Sarthon Quis was a male career bodyguard who was among those who were stranded on the planet Makeb when their transport crashed there during the Mandalorian Wars between the Galactic Republic and the Mandalorian warrior culture. The survivors were soon plagued by attacks from exoboars, vicious and heavily-armored burrowing animals native to Makeb's caves; however, Quis determined that exoboars were repelled by a certain type of herb that grew in Makeb's caves. By rubbing the herb on their clothes, the settlers were able to pass by exoboars safely, and Quis went on to become a famed exoboar hunter—though the set of armor made from exoboar hide that he wore eventually led to his death. A subteroth, a predator of the exoboar, devoured Quis while he was leading an expedition deeper into the caves, as the subteroth believed he was a large exoboar.[1]


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