed to know the location of Admiral Garoche Tarkin, though she would not divulge the information unless Darth Vader declared Saro the queen of the Ghost Nebula.[3] She led Lord Vader and the Imperials on a hunt for Tarkin, eradicating many Atoans in the process. It was revealed when Captain Shale turned his storm commandos against Lord Vader that not only was Tarkin alive, but an enemy of the Empire who had defected after becoming disgusted by the atrocities he was ordered to commit, and Lady Saro forgiving him. Shale had defected along with him onto the Atoan side. Lady Saro had become Tarkin's lover, and was pregnant with their unborn child. She also projected an image of Padmé Amidala, Vader's deceased wife, from reading into his heart, which caused him some despair. When learning of this ability, he attempted to kill her in despair-driven madness to get her to return Padmé to him, although he relented after he discovered that she was pregnant, presumably out of guilt for his role in Padmé's death. Vader later killed them both in an attempted suicide by collapsing the Atoan cathedral on top of them, with Garoche's death blamed on the Atoan Insurgents to further his father Wilhuff Tarkin's hatred of all Rebels.[4]

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