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"War is intolerable. We have been deceived into thinking that we must be a part of it. I say the moment we committed to fighting, we already lost."
―Duchess Satine Kryze — (audio) Listen (file info)[11]

Satine Kryze, a human female Mandalorian, was the Duchess of Kalevala and the pacifistic ruler of the New Mandalorians and the planet Mandalore during the final decades of the Galactic Republic. Believing that change was Mandalore's only hope for a future, she longed to move her people beyond their violent warrior history. Although Mandalore prospered under her leadership, her goals made her a controversial figure and she faced opposition from Mandalorian groups who rejected her peaceful ideology. As the widespread Clone Wars raged across the galaxy, Kryze attempted in vain to keep Mandalore out of the conflict. One of the primary and most vocal critics of the war, she fought against the rising extremism and militarism that threatened her world. The burden of peace cost Kryze nearly everything as the war continued, and she ultimately fell victim to the forces that conspired to take her down.

A major advocate of the New Mandalorian movement in her youth, Kryze became the leader of Mandalore following the Mandalorian Civil War between the reformist New Mandalorians and the Mandalorian warriors of tradition. The war cost an immense loss of life, and Kryze led Mandalore through reconstruction, helping the planet rebuild into a peaceful society. Her actions continued to face opposition from insurgent groups, most actively the terrorist group Death Watch, among whose members was Kryze's estranged sister Bo-Katan. While Mandalore maintained its peace and prospered under Kryze, the Republic began to fracture and entered war with the Confederacy of Independent Systems. Kryze chose not to choose a side in the conflict, making sure that Mandalore was neutral and becoming the leader of the Council of Neutral Systems. This move earned Kryze criticism from both the Republic and Confederacy, both of whom considered Mandalore to be a crucial asset to their war efforts.

The Clone Wars tested Kryze's leadership to its limit, with her planet facing supply shortages and an increase in terrorist activity by Death Watch. The threat of Death Watch led the Republic to consider occupying Mandalore, but Kryze knew that the Republic had, in reality, wanted access to the system and that an occupation would only bring the war with it. Despite political setbacks, assassination attempts, and even an arrest warrant being levied against her, Kryze managed to appeal to the Republic Senate and halt the occupation before it could begin. Kryze's efforts also brought about the end of the Death Watch threat for a time. Mandalore continued to face issues as the war continued, with the growing presence of a black market on the planet and corruption among Kryze's fellow leaders. Kryze's defense of neutrality alienated her from the Republic and, although not many, she managed to find allies to help her deal with the crises, including her close friend, Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi, with whom she had a complicated past.

As the war raged on, Death Watch became affiliated with the rogue Sith Lord Maul, who brought together several crime families to aid them in defeating Kryze once and for all. Known as the Shadow Collective, Maul led Death Watch leader Pre Vizsla and their militia to Mandalore's capital, tearing through the city and causing chaos. Kryze was deposed and arrested, though infighting among Death Watch brought about the death of Vizsla by Maul's hand as well as the defection of Bo-Katan. Bo-Katan freed Kryze from prison, and the two reconciled in order to find a way to rid Mandalore of Maul. The rescue was short-lived, though before her recapture Kryze was able to contact Kenobi on Coruscant. Maul, having a lust for revenge against Kenobi for an incident from years earlier, murdered the captive Kryze in front of the Jedi. Kryze died in Kenobi's arms, proclaiming her love for her friend as her government lay in ruin and Mandalore's era of peace and pacifism ended.


Early life[]

"I remember a time when Jedi were not generals, but peacekeepers."
―Satine Kryze — (audio) Listen (file info)[11]

Duchess Satine Kryze.

Satine Kryze was a Mandalorian born to Duke Adonai Kryze[12] on the Outer Rim world of Kalevala,[1] into Clan Kryze[8] under House Kryze.[7] Satine was the sister of Bo-Katan, and the two shared a nephew named Korkie, with whom Satine was very close.[13][3] At a young age, Kryze was brought to the homeworld of the Mandalorian people, Mandalore. Living on Mandalore during her early life, she took her first steps and spoke her first words on the planet and was alive at a time where she was able to experience some of Mandalore's grass plains and wildlife[14] before they became ravaged by wars.[8] One of Satine's oldest[12] and closest[1] friends was Prince Tal Merrik of Kalevala.[12]

As she grew up, Satine received an education and lived a relatively normal childhood[14] despite Mandalore's conflicts.[12] Mandalore was a planet with a long and violent history of warring factions both internal and external, but after centuries of countless wars and the environmental decline of their homeworld, many Mandalorians believed that change was needed. With warfare become increasingly advanced and destructive,[15] Mandalore suffered and the planet's native biodiversity all but ceased to exist.[12] Mandalorian culture was dominated by clans, and rivalries between these groups could prove brutal and long-lasting. The harsh reality of their once-beautiful world led many Mandalorians to alter their attittudes on their ancient traditions and look to reform as a way of saving their society.[15]

By Kryze's time, there was a rising group birthed in the city of Sundari known as the New Mandalorians, which sought to reform Mandalorian society along peaceful lines by channeling the culture's best aspects[16] away from self-destructive warring.[15] Kryze, believing that Mandalore needed to change in order to have a future,[17] was a major proponent of the New Mandalorians. While still young, Satine began working with the political faction to help create a constructive future for her people.[18] Kryze's ideology was in stark opposition to more conservative-minded individuals on Mandalore who wanted to preserve the old ways and continue the Mandalorian custom of waging war for the glory of their world.[6]

The New Mandalorians realized that this expertise in warfare was of no lasting benefit to the majority of Mandalorians[16] and would only lead Mandalore further towards its destruction. With support from most Mandalorian citizens,[15] the group gradually began to grow in strength in order to challenge the minority of traditional warriors. These traditionalists used violence to hold on to power as Kryze[16] rose to prominence and became the de facto leader of the New Mandalorians.[18] Kryze's goals and aspirations estranged her from Bo-Katan,[3] who believed in embracing Mandalore's martial past.[19]

Mandalorian Civil War[]

In the year 42 BBY,[20] as the New Mandalorians increased in strength and became a major political and ideological force on Mandalore, a civil war broke out between the reformist movement and the traditional Mandalorian warriors for control of the planet,[16] with Satine's ascension to the leadership of the New Mandalorians being a major catalyst.[18] The war decimated the already-damaged surface of Mandalore, and the capital city of Keldabe was devastated.[16] Among the many casualties of the war was Satine's father. In the aftermath of his death, Satine was recognized[12] by her title of nobility[21] as the Duchess of Kalevala.[22]

As the violent conflict grew, the traditionalists sent bounty hunters after Satine to eliminate her. With these mercenaries tracking her every move, the Galactic Republic,[18] which had long coexisted with Mandalore through treaties,[23] decided to intervene and sent Jedi Master Qui-Gon Jinn and his apprentice, Obi-Wan Kenobi,[18] to protect the young duchess from her enemies.[24] The increasing threats against Satine left Jinn with no choice but to relocate her offworld, and the trio escaped Mandalore to go into hiding.[18] They remained on the run with no certainties about what the next day would bring for nearly a year. At some point, they were attacked by a swarm of venom-mites on Draboon, and Obi-Wan carried Satine to safety. Unfortunately, the chivalric act was tarnished somewhat as the Padawan accidentally fell and dropped her unceremoniously, leaving her with a permanent scar from the fall.[11]

Despite the extreme circumstances and the short time they spent together, Satine and Obi-Wan began to develop feelings for each other, and she shared with him her wishes for a peaceful Mandalore. During their time together, she also gave him the nickname "Ben,"[25] and they fell in love, but neither acted on their emotions when they had the chance.[11] Eventually, the New Mandalorians managed to defeat the martial traditionalists,[18] and Satine was allowed to return to Mandalore. The death toll wrought by the war was immense, and the young duchess was left with the difficult task of rebuilding her world. Although Obi-Wan would have left the Jedi Order to stay with Kryze,[11] both he and the duchess set aside their feelings with deep regret to return to their duties.[18] They each had a difficult time processing the end of their relationship, both feeling remorse and relief at their respective choices not to carry on their[5] unlikely romance.[21]

A short time before the Naboo Crisis, Jinn referenced Obi-Wan and Satine's relationship while he and his apprentice were reading tax reform bills from the Galactic Senate. He was bothered by Obi-Wan's seeming indifference to labor and trade disputes and used his apprentice's romance with Satine as a rebuke against treating such things trivially. Obi-Wan, understanding his master's intention, quickly changed the subject away from Kryze.[21]

Between wars[]


"A civil war killed most of Satine's people, hence her aversion to violence. When she returned, she took on the difficult task of rebuilding her world alone."
―Obi-Wan Kenobi talking to Anakin Skywalker about Satine's past[11]

The city of Sundari, where Satine led her planet as ruler.

The victors of the war,[18] Duchess Satine and the New Mandalorians were recognized as the rulers of Mandalore.[12] After Kenobi and Jinn left Mandalore, Satine began work on the challenging task of rebuilding following the damages caused by the war alone. The considerable number of deaths had left Satine with a fierce hatred of violence, and she became a staunch pacifist.[11] Likewise, many New Mandalorians adopted a similar pacifistic viewpoint.[15] The surviving traditionalists were exiled to the Mandalorian moon of Concordia, where infighting for dominance[16] led many to believe that they had died out.[6] Sundari became the new capital of Mandalore and a memorial to those who died during the war was established at Peace Park.[16]

Under Kryze's regime, the brutal warfare between Mandalorian clans ceased and power was coalesced into the New Mandalorian government.[15] Kryze reformed the government of Mandalore into a cabinet of ministers known as the Ruling Council, who were each charged with governing different aspects of the planet. Although Kryze oversaw the workings of the ministry, the body itself was chaired by a Prime Minister. By the time of the Clone Wars, the position was occupied by Almec. While Mandalore was under the direct jurisdiction of the Ruling Council,[9] the other planets and moons of the Mandalore sector became provinces and were led by various acting governors.[6] Although no longer the dominant political force on Mandalore, clans continued to hold cultural significance.[15]

As part of a push to do away with the internal warring that had brought Mandalore to near-destruction, Duchess Satine looked to phase out the violent traditions that had led to the civil war.[15] Kryze outlawed many ancient Mandalorian weaponry and practices, such as the use of mobile vaults as a form of imprisonment.[26] Although Kryze opposed Mandalore's violent ways, she and many adherents of pacifism still practiced much of their culture's nonviolent customs.[15] One of few martial practices to see continued use under the New Mandalorians[27] was the tradition of the Protectors, a group of elite warriors who were charged with the protection of the Mandalorian ruler. As such, they formed the personal guard of Duchess Satine.[28] Unlike the Mandalorian clans of old, the Protectors were trained to show restraint when possible, in keeping with Kryze's philosophy.[15] Though most Mandalorian clans recognized Satine's rule and her laws despite the removal of violence from their traditions, several were not convinced of the New Mandalorian ideals and continued to cling to their older heritage, in thought if not in deed.[15]

Under her rule, Mandalore prospered and turned into a modern and peaceful society. However, Satine's reforms were actively opposed by a group of conservatives known as the Death Watch, which formed from the last remaining insurgents of the civil war.[6] Despite their banishment and infighting, remnants of the traditionalists secretly rebuilt their strength to overthrow the duchess and reclaim Mandalore.[15] The Death Watch considered Kryze and her pacifist ideals unworthy to rule Mandalore, especially in the wake of her father's death.[12] Their machinations saw them seek to infiltrate the New Mandalorian government,[18] and they used fear tactics to recruit individuals from throughout the Mandalore sector to their cause. Death Watch's attacks on Satine's government had limited success in swaying public opinion, however, and throughout much of her reign, the duchess and her ideals were popular among the people of Mandalore.[15] Aware of the Death Watch's activities, Satine assigned several officials she trusted, such as Prime Minister Almec and Concordia Governor Pre Vizsla, to investigate and root out the movement.[6] Kryze was also aware that her sister had joined[14] the violent splinter group.[18]

Galactic war looms[]

"This newly formed Council of Neutral Systems will stand on principles, not violence. For once we commit to violence, we have already lost. Extremism is rising across the galaxy. It must be extinguished before more lives are lost. There is only one solution for all of us, on all sides: de-escalation. And there is only one path to de-escalation: refusing to contribute to this war."
―Satine Kryze[25]

Mandalore continued to flourish under Duchess Satine's rule despite the Galactic Republic's increasingly fragile state.[6] A crisis emerged as several thousand dissatisfied member systems of the Republic absconded from the government and joined the nascent Confederacy of Independent Systems, prompting a militarized response from the Republic that led to the outbreak of full-scale war with the Battle of Geonosis[29] in 22 BBY.[2] Early into the war, trade and supply routes became a point of contention and Kryze introduced rationing policies to her world, with Prime Minister Almec in charge of overseeing their implementation.[13]

As the leader of the Council of Neutral Systems, Duchess Satine became a leading advocate for neutrality in the Galactic Senate.

