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The followers of Jedi Master Satele Shan were Jedi students who accompanied her after the end of the war against Zakuul. By 3629 BBY, Shan was said to operate a secret Jedi academy for her students on Coruscant.[2]

Along with Satele Shan, the students were all infected by Tenebrae's curse and held within a massive ship by Kira Carsen and Scourge.[1] In 3626 BBY,[3] most of them were released by the Commander of the Eternal Alliance who ended Tenebrae for good.[1] One of Shan's followers, Trad, did not make it and Trad's loss was mourned by Shan and the rest of her students. Another one of her followers, Syl, was thought to be dead but miraculously survived.[4]



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