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Sassi was a female Human waitress at Plop Dribble's on the planet Stobar during the Clone Wars.


Around 20 BBY, Savage Opress stopped on Stobar on his way to find his brother. The waitress droid, a WA-7 service unit named Marwigo, was unable to take the Zabrak's order and passed it off to her Human colleague, Sassi. Sassi attempted the same, but as she displayed interest in and reached for Savage's talisman, he reacted angrily and choked her. The authorities were notified, but Opress had already escaped. Although she was unconscious and on the floor for several minutes, she was able to get back to her feet, with the assistance of Jedi Knight Anakin Skywalker and Padawan Ahsoka Tano, upon waking up.

Behind the scenesEdit

The scene where Marwigo passes off the order to Sassi and her reaching for his talisman was cut from the final version of the episode.



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