Despite being officially a member of the Republic, Kryze was adamant in keeping Mandalore out of the conflict and declared neutrality for her planet and her people,[6] determined to avoid allowing her people to endure another war.[15] Duchess Satine was not alone in her stance, and she entered dialogue with other like-minded systems across the galaxy. As a result of these talks, Kryze helped establish the Council of Neutral Systems, a group of over 1,500 star systems that wished to stay neutral. As the designated regent of the organization, Satine was a leading advocate for their position of neutrality as well as the primary representative in negotiations with the Republic Senate. As a result, Mandalore and its fellow neutral systems could technically remain part of the Republic but offer no support for the war.[15]

Sticking to her pacifist ideals proved difficult for Satine during the galactic war, and she found herself facing threats from various angles. Kryze and her government tried to downplay[15] and minimize[12] the influence of Death Watch as the exiled insurgents began increasing their activity.[15] Her choice to declare neutrality drew the ire of both the Republic and the Confederacy, as both governments viewed Mandalore space as a vital key to their war strategies.[10] Many in the Republic saw the Mandalore sector as a key component in the war effort given its location between the Republic capital Coruscant and the Outer Rim along the Hydian Way.[30] From her palace in Sundari, Kryze gave speeches promoting principles of de-escalation and non-intervention in efforts to recruit star systems into the Council of Neutral Systems. Satine's animated speeches were reported on by Republic news outlets, such as HoloNet News, who featured panels of analysts discussing her actions and criticizing her as a Separatist agent.[25]

Kryze's firebrand activism earned her notoriety across the galaxy, and her speeches were often shown on the Holonet alongside those of Supreme Chancellor Palpatine of the Republic and Confederate Head of State Dooku. Among those who witnessed her speeches was Obi-Wan, now a Jedi Master and member of the Jedi High Council, who since the Mandalorian Civil War had kept tabs on Satine's career, both because he cared for her as an old friend but also out of concern for the volatile situation she rose to power from. She apparently had kept up on him in turn, and in one speech denouncing extremism seemingly reflected words he had publicly given in favor of the Republic during a mission to Cato Neimoidia early in the war, but with an altered message advocating for nonviolence.[25]

In addition to what she saw as extremism in the Republic and Confederacy, Kryze began opposing the actions of the Jedi Order, which had become politicized over the years and emerged as the leaders of the Republic's military.[11] Initially, Satine managed to hold both the Republic and Confederacy at bay and spread the message of the Council of Neutral Systems.[6] The neutrality of the New Mandalorians would become endangered, however, when the increasingly resurgent Death Watch tipped the scales against the duchess. Both the New Mandalorians under Kryze and the Death Watch opposed a Republic presence on Mandalore, and as Death Watch began targeting Republic forces,[30] rumors started circulating that Satine was building an army for the Confederacy.[6]

Maintaining neutrality[]

The Duchess and the Jedi[]

"Your peaceful ways have paid off. Mandalore has prospered since the last time I was here."
"Not everyone on Mandalore believes that our commitment to peace is a sign of progress. There is a group that calls itself Death Watch."
―Duchess Satine Kryze to Obi-Wan Kenobi[6]

Duchess Satine and Senator Merrik during their meeting with Obi-wan Kenobi.

The rumors of Kryze building an army for the Confederacy emboldened following a terrorist attack on a Republic cruiser. The terrorist in question was seen by holographic feed wearing the traditional armor of the Mandalorians. The Jedi High Council was concerned about the incident and sent Obi-Wan to meet the duchess and investigate the situation. Kenobi arrived at the Royal Palace, where he was greeted by Prime Minister Almec. As the two waited for Satine, Almec explained to Kenobi that Mandalore's warrior past was behind them, emphasizing that the duchess valued peace more than her own life. Shortly after, Satine, accompanied by Merrik,[6] who was now the Senator of Kalevala,[11] entered the throne room and quipped about how Kenobi was once again on Mandalore to help her.[6]

Kenobi complimented her beauty, but Kryze rebutted his kind words and called him out for accusing her of treachery. Kenobi told Kryze that he wouldn't personally believe she could commit wrongdoing and explained the incident involving the terrorist. Obi-Wan showed Satine the hologram of the terrorist during the attack, who she and the others recognized as wearing Mandalorian armor. When asked what happened to the perpetrator, Obi-Wan informed them that he had committed suicide to avoid arrest. Kryze, Almec, and Merrik again asserted that there were no Mandalorians in their government who would commit such an atrocity. When Obi-Wan mentioned the ancient wars between the Mandalorians and the Jedi, Satine became aggressive and expressed her belief that his mission to Mandalore had been authorized by the Senate to intervene in the planet's affairs. Obi-Wan softly corrected her and told her that the Jedi Council had sent him. Kryze calmed down and accepted that she had been wrong. Mellowed, Satine invited Kenobi to join her on a stroll around the city, which he accepted.[6]

Satine shows Obi-Wan through Sundari.

Kryze and Kenobi traveled to Peace Park, where Kryze told the Jedi that she was glad to see him again. Kenobi complimented her leadership of Mandalore, telling the duchess that her pacifism had paid off in the long run. Kryze told Kenobi that despite Mandalore's peaceful efforts, there were groups who continued to oppose her rule, specifically Death Watch. Kryze believed that they might be who Kenobi was looking for. She assured Obi-Wan that she had officials working to root out the criminals in an ongoing investigation, but refuted him when he asked how widespread the Death Watch movement was. Satine told him that Death Watch was just a group of vandalists who targeted public spaces, adding that her government's investigations had tracked them to the Mandalorian moon Concordia.[6]

During their walk down the park, Kryze and Kenobi's conversation gradually shifted to one about ideology. Kenobi stated that the job of a peacekeeper was to be on the front lines of conflict to solve the issue first hand. Satine disagreed, instead suggesting that the work of a peacekeeper was to ensure that conflict didn't have the chance to arise. Kenobi commented that her belief was noble, but not entirely realistic. Satine took aim at the Jedi Order's insincere justifications for promoting violence in the name of peace, suggesting that the "reality" Kenobi believed in was what made the Jedi abandon their ideals in the name of political convenience.[6]

Satine approaches the dying Death Watch bomber.

As Kryze and Kenobi approached the Civil War memorial, the shrine exploded. The blast knocked down several civilian bystanders and destroyed part of the shrine. Kenobi asked Kryze if she was alright, but she brushed off her safety and ran to aid the injured. Kenobi followed her and told her that a group of vandalists was incapable of arranging an attack of that scale. Kryze suggested that it must have been an offworlder, but a hologram marker at the scene of the explosion showing the sign of Death Watch proved her wrong. Kenobi decided to take charge, ordering the Protectors to take Satine back to the palace and that all civilians present be kept at the scene for interviewing. While Kenobi helped Satine to her guard, one bystander broke from the crowd and began running. Kenobi chased after the fleeing man, and Satine followed him. Obi-Wan cornered the man on a balcony in the park. Once Kryze arrived, the man yelled in Concordian and jumped from the ledge and onto the glass below. Kryze ran to the balcony edge and looked over, wincing at the sight of the man writhing on the cracked floor. Accompanied by Obi-Wan, Satine descended to the level below, where she approached the dying man and held his hand. The man spoke to her in his native language and she responded in kind, comforting him in his final moments.[6]

Warriors from the past[]

"But why target me?"
"You lead the Council of Neutral Systems, thus you threaten the Separatists' goals. Take it as a compliment. Someone very powerful is working towards your downfall."
―Satine Kryze and Pre Vizsla — (audio) Listen (file info)[6]

Duchess Satine introduces Obi-Wan to Governor Vizsla.

Having recognized the terrorist's dialect as Concordian, Kryze and Kenobi decided that it would be best to investigate the moon themselves and find Death Watch before they could carry out another attack. Kenobi's plan was for him to accompany the body as it was sent to the moon, but Kryze pointed out that Concordia was a province and that she would have to accompany him to set up a meeting with Governor Vizsla. The two arranged a transport and left Sundari for Concordia. En route to the moon, Kenobi questioned whether or not it was an agricultural world, as he believed it to be. Kryze explained to him that before the Civil War, the moon had been converted to a mining-based economy at the cost of the native forests, which had recently begun growing back as the mining facilities were shut down.[6]

Once their ship landed on the moon, they were met by Governor Vizsla. Kryze introduced Kenobi to the Governor, who Kryze also identified as one of the leading officials in the investigation of Death Watch. With the body of the terrorist unloaded, Vizsla left to tend to the body. Kryze was stopped from following him by Kenobi, who asked that the duchess keep Vizsla occupied during their scheduled dinner. Kryze asked where he planned on going, and he replied that he was interested in looking at the mining facilities in private. Kenobi gave Kryze an earpiece so that the two could stay in contact if anything went wrong. The Jedi took a speeder bike from the hangar and left for the mines.[6]

Kryze and Vizsla talk over drinks.

Kryze arrived at the dining room as Vizsla was writing a condolence letter to the dead man's family and making arrangements for the body. Kryze lied to Vizsla that Kenobi would join them later on because he needed to meditate. As they had drinks before dinner, Kryze questioned what purpose the Republic or Confederacy had for spreading rumors that she was amassing an army. Vizsla simply replied that it was Death Watch, but Kryze believed that an external force was behind Death Watch's recent campaigns. Vizsla believed that it would have to be a leader of the Confederacy and told her that as the leader of the Council of Neutral Systems, she was a major hindrance to the Separatists' plans.[6]

Meanwhile, Kenobi had located one of the defunct mines and found it to be completely operational and developing weapons and armor similar to that of the terrorist who attacked the Republic Cruiser. As he searched the mine he was attacked by a member of Death Watch and taken hostage. As he was held in suspension on a production line, he contacted Kryze through her earpiece. Kryze responded to him in conjunction with Vizsla to keep herself inconspicuous. Kenobi instructed her to follow the tracking beacon on his comlink. Vizsla noticed something was off, but Satine managed to leave the room by suggesting that fresh air would do her good. Once out of the room, Kryze ran to the hangar and took a bike. The duchess sped off and followed Kenobi's signal to the mine.[6]

Duchess Kryze tries to stop Kenobi from being killed in the mine.

Kryze arrived at the mine and contacted Kenobi. She asked him where he was, and he sarcastically responded that she had to listen to the loud machinery of the production line to find him. Kryze took out her earpiece and left it on a control box, which she activated to set off a disturbance alarm. The duchess snuck into the room Kenobi was being held in as the Death Watch guards left to find out what had tripped the alarm. Kryze found Kenobi on the production line, about to be crushed by the machinery. The two sarcastically argued as Satine deactivated it before he could be crushed. The two Death Watch members returned and grabbed Kryze. Kenobi, still suspended on the moving production line, called out to Kryze as he was about to be dropped into a grinder.[6]

Satine kicked a barrel onto the grinder to jam it, and Kenobi jumped from the production line and knocked out the two Death Watch soldiers. Kryze and Kenobi continued their banter as they boarded an elevator. Kryze noted Kenobi's eagerness to fight, to which he mentioned her seeming lack of concern for the fact that he could have been killed. Kryze pointed out that he wasn't killed, adding that he still hadn't thanked her. When the elevator stopped, the doors opened to reveal a Death Watch warrior standing guard. Kenobi quickly took him out, only to notice that the two had entered into a Death Watch camp.[6]

Obi-Wan and Satine narrowly escape a barrage of missiles.

A large group of Death Watch soldiers opened fire on Kryze and Kenobi. The two hid behind a large boulder near the elevator. Kenobi quipped that the two would have to stand and fight, adding that in Satine's case, just stand. Since the two soldiers in the mine had taken his lightsaber, he used a blaster from the guard he knocked out to fire at a trio of warriors flying towards the boulder, making quick work of them. He was tackled by another member of Death Watch, who Satine distracted by throwing a stone at him. The soldier fired at Kryze, who dodged the blasts and jumped behind the boulder. Kenobi took out the warrior and rushed to see if Kryze was alright. A group of Death Watch, led by their leader, advanced towards the boulder. The leader, who was in possession of Kenobi's lightsaber, removed his helmet, revealing that he was Governor Vizsla.[6]

Vizsla tossed Kenobi his lightsaber and told the Jedi that Kryze had tarnished the name Mandalorian and gave him the chance to defend her. Vizsla unveiled the Darksaber, and ancient Mandalorian weapon, and engaged in a duel with Kenobi. Kenobi managed to beat Vizsla, who ordered his soldiers to kill the Jedi. Three Death Watch warriors fired missiles at Kenobi, who dodged them with ease. The missiles turned to retarget Kenobi, who grabbed Satine and jumped down the elevator shaft before they could be hit. They landed on the ground as the missiles made impact above them, then quickly escaped the mines. As Kryze helped the limping Kenobi back to their speeders, she told him that they were on even terms, seeing as how they had each saved the other's life, but Kenobi jokingly replied that his rescue of her had been the more daring of the two. Kryze rolled her eyes at his remark as they prepared to ride their bikes back to the city.[6]

Voyage aboard the Coronet[]

"Excuse me, your Grace, are you suggesting we oppose the war on humanitarian grounds?"
"I'm going to oppose it as an affront to life itself. As the designated regent of fifteen hundred systems, I speak for thousands of worlds that have urged me to allow them to stay neutral in this war."
―Senator Tal Merrik and Duchess Satine Kryze[11]

In the aftermath of the bombing at Peace Park, Kryze ordered that the Civil War memorial be left in its broken state as a warning against pointless violence.[16] With his role in Death Watch now known, Vizsla escaped surveillance and disappeared. Vizsla's disappearance interrupted the investigations into the scope of Death Watch and their operations, but their alleged affiliation with the Confederacy led many in the Republic, including Kenobi, to believe that Mandalore would have to openly side with the Republic to stop them.[6] A proposed resolution in the Republic Senate would lead to a Republic invasion of Mandalore,[10] despite the pre-existing treaties between the two.[23] Kryze planned to travel to Coruscant to reassert her position of neutrality before the Senate and stave off the threat of an armed occupation of her world.[6]

Senator Taa attempts to stop Satine and Obi-Wan's arguing.

Duchess Kryze departed Mandalore for Coruscant aboard her personal vessel, the luxury yacht Coronet. She invited several senators to accompany her on her aircraft, including two members of the Council of Neutral Systems, Senator Onaconda Farr[6] of Rodia[5] and Senator Kin Robb[6] of Taris,[5] as well as Senator Merrik. The other dignitary, Senator Orn Free Taa[6] of Ryloth,[5] was not a member of the neutral faction.[6] In addition to Kryze's personal guard and the crew of the Coronet, a small detachment of clone troopers led by Obi-Wan and his former Padawan, Anakin Skywalker, rounded out the security forces on the voyage. Kryze did not want the Jedi and their soldiers on the ship, but they were stationed onboard at the behest of her guests. Kryze spoke with her retinue about her reasons for remaining neutral, citing her opinion that war in and of itself was an affront to life. Kenobi's support of occupation had made Kryze bitter with him, and the two became aggressive and argumentative about their opinions following the Coronet's departure.[11].

Kryze opined heavily that the Jedi were no longer peacekeepers, which Kenobi argued against in response. The duchess saw Kenobi's reasoning for the Jedi's involvement in the war to be contradictory and hyperbolic, whereas Kenobi saw Kryze as a dreamer who only listened to those who agreed with her. Despite Skywalker and Senator Taa's efforts to settle the arguing, the two remained at aggressive odds. As the arguing became a standoff, Senator Merrik suggested that they put aside politics and went to dinner. Both Kryze and Kenobi gave in, and Kryze pushed Kenobi out of her way as she left the room.[11]

Satine and Obi-Wan put aside their arguments to fight the assassin droids.

