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Saturday Night Live (often abbreviated SNL) is a comedy-variety TV series created by Lorne Michaels. It has aired new episodes on NBC since 1975. Over the years, the show has included a number of sketches tied into the Star Wars films, often featuring various cast members.



Both Carrie Fisher and Frank Oz had parts in the 1980 SNL film The Blues Brothers.


In the February 16, 1993 episode, Obi-Wan Kenobi (Phil Hartman) appears to Luke Perry in the opening monologue.[1]




Billy Dee Williams played a bartender in the 2000 SNL film The Ladies Man.


A sketch was produced but cut from a 2001 episode, in which the crew of the Death Star participates in Casual Friday.[3]


In the January 12, 2002 episode, Daryl Hammond plays George Lucas, who addresses fan concerns over the upcoming Star Wars: Episode II Attack of the Clones. The sketch also featured Obi-Wan Kenobi (Seth Meyers), Mace Windu (Tracy Morgan) and NSYNC (played by various actors, including Jimmy Fallon).[1]



In the March 4, 2006 episode, Natalie Portman hosted and appeared in a rap video. At one point in the video, she signs an autograph for a child who is dressed as Padmé Amidala.[1]



  • In the November 21, 2015 episode, there is a new version of the Star Wars auditions, this time featuring cast from The Force Awakens.[1]
  • In the December 12 episode, there is a mock commercial for Star Wars toys, in which adult collectors are parodied.[1]


In the January 16, 2016 episode, Adam Driver reprises his role as Kylo Ren (disguised as "Matt") in a sketch that parodies Undercover Boss.[1]


Felicity Jones hosted the January 14, 2017 episode. In her opening monologue, she interacts with Kenan Thompson as Saw Gerrera and a hologram of Tina Fey.[5]



  • Adam Driver hosted the January 25, 2020 episode.[12] Driver follows up the Undercover Boss sketch by playing Kylo Ren (now disguised as "Randy") in Undercover Boss: Where Are They Now.[13]


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