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"This business is called Savi and Sons Salvage, not My First Priority Is My Other Job."
―Savi, to Vi Moradi[src]

Savi's Workshop was a store located in Black Spire Outpost on the planet Batuu. It was operated in secret by Savi and the Gatherers, a group of Jedi admirers who hoped to bring balance to the Force by teaching people the ways of the Jedi Order and helping them create their own custom lightsabers. Because the First Order occupiers of Batuu were not fond of the group's ideals, the store was operated in secret, with Savi & Son Salvage being the name advertised to the public.[2]

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Savis Workshop entrance SWGE

The "Savi & Son Salvage" store front

Savi's Workshop is one of the gift shops at Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge, where visitors at the park can buy custom lightsabers.[2]


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Savis exterior concept art

Concept art of Savi's exterior

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