Meanwhile, in the cargo bay, two clone troopers went missing. The search team found a large shipping container knocked over and open with the contents missing. Kenobi reported to the dining room, where he asked Kryze and the accompanying senators to stay where they were until the situation was solved. While Satine and her guests stayed tensely seated at the dining table, Anakin contacted Kenobi and told him that he and the clones had located assassin probes in the cargo bay, and that one of the droids was heading up the lifts to the dining room. Obi-Wan ordered Kryze and the senators to stand back from the lift. The droid violently entered the room and killed two of Satine's Protectors, though Kenobi managed to disable it before it could reach Kryze and her court, who were backed against the dining room's large bay window. The brief moment of peace was broken quickly when smaller probe killers were ejected from the larger droid and started crawling towards towards the duchess and her retinue.[11]

While Obi-Wan did what he could to keep the droids away from the senators, Kryze took out a small but powerful deactivator pistol and fired at the probes. Kryze and Kenobi stood back-to-back as they took out the droids, easily shifting position in conjunction with each other. Kenobi questioned why Kryze was carrying a deactivator. Kryze defended herself by saying that, despite being a pacifist, she was still willing and able to defend herself, to which Obi-Wan joked that her contradiction made her sound like a Jedi. Once the droids were all destroyed, Kenobi reminisced about the swarm of venom-mites he and Kryze had encountered on Draboon during the Civil War. Kryze said that she remembered the incident and teased Obi-Wan about how he had dropped her, mentioning that she still had the scar.[11]

Holding Duchess Satine captive, Merrik murders the crew of the Coronet.

Skywalker soon found from the cargo manifest that the container that held the assassin probes had been authorized to board the Coronet under the stamp of the Senate. Using this information, he and Kenobi deduced that one of the senators had ordered the crate onto the ship. Kryze and the senators, meanwhile, had reconvened for dinner. Senator Taa noticed that Kryze was not eating, and she explained that she had lost her appetite. Kenobi soon arrived carried a dish that Taa believed to be dessert, but Kenobi revealed that he was carrying one of the small probe killers under a glass. Kenobi explained that he believed the droid would attack the duchess and everyone besides the senator who had the droids brought onboard the ship. Kryze objected to Obi-Wan's use of interrogation, but he assured her that the situation was under control.[11]

Kenobi walked around the table, where the droid displayed hostility towards Senator Farr, Senator Robb, and Kryze, but did not react to Senator Merrik. Merrik knocked the tray out of Kenobi's hand, freeing the probe. The droid scurried towards Kryze, but Kenobi used a plate to bat it away. The droid attacked Senator Farr, who panicked as Kenobi sliced it in two using his lightsaber. Using the disarray to his advantage, Merrik grabbed hold of Kryze and put a blaster to her head, then left the room with her as a hostage. Merrik brought Kryze to the bridge, where he mercilessly killed the crew. The traitorous prince took the ship out of hyperspace and contacted a Death Watch soldier. Merrik told the soldier that he had succeeded in kidnapping Satine, but that he would need help making his escape. The soldier in turn told Merrik that reinforcements were on their way. Three Confederate boarding ships entered the space around the Coronet. The ships, which were carrying B2 battle droids, lodged themselves into the Coronet's hull, where the droids were deployed.[11]

Satine holds Merrik at gunpoint.

Kenobi found Merrik and Kryze on the bridge, where he told the senator that he was under arrest. Still holding Kryze hostage, Merrik explained that he had wired the ship's engines to explode. Kryze pleaded with Obi-Wan not to try to free her when everyone on the ship's lives were at stake. Merrik left the room with the duchess, closely followed by Kenobi. Once they arrived at the Separatist boarding ships, Merrik sardonically told Kryze to say goodbye to Kenobi. Kryze, believing that it would be the last time she would ever see Obi-Wan, told the Jedi that she loved him and had loved him since their time during the Civil War. Though he didn't think it was the right time or place, Obi-Wan confessed that had she asked him to, he would have left the Jedi Order. Merrik was annoyed by the display, but as he started to leave Kryze dug her heel into his foot and freed herself from his grip, taking his blaster in the process.[11]

Merrik simply mused that even if he didn't take Satine to the Separatists, he still had the engines wired. Merrik also took note of the fact that if either Kryze or Kenobi killed him, they would prove that they were a hypocrite and a murderer respectively. Confident in his victory, Merrik dared either one of them to strike him down and prove themselves a cold-blooded killer. Before he could push the button to destroy the ship, Merrik was killed by Skywalker. Kryze threw the blaster aside and approached Obi-Wan, but before she could speak CC-2224 and the other clone forces arrived to inform the Jedi that the droids had been defeated. Satine simply told Obi-Wan that she had to return to the other dignitaries, and Kenobi responded that they would have to speak some other time.[11]

Satine and Obi-Wan speak on Coruscant.

The Coronet arrived at Coruscant soon after, where the ship docked on a landing pad. Republic Supreme Chancellor Palpatine was awaiting their arrival. The Chancellor greeted the senators as Kryze approached Kenobi. Kryze told Kenobi that it was ironic for them to be meeting again following the incident, only now once again on opposing sides. Kenobi brushed their opinions aside and told Satine that the needs of her people were what was most important, adding that they were in capable hands. Satine told Obi-Wan that his words were kind and came from a thoughtful and committed Jedi. Their arguing and confrontational attitudes gone, Kryze jokingly told Obi-Wan that she still wasn't sure about his beard. Kenobi nervously asked her what was wrong with it, and she replied that it hid "too much of [his] handsome face." Kryze smiled at Obi-Wan and walked towards the Util-313 bus with the Chancellor and the senators.[11]

Friends in very few places[]

"Let us commit our military might to defending the Mandalorian people."
"Defending? You mean to occupy our home. You would trample our right of self-determination."
"We mean to save your people."
"You will turn our planet into a military target which will bring the war to us. Mandalore must remain a neutral system."
―Supreme Chancellor Palpatine and Duchess Kryze[10]

Kryze watches Jerec's doctored testimony in horror.

Despite being betrayed by Merrik, Kryze remained steadfast in her goal to keep the Republic from occupying Mandalore. On Concordia, a member of the Mandalorian guard located the new Death Watch base, where Pre Vizsla was mobilizing his forces to invade Mandalore in the event of a Republic occupation. Vizsla planned to strike once Republic forces arrived, becoming liberators in the eyes of the people. Meanwhile, in the Republic Senate, Kryze made her appeal to the Senate against a Republic invasion. Kryze's primary ally in her case was Senator Padmé Amidala[10] of Naboo,[5] who was opposed to the resolution as well. Supreme Chancellor Palpatine pushed for an occupation, using the bombing at Peace Park and Merrik's treason on the Coronet as the basis for his claims that Death Watch was a significant threat to the New Mandalorian government.[10]

Kryze explained to the Chancellor that Death Watch was not strong enough to destabilize her government and that her forces were close to finding the leaders of the terrorist organization. Kryze reasserted her position of neutrality, knowing that occupation would only lead to more violence. Vice Chair Mas Amedda denounced her speech to be the talk of an idealist, but Kryze stated that her words, and by proxy the words of her people, came from a place of pacifism and non-violence. The Chancellor informed Kryze that his office had received a message that morning, adding that she would find it illuminating. Amedda played a testimony from Kryze's friend and Mandalore's Deputy Minister, Jerec, arguing that a Republic occupation was needed to stop Death Watch.[10]

Kryze watched the testimony in shock, then ordered that the feed be stopped. Kryze told the Chancellor and Vice Chair that Jerec would not have gone on record advocating for a Republic intervention and went on to state that her government held no secrets from the Mandalorian people. The Chancellor continued the testimony, during which Jerec stated that Kryze's government was weak and that she acted out of pride. Kryze was quick to denounce his words and demanded to speak to Jerec immediately, but the Chancellor informed Satine that Jerec had been killed in a Death Watch bombing on Kalevala earlier that morning. Palpatine used Jerec's death as a rallying point for the occupation to the distress and opposition of Kryze. Despite her pleading, the damage was done and the Chancellor ended the session.[10]

Satine shields herself as Aramis is killed in the speeder crash.

As she left the Senate building, Kryze was stopped by Obi-Wan, who had been present in the Senate chamber. Obi-Wan told Satine that he knew what had happened. Though she was grateful for his concern, Satine told him that she would be alright. Kenobi told her that he was still concerned, and went on to say that he didn't think she should make any decisions in her state of mind. Satine was confused by what he meant, and the Jedi explained that a person in her position would be hysterical, which infuriated the duchess. Kryze yelled at Obi-Wan, telling him that the Republic was attempting to impede on innocent people and that if more people were hysterical then they would be willing to speak up against the Republic as it trampled their rights. Kenobi softly told Kryze that her actions were foolhardy, again insulting the Mandalorian.[10]

Satine felt that Kenobi's words were ironic, noting that he was one to rush into battle without consideration as if on a crusade, pointedly telling him that he was, in her opinion, foolhardy. Upset and saddened by their encounter, Kryze boarded her airspeeder and departed. As Kryze's speeder left the Senate building, the navigation system failed and the transport lost control. The speeder had been wired by a Death Watch assassin sent to Coruscant to kill Satine. With the speeder accelerating and beginning to emit smoke, Kryze asked the pilot, Aramis, what was happening. Aramis ordered the Protectors on board to get Kryze off the speeder, then attempted to fly the craft closer to a platform ahead. Satine protested in fear of her friend's life, but the Protectors grabbed the duchess and prepared to jump. The Protectors formed a defensive circle around Satine, holding her in the middle to keep her from being harmed. Ignoring Satine's objections, Aramis flew the speeder as close to the rooftop as he could and the Protectors, holding Satine safe, jumped onto the building and rolled across the roof until they came to a stop. Kryze quickly got her bearings and stood up, only to see Aramis and the speeder hit a nearby building and explode.[10]

The Duchess meets with the Chancellor following the speeder accident.

The increasingly distraught Kryze met with the Chancellor and Vice Chair in a private meeting later, where Kryze was disturbed that no charges were to be filed against whoever compromised her speeder. The Chancellor, however, found there to be no evidence of tampering with the controls and instead suggested that it was simply an accident. Kryze argued that it couldn't have been an accident due to how it happened so shortly after her defense of neutrality. Amedda agreed with Kryze, though to her horror he twisted her words and made the case that Death Watch was out of control and that the Republic had to intervene immediately. Kryze protested the Vice Chair's misuse of her words but the Chancellor rendered her position useless, given that the resolution was no longer up for debate and was in the hands of the Senate. Kryze left Palpatine's office to head to the Ministry of Defense, where she planned on speaking to a contact of hers who had information that would stop the occupation from happening.[10]

Outside the Chancellor's office, she was immediately greeted by Obi-Wan, who had heard about her accident. Kryze expressed her disgust with the Chancellor and Vice Chair, but found no words to describe them. Kenobi persisted in asking if she was well, and she assauged him that she wasn't hurt in the accident, though added that she hadn't told him to keep him from worrying. Kenobi laughed and joked that she had failed to stop him. Both Satine and Obi-Wan agreed that the attack proved that Satine had enemies on Coruscant as well. Obi-Wan intuited Satine's intent to follow up on the accident herself, but she didn't waver to his protests and told him that Republic authorities were not reliable. Obi-Wan tried changing her mind about being so self-reliant, telling her that she didn't need to be alone. As Kryze tried to explain her feelings, Senator Amidala approached the two. Amidala told Kryze and Kenobi that the Senate had completed its vote on the resolution, and had decided in favor of occupation. Kryze was confused and asked when the vote, which was meant to happen the following day, took place. Amidala told the duchess that, after the attempt on her life, the Senate had accelerated the vote and decided its outcome during Kryze's meeting with the Chancellor. Kryze, extremely upset at the sudden revelation, despondently told Obi-Wan that she was right not to trust the Republic.[10]

Duchess Satine Kryze, fugitive on Coruscant.

Knowing that getting the information from her contact in the Ministry of Defense, Davu Golec, was the only way to halt the occupation, Kryze went undercover on the streets of Coruscant to meet him. In a back alleyway of Sector GL5, Golec found Kryze and gave her a tape he had found buried deep in the Evidence Facility of the Ministry. The tape was the original testimony from Jerec, which Golec explained had been tampered with and altered before its presentation to the Senate. Golec was fatally shot by the Death Watch assassin after handing Kryze the disc. Kryze took out her deactivator and looked around for the killer, but before she could find him she was surrounded by civilians and a police droid. The onlookers mistook her as Golec's murderer, and the droid reported the shooting and identified Kryze as the killer. Several police units arrived at the scene, but the terrified duchess ran before she could be arrested. Satine was pursued by both the police units and the assassin, who made attempts to shoot Satine as she ran. Using her deactivator, Kryze disabled the police droid, which fell and tripped the police following it as Kryze disappeared into a large crowd. Kryze ran into an alley, where she spotted a man getting into his speeder. Kryze used the departing man as a distraction; the police units saw Kryze enter the alleyway, then saw the speeder depart. Kryze managed to evade notice, and once she was in the clear she contacted Obi-Wan. Obi-Wan was again concerned for the duchess, who asked her friend for help.[10]

Satine turns herself in to Republic authorities.

The fugitive Satine evaded police notice while she awaited Obi-Wan's arrival. In the meantime, Vice Chair Amedda issued a public statement calling for the duchess to turn herself in to the authorities. Obi-Wan met with Satine at Monument Plaza, where the two sat back to back on a bench to avoid bringing attention to themselves. Obi-Wan asked Kryze to turn herself in, but Kryze handed him the disc and explained that it was the evidence she needed. They agreed that it had to be delivered to the Senate, but they deduced that it had been someone in the government who had doctored the recording and that it would be destroyed upon arrival if given to the wrong hands. Kryze suggested that Obi-Wan bring it to Senator Amidala, knowing that she was someone they could trust. Two clone police units started walking towards Kryze and Kenobi's position, so the two got up and reentered the city's alleyways. Kenobi asked Satine what she planned to do while he was in the Senate, and she explained that she would let herself be arrested. Obi-Wan immediately disagreed with her idea, but she assured him that it was the only way for him to enter the Senate building unnoticed.[10]

Satine reasoned that Kenobi would need a distraction so he could enter the Senate without being searched by the security forces, but he argued that he would be exempt from such probing because he was a Jedi. Kryze turned to him and told him that things were changing. Suddenly, the Death Watch assassin threw a detonator at the pair as they exited the alley. Seeing the bomb land between them, Kenobi used the Force to push Satine out of the blast radius and he fell to the ground from the explosion. The assassin walked towards Satine, who ran out into the street as Obi-Wan ignited his lightsaber and engaged the soldier in a fight. During the brawl, the assassin knocked Kenobi's lightsaber out of his hand while Kryze maneuvered around the conflict. Satine picked up Obi-Wan's lightsaber and tossed the weapon to him. Obi-Wan managed to subdue the assassin, who flew away in defeat on a jetpack. With the assailant gone, Kryze and Kenobi quickly left the scene and found a bus to the Senate building.[10]

Kryze meets with her allies, as well as her enemies, after defeating the occupation.

