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"Let it be his 'free choice,' if that's what he wants to believe…but he's walking to his doom!"
―Savuud Thimram[src]

Savuud Thimram was one of Emperor Palpatine's trusted Dark Side Adepts. A Human male from Chandrila, Thimram was personally trained by the Emperor on the Deep Core world of Byss and became one of Palpatine's most faithful servants. He boasted particular skill in use of the dark side of the Force, wielding numerous Force powers to his advantage. Thimram was present on Byss when the Jedi Knight Luke Skywalker was captured and brought before the Emperor in 10 ABY.


Savuud Thimram, a Human male, was born to a wealthy family on Chandrila, but when Emperor Palpatine of the Galactic Empire sensed his Force-sensitivity, he was spirited away from his homeworld and taken to the Deep Core planet of Byss. There, he was trained by the Emperor himself, who warped young Thimram's mind, turning him into a faithful and fully loyal servant to him and his new Dark Empire. In his position as a Dark Side Adept, Thimram held less power than members of the Imperial Inquisitorius, but still exerted considerable influence. While on Byss, Thimram was equipped with a Force pike and a dark side talisman. At some stage, he took on an apprentice—a young woman from Alderaan who had been lured to Byss by promises of wealth and luxury.[1]

In 10 ABY,[4] Thimram was stationed at the Emperor's Citadel on Byss with another Dark Side Adept, Gwellib Ap-Llewff. A Jedi Knight and member of the Alliance to Restore the Republic, Luke Skywalker, had been captured by the Empire, and was to be brought before Emperor Palpatine, who by this time was inhabiting a clone body. A Universal Energy Cage brought the captive to the Citadel, where he was received by Thimram, Ap-Llewff, and several other Dark Side Adepts. Upon exiting the cage he had been held in, Skywalker attacked several of the Adepts with the Force, claiming that he would enter the Citadel of his own volition. Thimram was amused, and he ordered Ap-Llewff not to hurt Skywalker, but to keep him covered on his short journey to Palpatine's location.[3] Later that year, Palpatine was definitively killed, and Byss was obliterated by the Galaxy Gun superweapon.[5]

Personality and traitsEdit

Thimram made sure that the Emperor's orders were executed with swiftness and efficiency. As a result, he became one of the most feared and powerful individuals within the Galactic Empire.[1] Thimram was amused by the way in which Skywalker conducted himself while on Byss, and was highly derisive of the Jedi's ability to act in accordance to his own free will.[3]

Powers and abilitiesEdit

In order to obtain whatever he wanted, Thimram would utilize the power of the dark side of the Force to great effect. He had the ability to perform mind tricks, Drain Energy, Telekinesis, Force Concealment, and he could also see into the future. In addition, Thimram was able to cast Force lightning and was telepathic.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

The character of Savuud Thimram first appeared in issue 2 of the Dark Empire comic series, written by Tom Veitch. He was later identified by name in the Dark Empire Sourcebook, written by Michael Allen Horne.



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