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Sarrish was a planet in the Vensensor sector, and homeworld of the Sarrish people. It was protected by the Sarrish Defense Force.


This planet was recognizable for its orbiting chain of pearl-like moons, which were clearly visible in the night sky. It was a rocky world covered in craters, promontories, and plateaus. Its most famous attraction was C'airam's cantina.


During the Clone Wars, the planet was represented in the Galactic Senate by Veedaaz Awmetth and was the site of the Battle of Sarrish which resulted in a Separatist victory.

In 4 ABY, this planet was the site of the gambler Drawmas Sma'Da's capture at the hands of the bounty hunters Zuckuss and 4-LOM. Shortly thereafter, it would also become the scene of Manaroo's successful wager with Sma'Da over the survival of her fiancee, Dengar.



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