Once at the Senate, Kryze approached two guards stationed outside and surrendered herself. With the guards distracted, Obi-Wan entered the complex unnoticed, giving the duchess a quick nod as he walked through the doors. Kenobi managed to bring the disc to Amidala, who interrupted the current session finalizing the resolution to play the recording for the Senate. The undoctored testimony from Jerec proved to the Senate that the New Mandalorians did not need intervention from the Republic and restored faith in Satine's ability to lead. With the new information now in the hands of the Senate, an emergency session was called to revote on the resolution. The Senate rescinded its earlier approval of the occupation and Mandalore was allowed to remain a neutral state. The news that the occupation was no longer underway soon found its way to Vizsla and Death Watch, whose plans fell through and were no longer supported by the Confederacy.[10]

Freed from custody, Kryze met with Amidala, Kenobi, Skywalker, and the Chancellor and Vice Chair later at an informal meeting in the Chancellor's office. Palpatine and Amedda offered Kryze an apology on behalf of the Republic, but Kryze did not accept their apology wholeheartedly. As the others left the office to finish ratifying the Senate's decision, Kryze and Kenobi stayed behind to talk. Satine thanked Obi-Wan for all he had done, saying that his actions were what made things right, but the Jedi disagreed and told the duchess that it was her unshakeable faith and determination that stopped the occupation. Kryze questioned who was behind the mysterious factors of the situation, namely who had tampered with the recording and who had tried to convict her of murder. Obi-Wan didn't have an answer for her and simply told her that times were changing, repeating what she had said to him earlier.[10]

An unending war[]

The Duchess and the Senator[]

"I know our decision to stay neutral has caused distress in the Senate. But for many here, the fallout from your war has been too much."
―Duchess Satine, to Padmé Amidala[9]

Annoyed by their bickering, Kryze adjourns the council meeting to allow the members to calm down.

Kryze's decision to stay neutral soon brought major ramifications to her people. Satine effectively became an outsider to the Republic at large and was given no aid as trade routes became disrupted by the war and Mandalore faced supply shortages. Kryze knew that smuggling had become an issue on the planet, and asked Senator Amidala to visit Mandalore to help in finding a way to alleviate some of the issues. Amidala's visit was excitedly awaited by the people of Sundari, who gathered outside the dockyard to cheer on the senator's arrival. Kryze wanted to welcome Amidala in private and met the senator as she departed her ship. The two began discussing the crisis. Kryze recognized that the Senate was reluctant to aid Mandalore, but was reassured by Amidala that there were still members of the senate sympathetic to Mandalore and willing to help.[9]

As the two entered a speeder, Kryze asked that they put aside political discussion, as she wanted to surprise Amidala with the crowds gathered just inside the city. The crowds cheered on Kryze and Amidala, who made their way to the Royal Palace. Once at the palace, Kryze and Amidala began their formal business. The Ruling Council argued amongst themselves, unable to find a way to deal with the surge of black market dealings. Amidala noted to Kryze that Prime Minister Almec seemed overwhelmed, and Satine invited the senator to enter the discussion. The senator advised that they reject any illegal business dealings and trust in the Republic, but was quickly called a hypocrite, given that the Republic had their own issues with rising underworld operations. Satine was angered and embarrassed by the council's behavior and adjourned the meeting to let the tensions dissipate.[9]

Satine gives her personal guard instructions to help root out the origin of the epidemic.

Kryze and Amidala later attended a private dinner in the palace. Kryze inquired about Amidala's personal feelings about the ongoing war. Amidala admitted that Republic propaganda made the war seem to be in their favor, but her own sources contradicted it. She also confided in Satine that she sometimes wished she and her homeworld, Naboo, had taken up the opportunity to become a neutral state as Kryze had with Mandalore. Satine took the moment to mention her own problems with the Republic, and though Amidala agreed with her she believed that there was still hope of solving those issues. Kryze told the senator that she arranged a visit to a new hospital that had opened, where she believed that the two would be able to see true good at work. The following day, Kryze and Amidala arrived at the hospital only to find it at full capacity with a large portion of the student populace.[9]

Kryze was disturbed by the sight and demanded to know what had happened. She was informed that children across the planet had been poisoned, though the doctors had no idea what had caused the outbreak. As Amidala discussed the sudden crisis with Doctor Zak Zaz, Kryze solemnly comforted one of the ill students. Kryze and Amidala met with Almec soon after, who guessed that Death Watch was behind the outbreak. Satine disputed this claim, reasoning that Death Watch had only targeted her and her administration, not children. Almec left to speak to the Ruling Council, and Kryze and Amidala became concerned about his lack of care for the sick children, many of whom had died from the poisoning. Kryze decided to mobilize her personal guard to conduct a secret investigation into the crisis after concluding that Almec and the council would be of little help.[9]

Kryze and Amidala learn of the slabin in the children's tea.

With her guard prepared to begin their assignment, Kryze and Amidala took it upon themselves to visit the schools where the epidemic originated from. The food given to the children was tested prior to their arrival by Doctor Zaz, and there were no signs of poison. Kryze asked whether or not the bottled tea the children had was tested, but was told that the drinks were not part of the school's menu and were allowed from an outside venue. One of these drinks was tested shortly after by Zaz, and was found to contain high levels of slabin, which had become lethal from the mixture with the tea. Knowing where the outbreak had come from, Amidala and Kryze traveled to the dockyard to read the school's import log to find the origin of the tea. Once at the docks, however, they discovered that the import log had been erased.[9]

The school's superintendent, who had come along, hastily walked towards a speeder and ignored Kryze's order to stop, but was arrested by two of Satine's guards. Kryze uncharacteristically threatened the schoolmaster with violence and demanded he tell her what he knew. The superintendent told her that he had welcomed the tea as a way to cut costs and make a profit for himself, but was unaware the drinks were poisoned. He told the duchess that he had only met with an importer named Siddiq on his end of the bargain. Once Satine and Amidala located Siddiq, who worked for a shipping company elsewhere in the city, he admitted his role in the black market ring and willingly gave up what he knew, believing that he was free of consequence by his corporate contracts. He told Kryze that the tea had been imported from Mooga and showed her a shipping log to back it up. Siddiq also told them that there would be a shipment from Mooga later that day.[9]

Kryze, Amidala, and Ru-Saxon locate the base of the smuggling ring.

Kryze and Amidala, now knowing when and where to intercept the smuggled tea, undertook a discreet mission to locate the Moogan ship. Amidala and Kryze, escorted by one of the duchess' guards, enjoyed some light banter as they made their way to the dock, where they arrived just as the Moogan smugglers did. The three witnessed a customs official receive credits from the Moogans, who unloaded several crates of tea from their ship. Despite their evidence, Kryze could not convince Captain of the Mandalorian Guard Patrok Ru-Saxon of the illegal activity. Kryze accused Ru-Saxon of stalling their investigation, and she, Amidala, and the captain traveled to the docks once again, where they found two guards stationed at a warehouse. The two guards refused to comply with either Kryze or Ru-Saxon's orders and were quickly arrested.[9]

Ru-Saxon opened the door to the warehouse, where Kryze saw several Moogans and Mandalorians brewing the imported tea. The Moogans and their workers opened fire on Satine and her escort, and a firefight ensued. Ru-Saxon was shot during the fight, and Amidala had two of Kryze's guards push a storage container in front of the warehouse door. Amidala picked up a blaster and, with the two guards pushing the container into the warehouse, closed in on the smugglers, who were captured in quick succession. With the smuggling operation shut down, Satine ordered the warehouse to be burned down. Ru-Saxon protested that evidence would be destroyed, but Kryze threatened to have him arrested if he didn't do as she said. The warehouse was set aflame as a warning and an example of what fate corruption would meet on Mandalore.[9]

Kryze and Amidala met with Almec later, who they informed that Death Watch was not a part of the smuggling ring. Kryze ordered that an antidote be shipped to all schools and hospitals, and Almec was relieved that the situation was over. Kryze told Almec that the issue was far from over and that corruption still remained in the government, and he ensured her that he was setting up a committee to oversee the problem. Despite Almec's promise, Kryze remained skeptical. As she escorted Amidala back to her ship, Kryze confided in Amidala that she believed there to be corruption in the Prime Minister. She asked Amidala to send a Jedi to aid her in finishing their work, proposing that they could go undercover at the Royal Academy of Government to help root out the corrupt leadership. Amidala promised to speak with Jedi Grand Master Yoda about the request and told Kryze not to lose hope as she boarded her ship.[9]

Corruption at the heart[]

"There is only one traitor to Mandalore here, Prime Minister, and that's you! You control the black market. You have betrayed public trust and used your office to accumulate wealth and power. It's shameful."
―Duchess Satine Kryze confronts Almec[13]

Kryze, Almec, and students of the Academy greet Skywalker and Tano.

Senator Amidala held her promise to Kryze and spoke to the Jedi Council on her behalf. The Council assigned Ahsoka Tano, the padawan learner of Skywalker, to teach at the Academy. Skywalker personally shuttled Tano to Mandalore, where they were met by Kryze and Almec at the Sundari dockyards. As the Jedi's ship landed, Almec questioned the integrity of having a Jedi teach at the Academy, specifically what he perceived to be a lack of understanding of Mandalorian ways. Kryze dashed aside his concerns by saying that it wouldn't hurt to have the students be exposed to new ideas. Skywalker and Tano exited their ship, and the Jedi Knight greeted the two Mandalorians. Kryze expressed her thanks to the Jedi Council for their ability to spare the two Jedi, but Skywalker informed her that only Tano would be staying on Mandalore. Almec was taken aback by the revelation, but Skywalker assured him that Tano was capable. Relieved, the Prime Minister brought forth several students at the Academy to meet Tano, among them Satine's nephew, Korkie. Korkie excitedly saw Tano's lightsaber, but Almec informed the Jedi that her weapon would have to be taken away because of Master Kenobi's visit to the planet. Tano gave Skywalker her lightsaber, and Kryze thanked the Jedi for respecting their ways. GAR Captain CT-7567 interrupted the welcoming to inform Skywalker that they had to depart. Skywalker bid farewell to the Duchess and boarded his ship. Kryze, Almec, and the rest of the welcoming party left as well, accompanied by Tano.[13]

Satine attempts to dissuade Korkie from continuing his investigation.

While Tano taught the students about the nature of corruption in politics, Korkie and his friends Amis, Soniee, and Lagos, decided to take it upon themselves to investigate the nature of a food shortage at their school. While undercover in the warehouse district, they discovered a meeting between a hooded figure and several Gotal seemingly being protected by unmarked members of the Mandalorian Guard. The pupils were caught watching and made their escape, but not before discovering large quantities of food and recording part of the secret meeting. Once back at their dormatory, Korkie decided that they needed to speak with Satine. The students visited Satine in her private sitting room, where Korkie told his aunt about their discovery. Satine questioned how Korkie found the information, but the students disregarded her concern and told her that they needed her help to fully uncover the corruption. Satine remained unmoved, however, and told the students not to continue investigating for their own safety. Korkie was angry that Satine seemed to be ignoring the situation, but the Duchess corrected him and again asked that they let her handle the crisis. Satine walked them out and told them that they would get the chance to save the world when they were older. Despite her warning, the youths were angry that she wouldn't help them and turned to Almec for guidance. The Prime Minister told them to meet him at the Palace plaza that night.[13]

The students, instead of finding Almec, found themselves arrested by a large group of unmarked police officers. The children put up a fight but were easily defeated. Padawan Tano arrived, however, and easily took out the guards. The Jedi and her students deduced that Almec set them up, so they decided to speak with Satine as quickly as possible. The duchess, meanwhile, was kidnapped by Almec's guards from her office. The Protectors guarding her were all killed, and she was brought to prison, where she was kept in an elevated security cell. Tano and the youths found Satine's office in disarray and figured that Almec was keeping her in custody. They devised a plan to find where Satine was being held. Tano would turn the children in to Almec, and once in prison she could locate Kryze. The plan worked, and Tano learned that Almec was preparing a statement about a conspiracy by Satine and the students against him. Tano found the duchess's cell, and using a Jedi mind trick was able to access the controls and free Satine. Once free, however, Satine warned Tano that it was a trap, and Almec entered the room with several guards.[13]

With Satine and Tano in custody, Almec plans to have them charged with conspiracy against him.

The treasonous Prime Minister told Tano that his guards were playing along with her plan, then had the Jedi stunned. Almec had written out a confession of treason for Satine, which he demanded she sign. Kryze angrily confronted Almec for his traitorous ways and realized that he was responsible for the sumggling and growth of the black market on Mandalore. Almec laughed at her, then explained that he had established the black market on Mandalore for the people. Tano told the Prime Minister that he was wrong, but Almec continued and said that the black market had created a new economic benefit for humanitarian aid. Kryze disputed his claim by pointing out that there was no new aid and that he had reaped the benefits from his crimes for himself. Almec had a shock collar put on Kryze, then pushed a button on the control panel that sent electric shocks throughout the duchess's body.[13]

Despite the pain, Satine did not waver and refused to sign the confession. Almec ordered that the cadets be brought to the chamber in order to convince Kryze. Almec told one of his guards to put a collar on Korkie. Before Korkie could be submitted to torture, Padawan Tano broke from her captor's grip and took out several guards, as did the children. Tano removed Kryze's shock collar and placed it on Almec, who ordered his guards to stop fighting. Satine sent for her personal guards, who arrested Almec's police and placed him in the holding cell she had been kept in. With Almec in custody for his crimes and the crisis over, Kryze thanked Tano for her work and hugged Korkie. Satine, Korkie, and the other students later escorted Tano to the dockyard, where Skywalker arrived to pick up his student. Tano bid farewell to Korkie and silently nodded to Satine, who watched as the Jedi left Sundari.[13]

Attempted peace[]

"Stop this!"
"We would ask you to respect that we deal with this matter ourselves."
―Satine attempts to stop a group of Confederate delegates from silencing Lux Bonteri[31]

Duchess Kryze attends Senator Farr's funeral.

