A savorium plant

The savorium herb was a kind of plant made by the Ithorian botanist Zorneth and another botanist, a Human named Klorr Vilia. When eaten, it would replace one's mind with nothing but peace and joy, and would give the consumer a new sense of submission and lack of inhibitions. Those under the influence of the herb were often referred to as Smilers due to the perpetual grins on their faces. It is said to be given the term "slave drug" considering slavers, pirates and other criminal personnel would have favored its mind-altering abilities.

After Klorr had tried it, Zorneth wanted to mass-produce it so everyone would be happy. However, Vilia sacrificed himself to destroy all of the savorium herbs.

There were rumors of savorium herb still existing, involving secret harvesting plantations in the galaxy, but it was unproved.



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