Though she had adamantly stood by her neutrality in the war, Satine continued to have a presence in the Senate. As the war began to take a heavy toll on the funds of the Republic, several members of the Senate began pleading for an increase in the production of clone troopers and the deregulation of the banking system. Senator Amidala was staunchly opposed to the bill and began negotiating for peace with a friend of hers, Confederate Senator Mina Bonteri. The peace talks broke down after droids under the command of Confederate General Grievous bombed the Coruscant power grid and Bonteri was allegedly killed in a Republic attack. The strike on Coruscant dramatically swung many senators in support of deregulation and the bill was swiftly passed. Subsequently, Kamino Senator Halle Burtoni put forward the motion to increase clone trooper production. Despite the setbacks, Senator Amidala remained headstrong. Satine was present in the senate chamber for a speech made by Senator Amidala in opposition to the bill, where the senator argued that an increase in military spending came at the expense of social services. Amidala's speech, a touching and passionate defense of basic social amenities that suffered as a result of the war, received rousing support from many of those present, including Kryze.[32]

Although Amidala's speech was well-received, Burtoni's bill was passed. Amidala and her ally, Senator Farr, put forward their own motion aimed at preventing Burtoni's bill from taking place. Duchess Satine met with the two and their allies as they were attempting to secure votes, but left while Amidala took a call from Senator Stonk. Later on, however, Farr died of what appeared to be heart failure. Still on Coruscant, Kryze attended the funeral[33] of her fellow Council of Neutral Systems member.[11] Kryze was flanked by two Journeyman Protector guards as she solemnly listened to a eulogy spoken by Farr's aide Silood. After the eulogy, the mourners watched silently as Farr's body was loaded onto a Consular-class cruiser and ferried back to his homeworld. The vote on Farr's bill was postponed when his death was identified as murder. Though his murderer was later discovered and arrested, the legislation he and Amidala had worked hard to pass was defeated.[33]

Duchess Kryze hosts a peace conference between Republic and Confederate delegates.

In 20 BBY,[34] a peace conference was sanctioned by both the Republic and Confederacy. Mandalore was chosen to host the meetings as neutral ground, with Duchess Satine moderating the event as an arbitrator. Each government sent a trio of representatives to take part in the conference. The delegates from the Republic were Senators Amidala, Bail Organa, and Mon Mothma, and representing the Confederacy were[31] Congress Leader[5] Bec Lawise, Senator Voe Atell, and Senator Amita Fonti. The precarious meetings were to be held in Kryze's throne room.[31] Though Kryze had laws restricting weaponry allowed in Sundari,[13] each delegation was allowed to be accompanied by security forces, which, for the Republic, included Padawan Tano. The conference was filled with tension, with the Republic delegates unwilling to fully engage with the Confederacy's negotiations, which included declaring the Separatist state legitimate. The meeting took a turn when, while Senator Atell was pressuring Amidala on the legitimacy of the Separatists, the meeting was interrupted by Lux Bonteri, the son of the late Mina Bonteri.[31]

Bonteri announced that he had something to say regarding the legitimacy of the Separatists, creating a stir amid the two delegations. While the representatives whispered among themselves, Bonteri approached Duchess Satine's throne. He bowed before the duchess, who with a silent hand wave and a nod allowed him to speak. Once Bonteri had taken up a podium, however, he angrily accused Count Dooku of murdering his mother, earning a quick and equally angry refutation from Senator Lawise. Lawise had Bonteri arrested by two commando droid units, though Kryze stood up and ordered that they stop. Senator Atell asked that Satine remain out of the matter, and Bonteri was taken away. Senator Amidala allowed Tano to go free Bonteri, but his rescue led to a firefight between the Separatist and Republic forces accompanying their representatives, and the peace negotiations quickly broke down.[31]

A mournful Duchess Satine attends Kenobi's fake funeral.

Not long after the failed peace conference, Obi-Wan Kenobi purportedly perished at the hands of the bounty hunter Rako Hardeen. A funeral for the fallen Jedi Master was hosted in the Jedi Temple on Coruscant. The funeral was attended by many of Kenobi's friends and comrades, including Satine. During the procession, Satine stood with Senator Amidala and Padawan Tano to her left and Jedi Master Shaak Ti to her right. Kryze openly cried during the service, utterly distraught at the apparent death of the man she loved.[35] Unbeknownst to those outside of the Jedi High Council, Kenobi had survived his encounter with Hardeen and was impersonating the assassin in the hopes of bringing to light and hopefully stopping a plot to assassinate Supreme Chancellor Palpatine. While undercover, Obi-Wan used[36] Kryze's old nickname for him, Ben,[25] as a codename. Obi-Wan's mission was ultimately successful, and upon its completion his survival was made public.[36]

Fall of Mandalore[]

Beginning of the end[]

"Listen, Duchess. Do you hear the people? They cry out for change. Your weak-minded rule of Mandalore is at an end. The resurrection of our warrior past is about to begin!"
―Pre Vizsla, to Satine Kryze[37]

In the aftermath of Almec's arrest and the brief chaos he created,[13] Mandalore returned to a state of peace with Kryze's guidance, albeit an uneasy one.[18] Despite having been in exile after their exposure on Concordia and abandoned by the Confederacy, Death Watch still wished to topple Satine's government.[38] Pre Vizsla had gone mad during this period,[5] during which Death Watch had been relegated to a criminal gang operating in the Outer Rim.[31] His luck took a turn when he encountered the renegade Sith Lord Maul and his apprentice Savage Opress, both of whom had been on a spree of chaos across the Outer Rim and recently escaped from a fight with Obi-Wan, who Maul had a personal vendetta against.[38] Kenobi had fought Maul during the Naboo Crisis in 32 BBY[2] and severed his legs, which sent the Sith Lord into a spiral of madness he had only recently emerged from.[39]

Vizsla helped Maul and Opress recover from their injuries and the two forged an alliance with Death Watch after learning that they shared numerous enemies, including Kenobi and Dooku. They began plotting to depose Duchess Satine, a vital move that would give them the power to take out their various nemeses. Vizsla wanted to take on Kryze directly, but Maul took over his plans and decided to build a larger alliance with several crime syndicates, including Black Sun, the Pyke Syndicate, and the Hutt Clans. Maul also altered the plan to take into account the over two thousand neutral systems under Kryze and Mandalore's affiliation, which they would could use to build a vast underworld empire. With their criminal alliance, the Shadow Collective, intact, Maul and Vizsla began preparations to overthrow Satine and use her as bait for Kenobi.[38]

Attack on Sundari[]

"Join me and let us defend Mandalore against these criminals. We need action, not pacifism."
"Do not listen to him! His war will cause the end of Mandalore as we know it!"
"We are under attack! There is no time for discussion!"
―Vizsla confronts Satine in front of the crowds[37]

Pre Vizsla confronts Satine in Sundari.

The Shadow Collective's forces soon arrived to Sundari, first attacking the shipping docks. Their plan was to undermine Satine's rule by sowing chaos and destruction across the city, only for Death Watch to enter the fray and "rescue" the people of Sundari from the criminals.[37] The plan was similar to Vizsla's original takeover plan with the Confederacy, which Kryze had inadvertently halted by defeating the Republic occupation.[10] Maul's forces at the docks easily overwhelmed the guards stationed there and took hold outside the city. News of the attacks spread quickly, and the Mandalorian people became nervous and demanded Kryze take action. Satine herself was first informed of the attacks by Armatan. Satine believed that Death Watch was behind the sudden violence, but was told that it was a crime syndicate acting alone.[37]

Sundari's law enforcement was unable to fend off the numbers of the Shadow Collective and the criminal armies began advancing on locations across the city, including Peace Park. While her forces did what they could to stop the Shadow Collective's spread, Duchess Satine addressed a large crowd outside her palace. Satine asked the people to remain calm and reassured her constituents that the attackers were merely thugs. Her attempt at easing the crowd was ineffective, and just as she finished speaking Pre Vizsla and two other members of Death Watch arrived to confront her, among them her estranged sister Bo-Katan. Vizsla called out Satine in front of the crowd, telling the people that Satine had led them to ruin. Kryze's Protectors moved to guard her from Vizsla, but the duchess ordered them to stay back. Satine questioned Vizsla on whether or not he was behind the attacks, but he replied that he was not. He turned to the crowd and told them that he had a solution to ridding the city of the gangsters who threatened them. Vizsla told the people that they were at war and that siding with him was necessary to win it, adding that Satine's pacifism had failed. Satine tried to dispel Vizsla's claims, telling the crowd that his "war" would lead to the end of Mandalore as they knew it.[37]

Armatan warns Satine that Pre Vizsla had entered the palace.

Vizsla once again used his passionate rhetoric with the crowd, telling them that there was no time for discussion and that they needed to take action. As he lifted from the ground on a jetpack, he yelled out that the name Mandalore should strike fear into the hearts of the gangsters. The crowd began chanting his name, and a distraught Satine was left to watch her peaceful citizens turn their support to Vizsla. With the people now looking to Death Watch for help, Maul and Vizsla began the next stage of their plan. Death Watch started countering Maul's forces, "arresting" the leaders of the crime families. The chanting of Vizsla's name from the crowds outside the royal palace only grew louder, and as the Shadow Collective and Death Watch continued their coup, Vizsla prepared to confront Satine personally.[37]

Kryze was warned by Armatan that Vizsla had entered the palace, but the desolate duchess did not try to stop him, knowing that her support had dwindled to a loyal few. As Vizsla and his warriors entered the throne room, Satine's guards drew their weapons. Satine told them to stand down, pointedly remaining strong in her desire to not be provoked to violence by terrorists. Vizsla told Kryze that the people wanted change and that her "weak-minded rule" of Mandalore was at an end. With no one else to stop him, Vizsla had his men arrest Satine, the Mandalorian Protectors, and the remaining members of the Ruling Council. In a speech to the crowds outside the palace, Satine's sister Bo-Katan told the people that Satine and her fellow leaders had fled, then presented the "captured" leaders of the Shadow Collective as proof of Death Watch's strength while Vizsla had himself named the new prime minister.[37]

Deposed by Death Watch[]

"Duchess, Pre Vizsla and his men have entered the palace. Should we stop them?"
"How can we? The people are on their side now."
―Armatan and Satine[37]

In prison, Satine was held in a cell adjacent to Almec, who was still incarcerated for his crimes. Many members of Satine's administration were killed for their loyalty to her, while others chose to join Vizsla to avoid punishment. Satine tried to compel the guards walking past her cell that Mandalore was heading towards its destruction, though the only response she got was from Almec. Almec snidely inquired whether or not she was in for a visit or if peace had betrayed her. Satine lamented that peace only existed in the mind of the faithful. Almec replied that faith had been the greatest disappointment to her, but Satine countered that it only disappointed when it was broken, using his actions as prime minister as an example of how he had betrayed the trust of both her and the people. Almec told her that she had betrayed his trust in turn, saying that his actions were made because he believed she had led the people to destitution.[37]

Almec claimed that what he did, despite being illegal, was what kept her in power. The powerless Satine told him that it was an error of judgement, that corruption was not the answer to the sacrifices the people made for their freedom. Almec simply joked that Satine should enjoy her freedom, adding that she had plenty of time to tell him all about it. Meanwhile, Vizsla, now in control of Mandalore, betrayed Maul. Vizsla revealed to the Sith that he had no intention of expanding to the other neutral worlds, then had him apprehended. With Maul in custody, Vizsla addressed a crowd outside the palace, telling them that Satine had abandoned the people and that her pacifistic ideology only encouraged aggression. Using Maul as an example, Vizsla told the crowd that his actions were the consequences of pacifism, and that by abandoning Satine's principles, they could defend themselves in the future.[37]

Satine is questioned by Maul and Savage in prison.

Maul and Savage were brought to prison, where they easily broke out and began searching the cells for someone who would help them retake Mandalore from Vizsla. Maul approached Satine's cell and asked whether or not she was the former duchess. Satine asked what he wanted with her, but all she got in reply was that he would have a use for her in time. He told her that he wanted to know where the other leaders of Mandalore were being held. Satine remarked that he should have known, given that many had either sided with Vizsla or been killed. She told Maul that all there was left was she and Almec, saying the latter was as corrupt and vile as they were. However, that was more than enough reason for Maul to approach the man, learning from him he was the former prime minister.[37]

Satine tried to reason with Maul that Almec was not to be trusted, citing his crimes to try and dissuade the Zabrak. Savage ordered Satine to be quiet as Maul and Almec formulated a plan to remove Vizsla from power. Maul planned on challenging Vizsla to a duel, knowing that as a warrior he would not refuse. Almec was freed by the Sith Lords, his place now secured as Vizsla's successor, leaving Satine alone to lament Mandalore's fall. Maul, Savage, and Almec then left for the palace, where Vizsla accepted Maul's challenge. After a lengthy fight, Vizsla was beaten by Maul and accepted that the Sith had earned his place by winning. Maul brutally beheaded Vizsla then claimed the Darksaber and his place as ruler. Bo-Katan and a small group of Death Watch, distraught by Vizsla's death, refused to accept Maul's claim and fled the palace.[37]

Reunion, rescue, and recapture[]

"This is a message for Obi-Wan Kenobi. I've lost Mandalore. My people have been massacred, and Almec is now the Prime Minister. I can't explain everything now but Almec has the support of the crime families. Obi-Wan, I need your help."
―Her allies and options diminishing rapidly, Kryze sends a desperate transmission to the Jedi Temple[3]

Korkie and Bo-Katan free Satine from prison.

With Vizsla dead, Almec became the public face of the Mandalorian government. Almec falsely claimed to the Mandalorian people that Satine had murdered Vizsla and was under arrest for it. The crowd supported Almec despite his past crimes, and Maul had begun building his steps towards a large criminal empire.[37] As Maul began to settle into his new power, a small group consisting of Satine's loyal followers and Death Watch dissidents mounted an attempt to rescue the duchess. The resistance was led by Korkie and Bo-Katan, who had decided to reconcile with her estranged sister to rid Mandalore of Maul. After entering the prison, Korkie forced a member of Maul's forces to open Satine's cell at blaster point. When the soldier opened the door, Satine harshly asked what the traitor wanted. Suddenly, Korkie killed the warrior and proudly told Kryze that he would never betray her. Elated to see her nephew, Satine ran up and hugged Korkie, but another warden spotted the pair and aimed his blaster at them. As they raised their hands to surrender, however, Bo-Katan shot the guard, startling Satine. Kryze turned to see her sister, who removed her helmet. Recognizing Bo-Katan, Satine sternly stated that it had been a long time since they last saw each other. Korkie reassured Kryze that Bo-Katan was on their side, but she questioned why she had chosen to help. Bo plainly replied that the enemy of her enemy was her friend. Satine, hopeful, told her that there was once a time when they weren't enemies, adding that that time could come again. Taking charge, Satine told her family that they had to go.[3]

Satine, Korkie, and Bo-Katan met up with the rest of the rescue party outside the prison, including Lagos, Soniee, and Amis, waiting with an airspeeder. Satine asked Korkie for his comlink, knowing that contacting the Jedi Council was their only option. Korkie informed her that frequencies were being jammed and they wouldn't have a signal unless they left the city. Satine told Korkie's classmates that they were taking a major risk in trying to free her, and the group boarded the speeder. They were quickly followed by Maul's forces, who Bo-Katan and her warriors left to deal with. One of Maul's soldiers hit the airspeeder, causing it to malfunction as it neared the docks. The speeder crashed into Hangar 1 and the resistance engaged in a firefight with the oncoming commandos.[3]

Satine and Korkie ran towards the edge of the dockyard to establish a connection to his comlink. While Korkie fired at the Death Watch soldiers attempting to capture Kryze, she began recording her transmission. She asked that the message be given to Obi-Wan, telling him that she had lost Mandalore and that Almec was in power. Korkie was incapacitated as Satine finished recording, and the duchess was surrounded by Maul's warriors. Kryze again asked Obi-Wan for his help before being arrested once more. Though Satine was taken prisoner, Bo-Katan, Korkie, and the rest of the rescue party managed to escape. At the royal palace, Almec informed Maul of Satine's transmission. Maul had planned for Satine to reach out to Obi-Wan, and mused that her actions had only brought him closer to his goal.[3]

Satine makes her second escape from prison with Obi-Wan's help.

At the Jedi Temple on Coruscant, Jedi Masters Yoda and Ki-Adi-Mundi called Obi-Wan to a private meeting to show him Satine's message. The Jedi denied Obi-Wan his request to help, reasoning that since Death Watch was no longer in league with the Confederacy and Mandalore was neutral, the coup against Kryze was an internal affair. Kenobi, wanting to help his friend, decided to break orders and go to Mandalore in secret. Obi-Wan borrowed a ship from Anakin, the Twilight, and disguised himself in a bounty hunter outfit so he could leave Coruscant unnoticed. Upon landing at the docks at Sundari, he stole the armor of one of Maul's soldiers and infiltrated the city with ease. He made his way to the prison and opened the door to Satine's cell. Satine unknowingly believed that it was one of Maul's followers and snidely asked if he was there to do more of his master's bidding.[3]

Kenobi removed his helmet and quipped that he did his own bidding. Seeing him, Kryze rushed from her seat and embraced him. Upon asking, she learned that Kenobi had come alone, and that the Jedi and Republic would not be of any help. Taking Kryze by the hand, Obi-Wan looked outside the cell to see if their path was clear. The two made their way to an elevator, where Satine asked him if he had a plan. Just as he replied that he did, the door to the lift opened they were met by one of Maul's soldiers.[3] Kenobi pushed Satine onto the elevator and pretended that she was still his prisoner, a scene that was reminiscent of their time on the run during the Mandalorian Civil War.[14] After a few moments of silence, the soldier questioned if there was a prisoner transfer, but was knocked out by Kenobi before he could figure out what was happening.[3]

Satine and Obi-Wan are flung from the Twilight during their escape attempt.

Outside the prison, Obi-Wan lightheartedly asked Satine if she would mind whether he stole a speeder parked nearby. Satine joked back that since the speeder was government property, it was technically hers to begin with, which made Kenobi smile. Speeding towards the docks, Obi-Wan told the duchess that their escape brought back memories, though Satine reminded him that they had had many bad memories together. Obi-Wan told her that some were pleasant, and Satine replied that she hoped this one would be among them. As they closed in on the docks, a large group of Maul's warriors were alerted to their escape and had followed them. The soldiers were joined by Maul and Opress themselves, who wanted to see Kenobi taken in personally. Once Kenobi and Kryze reached the Twilight, Obi-Wan skidded the speeder to a halt and both he and the duchess quickly ran towards the ship. Evading heavy blaster fire from Maul's warriors, Satine and Obi-Wan made their way aboard the Twilight. While Kenobi prepped the ship for takeoff, Satine told him that they needed to contact her sister, who she knew would send reinforcements. Obi-Wan had never heard of Bo-Katan before, and asked who her sister was. Satine simply explained that she was a member of Death Watch.[14]

Before Obi-Wan could respond, the Twilight was hit by two missiles as it began its ascent. As the burning ship malfunctioned and spiraled in the air, Satine and Obi-Wan quickly abandoned the cockpit and went to the boarding ramp to flee. When Kenobi opened the ramp, however, they were met with fierce winds and Satine was lifted from her feet and swept towards the ground below. Before she could be flung from the ship, however, Obi-Wan grabbed hold of Satine at the bottom of the ramp. Obi-Wan could hold his grip for only a few seconds before the two were hurled from the spiraling ship to the ground below, narrowly escaping it's destruction. After the hard landing, Satine briefly looked back to Obi-Wan but turned back when the Twilight exploded, sending shrapnel and debris across the docks. A large piece of debris landed on top of the barely-conscious Kryze. Once he got his bearings, Kenobi used the Force to lift the large piece of metal off of Satine, who tried to sit up but lost consciousness. Maul confronted Obi-Wan as Opress picked up the duchess, and the two were carried to the palace.[3]


"Remember my dear Obi-Wan, I loved you always... I always will."
―Satine Kryze's last words[3]

Satine dies in Obi-Wan Kenobi's arms.

Kryze and Kenobi were brought before Maul in the Sundari throne room, where Satine was made to kneel beside the throne. Maul taunted Kenobi, lifting and choking Satine with the Force while Obi-Wan watched, unable to help. Obi-Wan at first struggled against his captors as Satine was hurt by Maul, who preyed on the Jedi's love for the duchess and used her as bait to his dark emotions. Satine, still under Maul's grasp, begged Obi-Wan to not listen to the Sith Lord's words, only to be silenced by Opress. Obi-Wan assured Maul that the Sith could kill him, but his resolve would never be broken. Kenobi tried to identify with Maul, bringing up the his horrific past, which angered the Sith Lord.[3]

A furious Maul remarked that the perfect tool for his vengeance was now available to him, and that he could finally watch the Jedi Master suffer as he had. Drawing the Darksaber, Maul tightened his grip on Satine and forcefully pulled the duchess towards him, impaling her with the ancient saber as Obi-Wan watched in despair. As Maul dropped Satine's dying body to the floor, Kenobi rushed to her side and gently held her. Holding the side of his face, Satine professed her unyielding love for Obi-Wan in her dying breath before passing away in his arms.[3]


Shadow of the duchess[]

"Maul's influence on Mandalore is destroying my people! He murdered their ruler, my sister. I thought she meant something to you."
"She did, and still does. But I cannot allow my feelings to cloud my judgement."
―Bo-Katan tries to convince Obi-Wan to help her retake Mandalore[23]

Obi-Wan fights alongside Bo-Katan as he makes his escape from Mandalore.

Just as Satine died, Obi-Wan felt a growing inner turmoil as he processed what happened. Obi-Wan was at first sorrowful that Satine would never live to see her world and people thrive or be able to look back on the good she had done for them, but his sorrow became anger as he focused on Maul and the fact that she should never have become involved in their struggle. For a moment, he found a desire to murder Maul, Savage, and Almec in cold blood for their roles in Satine's murder. Maul was amused by his anger, and this led Obi-Wan to realize that in doing so he would become something Satine would never have wanted him to be. Refusing to give in to his anger, Kenobi told Maul that he wouldn't win this way before being hauled out of the throne room to prison,[14] where Maul hoped he would break under his misery with Satine's death.[3]

As Obi-Wan was being transported to prison, his escort was intercepted by Bo-Katan. Bo-Katan helped Obi-Wan escape Sundari, which had fallen into chaos as the remains of Death Watch shattered over Maul's rule. Bo-Katan hoped that Obi-Wan would inform the Republic of Maul's actions on Mandalore, despite the fact that it would lead to a Republic invasion.[3] Obi-Wan told Bo-Katan that bringing war to Mandalore would be against Satine's wishes, but she explained that Satine's devotion to Mandalore meant the late duchess would be willing to do anything to save her people. As he was preparing to leave, Obi-Wan came to the realization that Bo-Katan was Satine's sister, and he apologized for her loss as they parted ways. Shortly after returning to Coruscant, Kenobi anxiously prepared to give the Jedi Council his testimony about what had happened on Mandalore. Speaking with Anakin, Obi-Wan confided that he felt anger like he never had before because of Kryze's death.[14] Later in the war, Obi-Wan mentioned his relationship with Satine while questioning Anakin about the nature of his connection to Senator Amidala. Hoping to get Anakin to open up about his feelings, Obi-Wan resonated with his former student, reminding him that he had harbored feelings for Kryze prior to her untimely demise.[40]

Maul's murder of Satine effectively delivered a fatal blow to what remained of her regime.[41] With both Kryze and Vizsla dead[5] and his takeover of the throne complete, Maul and his loyal Mandalorians began suppressing the citizens of Sundari.[41] Bo-Katan, meanwhile, led a resistance movement against his forces.[23] Maul's rule was briefly interrupted by his former Sith master, Darth Sidious, who killed Opress and removed Maul from Mandalore for his own purposes.[3] Maul later managed to escape custody and began a campaign against the Confederacy of Independent Systems. The Mandalore resistance learned of the continued relationship between Prime Minister Almec and the Collective and informed the Jedi and Republic. After confirming that Maul had ties to Mandalore and was holding several key Separatist leaders hostage, the Republic led an assault on Vizsla Keep 09, a Death Watch base where Maul was in hiding. Obi-Wan was among the Jedi in charge of the assault, but his fellow Jedi, knowing of his close ties with the late Kryze, feared that he would be overwhelmed by emotion. Though Kenobi assured his colleagues that he would not fail, the Jedi were unable to capture Maul or the Separatist leaders.[42] Maul would later lose his conflict with the Confederacy and return to the shadows.[43]

By the end of the Clone Wars, Obi-Wan had come to accept his feelings for Satine, but struggled to balance his relationship with her and his duties as a Jedi. Bo-Katan and her Nite Owls continued to track Maul's movements, and as the Clone Wars neared its end they discovered that he had returned to Sundari. During her time following his trail, Bo-Katan also came into contact with Ahsoka Tano, by then no longer a Jedi, who herself had discovered Maul's return to Mandalore. Knowing that she didn't have the numbers to retake Mandalore alone, Bo-Katan struck an alliance with Ahsoka and managed to contact Obi-Wan and Anakin to arrange a meeting to discuss sending Republic aid to help them oust Maul.[23] Despite his prior commitment to helping Mandalore,[14] Obi-Wan was reluctant to send aid, continuously stating that they would need the approval of the Jedi Council, reasoning that an invasion would break the century-old treaties between Mandalore and the Republic.[23] Another issue was the ongoing Outer Rim Sieges, which spread the Republic army thin and made it unfeasible to gather an invasion force.[41]

Bo-Katan apprehends Almec on the steps of Satine's throne.

Obi-Wan's unwillingness to send aid angered Bo-Katan, who reminded him of what Maul had done to Mandalore. Bo petulantly referenced Obi-Wan and Satine's relationship, pointing out that she thought Satine meant something to Obi-Wan. Kenobi remained stagnant in not committing to helping Bo-Katan, but told her that Satine still meant something to him, though he added that he wasn't going to let his feelings for her cloud his judgement. As he left to consult the Council, Bo angrily told Ahsoka that asking for help was a waste of time. With some quick negotiations, Ahsoka managed to secure a division of clone troopers to take to Mandalore to help Bo-Katan oust Maul from the throne. They managed to enter Sundari with relative ease, quickly taking strides to take hold of the city.[23]

Although Maul remained elusive and difficult to locate, Bo-Katan managed to easily defeat Almec and take him into custody,[23] where he was later assassinated by Gar Saxon. The New Mandalorian people were uncomfortable with the clone presence, but were assured that, once Maul was arrested, the Republic army would leave the planet. Soon after the citizens of Sundari were evacuated into shelters, Maul's warriors were defeated by Bo-Katan and Ahsoka's forces in a decisive battle.[44] Ahsoka herself managed to capture the former Sith Lord, who was placed in an ancient Mandalorian vault. Ahsoka, upon seeing the device, questioned whether or not Satine had outlawed such devices, which Bo-Katan says she had. With Maul imprisoned and the Shadow Collective fragmented, it seemed that Mandalore could rise again with Bo-Katan as their new leader, leading the Mandalorian people into a new era just as Satine had.[26]

Age of the Empire[]

"I had my chance to rule, and I failed. I am not my sister. I am not the leader you seek."
―Bo-Katan Kryze[8]

Just as Mandalore was freed from Maul's grip,[26] the Clone Wars came to a tumultuous end as the Republic finally crumbled after years of fracturing and the Confederacy lost its leadership and power in quick succession. Supreme Chancellor Palpatine declared himself Emperor and reorganized the Republic into the Galactic Empire. Under Emperor Palpatine's new rule, the Jedi were nearly wiped out, leaving survivors such as Obi-Wan,[45] Ahsoka, and the escaped Maul as fugitives.[26] Among those who died during the chaotic end of the war was Kryze's friend, Senator Amidala.[45] Using the clones left on Mandalore, the Empire began an occupation of the planet. Bo-Katan and several other warrior groups refused to acquiesce to the Empire's rule, and she was removed from power.[8] With Bo-Katan no longer recognized as the ruler of Mandalore, Gar Saxon took the mantle of leader as Imperial Viceroy.[46] The Mandalorian Protectors, meanwhile, established a base on the third moon of Concord Dawn and safeguarded the system on the Empire's payroll.[47] In his self-imposed exile, Obi-Wan took the name "Ben Kenobi,"[48] echoing the nickname Kryze had given him during the Mandalorian Civil War.[25]

The Mandalorian Protectors, once charged with protecting Satine.

In the years following her death,[8] Duchess Satine continued to be a polarizing figure.[22] While some, like Bo-Katan and the leader of the Protectors, Fenn Rau, remembered Satine's rule fondly, others,[8] such as those who descended from Death Watch,[47] continued to hold her in contempt.[8] Tensions between these groups persisted even under the Empire.[47] Years before the early rebellion against the Galactic Empire, a young cadet at the Imperial Academy of Mandalore named Sabine Wren developed a superweapon that became the Arc Pulse Generator. Wren,[8] whose clan was once part of Death Watch,[47] cruelly nicknamed the weapon "the Duchess" after Satine. She developed the weapon to target the beskar alloy used in Mandalorian armor and disintegrate the soldier inside, taking it as a challenge to her abilities since beskar was widely regarded as indestructible. After finding out that the Empire had not only weaponized her design but tested it on her people, Sabine was horrified. Although she sabotaged the original prototype, Wren, who subsequently became an outspoken detractor of the Empire, was exiled by her family and eventually joined the Spectres, a rebel cell led by Hera Syndulla.[8]

In 3 BBY,[49] the Protectors of Concord Dawn came into conflict with the Spectres, who were trying to secure safe passage in the system. When Fenn Rau and the Protectors learned that Sabine was a member of Clan Wren, they accused her of being part of Death Watch even though she denied it. After Rau was taken prisoner by the rebels, the Protectors relented and allowed the nascent rebellion access to their space.[47] About a year later,[50] the rebellion lost contact with the Protectors, who had been wiped out by Viceroy Saxon and his Supercommandos.[51]

Maul kept a painting of Kryze as part of a twisted shrine to his longstanding vendetta against Obi-Wan.

By 2 BBY[52] the aging and mentally unstable Maul had transformed the Nightsister lair on Dathomir, the homeworld of his brethren,[53] into a sanctuary for himself. Among a large collection of items from his life, Maul had under his possession a stolen cubist painting of Satine.[54] The painting was heavily defaced, with the eyes and throat of Kryze scratched out and the overall artwork in poor condition. The portrait was kept in a twisted shrine to the Darksaber and Maul's decades-long vendetta against Kenobi,[53] memorializing the slaying of his enemy's beloved.[54]

That same year, Maul lured young rebel Ezra Bridger, one of Sabine's crew, to Dathomir in order to find the location of the exiled Obi-Wan from the young boy. Ezra briefly explored Maul's lair, where he saw Satine's painting and looked at it for a moment. Maul growled at him to get away from the shrine, and the two began a ritual to find the location of Obi-Wan. In the subsequent skirmish between the Spectres and Maul to free Ezra, Sabine took the Darksaber from the former ruler of Mandalore.[53] Maul later managed to track down Obi-Wan on Tatooine, where he was defeated by the Jedi Master during a brief lightsaber duel. Despite all he had done to his enemy, Maul was comforted in his final moments by Obi-Wan.[48]

Even by 0 BBY, the year of his death,[2] Obi-Wan continued to carry guilt and blamed himself for failing Kryze and every other person he truly loved. While talking with the Force spirit of Qui-Gon Jinn, Kenobi was comforted by his old master, who reassured Obi-Wan that the responsibility for his failure was Jinn's own for not having completed his training.[55]

Sister begets sister[]

"I accept this sword for my sister, for my clan, and for all of Mandalore."
―Bo-Katan accepts the Darksaber in honor of Satine[8]

Now in possession of the Darksaber, Sabine was trained by Rau to wield the ancient weapon, which they believed they could use to help rally Mandalorians against the Empire. Sabine and Rau traveled to Krownest, where they attempted to gain the support of Clan Wren in their fight against the Empire. During their mission, Sabine's mother, Ursa Wren, the leader of Clan Wren[46] and a former member of Death Watch,[23] killed Gar Saxon, which led to war between Clan Wren and Clan Saxon, who were staunchly in support of the Empire.[46] Because Clan Wren openly dissented from the Empire, they were backed by the Alliance to Restore the Republic,[8] a resistance movement themselves embroiled in war against the Empire.[2] The Spectres, by then a part of the Rebel Alliance, joined Sabine and Clan Wren to fight for Mandalore.[8]

Bo-Katan Kryze raises the Darksaber to rally support against the Empire in honor of Satine.

Sabine continued to wield the Darksaber as the Spectres and Clan Wren began striking at the Imperial forces on Mandalore, who were led by Tiber Saxon. Wren and Rau's efforts eventually gained support from Bo-Katan and her Nite Owls. Sabine attempted to give Bo-Katan the Darksaber, reasoning that she was more worthy to wield the blade, but Bo-Katan refused to accept the weapon, believing that she was unworthy since she failed to live up to her sister and lead her people following the Clone Wars. Despite her refusal, Bo-Katan continued working with Sabine and Rau. Their fight was brought to a halt with the news that the Empire had recreated the Arc Pulse Generator and had begun using it on members of Clan Wren in battle. Bo-Katan was disgusted that the weapon had been named after Satine, viewing it as an insult to her late sister's memory, and Sabine herself had come to regret the decision. Bo-Katan and Sabine managed to destroy the weapon, after which several Mandalorian clans reassured Bo-Katan that they were willing to follow her as their leader. Bo-Katan decided to accept the Darksaber[8] and claimed the throne[56] once again, rallying support against the Empire in the name of her sister.[8]

Bo-Katan's open war with the Empire would not lead to victory.[57] In the midst of the Galactic Civil War between Imperial forces and the Alliance to Restore the Republic,[2] the Empire realized that they could not control Mandalore, and instead decided to make sure that no other faction could. The Empire launched what would become known as "The Great Purge" against the Mandalorian people.[57] An immense armada of Imperial craft bombed the surface of Mandalore, destroying the planet once and for all in an event called the "Night of a Thousand Tears."[56] The genocide[58] led to the destruction of the entire civilization of Mandalore.[56] Bo-Katan was among the few survivors of the Purge, but she lost the Darksaber to Imperial Moff Gideon during the conflict.[57] In the aftermath of Mandalore's decimation, surviving Mandalorians fled and scattered throughout the galaxy.[58]

Even following the fall of the Empire to the Alliance to Restore the Republic's successor state, the New Republic, in 5 ABY,[2] what few Mandalorians remained operated in secret.[58] By 9 ABY,[59] Bo-Katan believed that she was the last of her family and, with her Nite Owls, continued to fight against Imperial remnants, intent on reclaiming the Darksaber from Gideon and returning to Mandalore.[57] Like her sister before her,[22] Bo-Katan became controversial in what remained of Mandalorian society. Although Bo-Katan was still seen by some as the rightful ruler, others felt that her claim to the throne was illegitimate and based solely on her bloodline. Some of her detractors held the Kryze clan in contempt,[56] such as the Tribe, a covert Mandalorian group who belonged to the cult-like Children of the Watch, an organization who practiced the ancient religion of Mandalore and the warrior traditions[57] that had been phased out under Duchess Satine's rule.[6] They asserted that Satine and Bo-Katan had both lost their way and led House Kryze into ruin, simultaneously taking Mandalore down with it.[56]

Continued remembrance[]

At some point after her death, the Drearian Defense Conglomerate named a model of its Defender sporting blaster pistol after the late duchess, the Satine's Lament. One of these was put to good use by the daughter of Kryze's friend Amidala, Leia Organa.[60] Also at some point following her demise, accounts of Duchess Satine's life and struggles were depicted on a series of illustrated maps by the Ithorian artist Gammit Chond. Although he was a recluse, Chond based his maps on stories he heard from travelers, including stories of Kryze's rule and various other notable events in Mandalore's history. Much of Chond's artwork was stored in the Shadow Stacks of the Graf Archive on the moon Orchis 2 until a student archivist exhumed the set.[2]

Personality and traits[]

Duchess of Mandalore[]

"Satine wanted peace. She wanted to stay out of this war. But she was not a fool. The war has come, and if she were still here, she would do anything to protect her world."
―Bo-Katan Kryze[14]

The burden of peace cost Duchess Satine everything.

Satine Kryze was a human female who stood 1.77 meters tall, or 5 feet and 10 inches.[5] Kryze had shoulder-length blond hair,[3] striking blue eyes,[25] and pale skin, along with a slender build and defined features.[22]

Strong-willed and ambitious, Duchess Satine was an avowed pacifist and was committed to nonviolent action throughout her rule of Mandalore. Satine adopted her pacifistic ideology following the immense destruction and loss of life caused by the Mandalorian Civil War.[17] Satine's rule was marked by cultural change as she navigated the formerly martial Mandalore to a period of peace and prosperity it had never before experienced.[6] Kryze's ideals centered on the need for change[17] and a desire to keep her world from falling prey to conflict.[15] She believed that Mandalore's violent culture was the root of its problems[17] and that war was an intolerable state, viewing it as an affront to life itself.[11] Kryze was so devoted to her cause that she valued peace more than her own safety and well-being.[6]

Even with her ambitious goals, however, Satine was unwilling to push others to align themselves with her and instead acted only with the help and consent of her constituents.[14] Satine's fight for her planet's best interests was not without casualty, and the stubborn duchess risked alienating those closest to her and struggled to keep her relationships from falling out.[10] Despite her personal struggles and the threats levied against her, she cared deeply for her people and remained convinced that change was Mandalore's only hope for a future.[17] Kryze was a gentle and benevolent ruler,[61] but was willing to do whatever it took to protect her people in the face of adversity.[14]

Although Satine's reform of Mandalorian culture and government was popular with the citizens of Mandalore[15] and welcomed by others in the galaxy,[6] she faced a serious obstacle in the terrorist group Death Watch. Intent on proving Mandalore's peaceful ways to the Republic, Satine refused to believe that they posed a threat and for a time saw them as just a group of vandals.[6] Even after their exposure as a militia bent on ending her reign, Kryze believed that they would not willingly harm the Mandalorian populace and disagreed with claims that they were behind the mass poisoning of school children during the Clone Wars.[9]

Two of Satine's trusted advisors and friends, Governor Pre Vizsla of Concordia and Senator Tal Merrik, were part of Death Watch and betrayed her during the Clone Wars.[12] Kryze saw Vizsla as an honorable man before his betrayal,[6] though even afterwards she believed that he was incapable of harming innocents and, like the rest of Death Watch, would only target her and officials in her government.[9] Kryze was blindsided by the betrayal of Merrik,[11] one of her oldest friends.[12] Satine had trusted Merrik and appreciated his loyalty, but didn't realize his true intentions until it was too late.[4] Although Merrik threatened to destroy the Coronet and everyone on board, Satine couldn't bring herself to kill him when she had the chance.[11]

Though stubborn and resolute in her beliefs, Duchess Satine was devoted to her people's prosperity above all.

Kryze kept herself headstrong by raising an eyebrow at everything around her in the name of her people's well-being.[17] The corruption that seeped through her government following her choice to remain neutral troubled her, and she blamed herself for letting it happen in the first place. The revelation that the smuggling had brought on an epidemic that largely affected the children of Mandalore brought out a strict and emotionally impulsive Kryze. Determined to root out the black market and stop it in its tracks, Satine uncharacteristically threatened both the school administrator and Captain Ru-Saxon with violence and punishment if they disobeyed her orders, even ignoring Senator Amidala's pleas for her to calm down. Satine was not unwilling to criticize her government, and expressed her opinion that she and those who worked with her had failed to protect their people during the crisis.[9]

Satine believed that the best way to ensure future action against corruption was to educate the children and future generations of Mandalore.[13] Kryze, who was young herself when she first began her work with the New Mandalorians,[18] felt that the Mandalorian youth would benefit from learning new ideas and had to be taught to hold their leaders to account if their world was to continue to prosper. To Satine, any form of corruption in Mandalore's leaders was an act of treason on par with terrorism. The betrayal of Prime Minister Almec,[13] whom Satine had suspected of corrupt practices but was willing to give the benefit of the doubt,[9] outraged and hurt the duchess most.[13] Almec had abused his position of authority to accumulate wealth and power for himself at the cost of the people's well-being,[5] which Kryze saw as the ultimate betrayal of their trust.[37]

Throughout the Clone Wars, Duchess Satine foiled and outsmarted her enemies time and again, but her luck ran out when Vizsla aligned himself with Maul.[5] The arrest of Almec had brought both Kryze and Mandalore back to a state of relative peace,[37] but Death Watch's Shadow Collective-backed coup was effective in turning public opinion against Kryze's regime. Satine tried to convince her people that she would see them out of the chaos, but Vizsla's nationalistic fearmongering led the people of Sundari to side with him. Fighting a losing battle, Satine willingly surrendered to Vizsla in order to keep her beloved people from having to face more bloodshed. Even to the end of her rule, Satine was determined to avoid allowing herself and her government to be provoked to violence.[37]

Views on the Republic and the Jedi[]

"The contamination of greed reaches deep and far within the Republic. Corporations, trade guilds, too many senators serving their own interests."
―Duchess Satine on the Galactic Republic[9]

Although she was a member of the Republic, Satine often disagreed with the government's actions.

Duchess Satine's reform efforts during the Mandalorian Civil War were supported by the Galactic Republic. Following her victory and the installment of the New Mandalorian government, Mandalore became a member of the Republic. Despite this, Satine was an active voice against the Clone Wars and found herself at odds with the Senate's interests. Kryze's opposition to the Clone Wars stemmed from her devotion to nonviolence and she opposed the war for everything it represented.[11] Satine's beliefs led her to a hard-line stance on sovereignty, advocating for planets and systems across the galaxy to choose self-determination instead of blind loyalty to governments such as the Republic.[10] Her vocal opposition to the Clone Wars inspired several hundred worlds to place their trust in her to champion their neutrality, which she was successful in accomplishing as the Regent of the Council of Neutral Systems.[11] Satine characterized both the Republic and Confederacy as being overrun by extremists, and urged those who would listen to her to follow in Mandalore's path and de-escalate the war by refusing to contribute to it.[25] Many in the Republic saw Kryze's inaction as ignorant, with even Obi-Wan opining that the stubborn Satine was not willing to collaborate with those she disagreed with.[11]

Satine believed that the Republic was beyond saving[9] and likened it to an oppressive force intent on trampling the rights of its constituents.[10] On the nature of the Senate itself, Satine decried the body as incapable of creating good counsel and believed that it could not accomplish anything other than discord.[11] Kryze had a particular distaste for the policies of Supreme Chancellor Palpatine and Vice Chair Amedda. Kryze distrusted the Republic to the point that she put her life in danger to obtain Deputy Minister Jerec's undoctored testimony just to avoid working with Republic authorities.[10]

Although she felt that the Republic at large was contaminated with greed and corruption, Kryze made a friend in Senator Amidala, one of few senators to stand by Mandalore's neutrality and provide aid as trade routes became inaccessible to the planet.[9] Though Satine was friendly with Amidala, the two were politically unallied due to Mandalore's neutral stance.[4] Despite her misgivings with the war,[10] Kryze was willing to allow the failed Confederate-Republic peace conference to be held on Mandalore, and even moderated the event in her throne room.[31]

In addition to her opposition to the Republic's militarist activities, Kryze also denounced the militant actions taken by the Jedi Order. During her time under the protection of Master Qui-Gon Jinn and then-Padawan Obi-Wan, Satine witnessed firsthand the peacekeeping nature the Jedi ascribed to themselves and knew them to be devoted to their cause. By the time of the Clone Wars, however, Kryze viewed the Jedi differently. Satine saw the Jedi's political affiliation with the Republic and their involvement in the war as a betrayal of their core values.[11] In her opinion, the Jedi had sacrificed their ideals for political convenience.[6] Kryze described their reliance on violence to solve conflicts as foolhardy and compared their actions to a pseudo-crusade,[10] though she admitted that they came from a place of devotion and commitment to the Order, albeit misguided. Satine found it amusing and ironic how the Jedi adopted the attitudes and titles of military officers while promoting themselves as peacekeepers, and called out both Kenobi and Skywalker aboard the Coronet for doing as such.[11]


Clan Kryze[]

Satine: "Bo. It's been a long time."
Korkie: "It's okay, Auntie. She's on our side now."
Satine: "Why are you helping now?"
Bo-Katan: "The enemy of my enemy is my friend."
Satine: "There was a time when we weren't enemies. Perhaps that time has come again."
―Satine, Korkie, and Bo-Katan[3]

Satine cared deeply for her nephew Korkie.

Satine was close with her nephew Korkie and was very protective of him and his safety. Korkie sought to help Satine with her struggles during the Clone Wars and protect the New Mandalorians in kind. When Korkie and his friends uncovered Almec's treason, they attempted to appeal to Satine and get her help, but the duchess was concerned that they were becoming too involved and that their safety was at risk. Satine's desire to keep her nephew safe came across as belittlement to Korkie, which only made him more willing to rebel against her wishes and continue investigating. Even when tortured by Almec in prison, Satine tried to keep Korkie from suffering like her and protested the traitorous Prime Minister's attempt to put a shock collar on him.[13] Korkie remained loyal to his aunt and her ideals as the Clone Wars continued, even as Maul and Pre Vizsla's takeover of Sundari took place. When Satine was deposed and imprisoned, Korkie led a rescue attempt to free his aunt, who was overjoyed to see him alive and well.[3]

Korkie's attempt to rescue the deposed Satine reunited the former duchess with her estranged sister, Bo-Katan, whom she affectionately called "Bo."[3] Although Satine and Bo-Katan were close when they were younger[19] and sincerely loved each other, their fierce ambitions[17] and differing opinions about Mandalore's future estranged them[19] and made them polar opposites in nearly every way. Where Bo-Katan couldn't understand Satine's idealism, Satine couldn't understand her sister's devotion to the perceived honor of the old ways[61] which had destroyed their world.[15] Both Kryzes wanted what was best for their world but disagreed completely on what that meant.[5]

Though they were driven apart, each sister continued to care about the other in their own ways.[17] Satine was alarmed to see her sister during her rescue, who in the intervening years had become a leading member of Death Watch. Korkie and Bo-Katan reassured the duchess that they were working together.[3] Though their reunion stemmed from having a common enemy in Maul,[61] Satine believed that she and her sister could reconcile their differences and become friends again, though her death soon after the failed rescue mission dashed that future.[3] Bo-Katan, despite her estrangement from and opposition to Satine, was devastated by her sister's death,[62] and over time came to respect her late sister for her ambition despite still not understanding her idealism.[8][61]

Obi-Wan Kenobi[]

"I've loved you from the moment you came to my aid all those years ago." []
"Had you said the word, I would have left the Jedi Order."
―Satine Kryze and Obi-Wan Kenobi — (audio) Listen (file info)[11]

Satine Kryze first met Obi-Wan Kenobi during the Mandalorian Civil War, when he and Master Qui-Gon Jinn were sent to protect her from her enemies. The trio spent nearly a year on the run, living without knowing what the next day would bring, and the young duchess and Padawan began to develop feelings for each other.[11] Satine's idealism and hope for the future of her planet inspired and intoxicated the youthful enthusiasm of Obi-Wan.[25] Though they came to love each other, neither acted on their feelings, and by the time the war ended,[11] they parted without knowing what their lives could have been had they stayed together.[25] Both Kryze and Kenobi looked back on their whirlwind relationship with regret, but they also felt relief at who they eventually grew into.[5] In her later years, Satine did not hide her feelings for Obi-Wan and recognized that, despite their complicated past, he was an important part of her life, and she would never be able to forget him if she tried.[17]

Satine and Obi-Wan's many shared hardships strengthened their bond.

The two were reunited amid the Death Watch insurgency during the Clone Wars and managed to find their old rapport despite the long time they hadn't seen each other. At first, Kryze was cold to Obi-Wan, believing that he was acting in the interests of the Senate, but once corrected, she softened significantly and opened herself up to him. Though their reunification was fraught with the dangers of Death Watch, they teased each other relentlessly, often with romantic undertones. Their camaraderie was strained again when Satine learned that Obi-Wan favored a Republic occupation of Mandalore, and they devolved into petty bickering and arguing over their differing politics. His resoluteness saddened her as he seemingly cared little for her planet's sovereignty, which she had long fought for.[6]

Satine and Obi-Wan's anger at each other peaked aboard the Coronet, where their arguments turned into a physical standoff. Once they came under attack from the probe droids, however, they put aside their differences and fought side-by-side again. As the situation escalated and Kryze was taken captive by Prince Merrik, the duchess broke from her stalwart facade and confessed to Kenobi that she had loved him since the civil war and still did, and he admitted to her that he would have left the Jedi Order for her had she simply asked. Despite opening up to each other about how they felt for the first time, they didn't get a chance to speak about it further as Satine had to focus on her diplomacy.[11] In her struggle to preserve the peace and neutrality she had brought to Mandalore, Kryze inadvertently pushed Obi-Wan away, but he remained at her side even through her anger and difficulty with Republic officials.[10]

Though the two made up after Satine won continuing neutrality, they continued on with their chosen paths as friends.[10] After she was deposed and imprisoned by the Shadow Collective, Satine knew she had to contact Obi-Wan for help and did so during Korkie and Bo-Katan's failed rescue mission. Kenobi disobeyed orders to rescue her, and she was elated to see him.[3] They maintained their flirtatious banter even in the extreme circumstances and reminisced about their history together as they sped to escape Sundari.[14] However, their escape was thwarted by Maul's forces, and they were brought to the palace, where he staged his long-sought revenge against Obi-Wan with Satine as his tool. Kryze used what little strength she had to tell Kenobi to stick to his beliefs, and with her dying words affirmed her love for him.[3]

Skills and abilities[]

"One can only survive the rigors of courtly formalities for so long."
"We are of the same mind."
―Both Senator Amidala and Duchess Satine often enjoyed the dangers they faced[9]

Satine riding a Mandalorian speeder bike.

Despite her pacifist principles and abhorrence of violence, Kryze had some skill in combat and could hold her own in a fight. When freeing Obi-Wan from the mines on Concordia, Kryze was attacked by a pair of Death Watch soldiers, and she managed to hold them back on her own before Obi-Wan intervened.[6] She was a sly combatant, displaying as much during her trip to Coruscant aboard the Coronet. While fighting off the assassin droids, she and Obi-Wan weaved together back-to-back seamlessly, and she managed to grab Senator Merrik's blaster from him by stamping his foot then pulling herself out of his grasp in one swift move. Kryze was additionally capable of engaging in armed combat[11] and had good aim with a blaster.[10] When questioned about her choice to carry a deactivator by Obi-Wan, Satine reasoned that even though she was a pacifist, she wasn't unwilling to defend herself.[11] Despite the dangers she often faced, the duchess enjoyed the adventure and risk she was involved in when it did not affect her people at large.[9]

As the ruler of Mandalore, Duchess Satine was strong-willed and determined, with proficiency in leadership, politics, and diplomacy.[5] She was a gifted speaker and showed strength in analyzing her surroundings. She could even hold her own before the Galactic Senate when under pressure from Supreme Chancellor Palpatine and Vice Chair Amedda.[10] Due to the constant threats made to her life, she was a resilient woman and could withstand conditions as extreme as electric torture.[13] Among her other abilities, Kryze could drive speeder bikes[6] and could evidently fly spacecraft; during Obi-Wan's failed attempt to rescue her from imprisonment, she was prepared to co-pilot the Twilight but was forced to evacuate when the ship was damaged.[3] Satine was crafty as well and was able to correctly program the controls of the Concordia mine to free Obi-Wan from near death.[6]


"Do you always carry a dectivator?"
"Just because I'm a pacifist doesn't mean I won't defend myself!"
―Obi-Wan questions Satine's choice to carry a deactivator pistol[11]

As the ruler of Mandalore, Satine knew of the optics of her appearance and always took care to present herself with dignity and poise.[14] Kryze fashioned her hair in a Kalevalan style and, in her wardrobe, made significant use of soothing[5] and rich colors with floral-inspired designs meant to emulate the forests and lakes that once populated Mandalore's surface. Her elegant clothing,[14] which rivaled that of even the infamously elaborate wardrobe of Padmé Amidala,[25] was not worn out of vanity but was strategically chosen to reflect Mandalore's past beauty and remind those who saw her of what the planet once was and what it could still be.[14] Despite her staunch pacifist stance, Kryze always carried a deactivator hold-out pistol, a small but powerful blaster that fired energy shots that could deactivate droids.[11]

Satine Kryze was the owner of the luxury yacht Coronet.

Shortly after her ascent to the throne, Duchess Satine became the owner of[63] the Nau'ur-class yacht[64] Coronet, a custom-built spaceliner manufactured by Kalevala Spaceworks. Built on Kryze's homeworld of Kalevala, the Coronet was designed with Satine's pacifist ideals in mind. The ship's distinctive design heavily reflected the hope that Mandalore would finally begin to prosper under her leadership. Elegant, versatile, and non-threatening in appearance, the Coronet expressed the qualities the new Mandalore looked to project to the galaxy with Satine as its leader. The craftsmanship of the Coronet was as utilitarian[63] as Kryze's clothing;[14] the ship made heavy use of materials and traditional fabrics from all over the Mandalore sector and was meant to showcase all that the Mandalorian people had to offer the galaxy.[63]

The upper section of the Coronet was home to Satine and her traveling retinue and included various amenities for the royal guests. The Coronet was staffed by numerous servant and protocol droids, including LEP-series service droids[5] and the more-advanced BD-3000 luxury droid. Though the ship's primary purpose was to be used as Kryze's personal transport for her and those that comprised her court, Satine ensured that the Coronet was not just a plaything of the elite but also a cheap mode of transportation for unwealthy travelers. The Coronet was a unique example of a vessel that combined functionality with an economic and political purpose. As a transport ship, Kryze's yacht allowed both Mandalorians and tourists passage throughout the Mandalore sector, which proved beneficial to the economies of several Mandalorian worlds, including Mandalore itself. Even after the fall of the Kryze and the New Mandalorians, the Coronet continued to serve the Mandalorian people.[63]

Behind the scenes[]

"I think characters are interesting when you care about what they do and where they're going. Satine's place in the Star Wars universe definitely has strong roots in the story because of her past with Obi-Wan, but she can also stand on her own as a character so that you want to see what she'll do next. That's what drew me to her."
―Anna Graves on the character of Satine[65]

Satine Kryze first appeared in "The Mandalore Plot," the twelfth episode of the second season of the animated television series Star Wars: The Clone Wars. The episode was directed by Kyle Dunlevy, written by Melinda Hsu and Drew Z. Greenberg,[6] and first aired on January 29, 2010.[66] "The Mandalore Plot" was the first in a trilogy of episodes, which also included "Voyage of Temptation"[11] and "Duchess of Mandalore."[10] Initially, "Voyage of Temptation" was the only planned episode of the trilogy, however, George Lucas and Dave Filoni decided to expand upon the character of Satine and the Mandalore story-arc, leading to the development of the "The Mandalore Plot" and "Duchess of Mandalore."[65]

The idea to give Obi-Wan Kenobi a romantic interest in The Clone Wars came from story editor Henry Gilroy. From the conception of the character the team behind the show always intended to have Satine killed off.[67] Satine's design was based off of unused concept art of Queen Padmé Amidala for Star Wars: Episode I The Phantom Menace illustrated by Iain McCaig.[68] She was inspired by Cate Blanchett, particularly her performance as Queen Elizabeth I, whom she portrayed in Elizabeth and Elizabeth: The Golden Age. Henry Gilroy, who came up with her name, denied she was named after Nicole Kidman's character in Moulin Rouge!, who was the love interest of Ewan McGregor's character. Dave Filoni said he did not realize that initially, and said, "I still wanna question Gilroy about that, because I'm like, 'Come on, really? I mean, out of all the names, really?' It's pretty weird, I'll give you that."[69]

In The Clone Wars, Satine was voiced by Anna Graves.[6] Graves was drawn to the character because, despite her deep connection to the story of Obi-Wan Kenobi, Satine stood out to Graves as someone who wasn't reliant on the narrative of another character to shine. Although initially unaware of the history and culture of the Mandalorians, Graves educated herself upon landing the role. By the time of recording, Graves understood the importance of her role and was "excited to speak in the Concordian dialect." Following Filoni's direction, Graves tried to deliver some of Satine's speeches with the same gravitas as Blanchett's performance as Elizabeth I. She also used the bickering relationship between Princess Leia Organa and Han Solo in Star Wars: Episode V The Empire Strikes Back as a basis for her voice work, wanting the character of Satine to challenge Obi-Wan as much as Organa challenged Solo.[65]

Early plans of the Star Wars Rebels episode "Twin Suns" featured Maul experiencing visions of both Kryze and Savage Opress before facing Obi-Wan Kenobi on Tatooine.[70]

In her entry in the Encyclopedia, Satine's homeworld was listed as being Mandalore.[4] However, Tal Merrik's Databank entry correctly lists her homeworld as Kalevala.[1]



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