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The Saw-toothed grank were carnivores native to the Gungan Swamps of Naboo.

They were a medium-sized species of predator/scavenger with sharp teeth and powerful jaws. They were the main predators of shiros, capable of breaking through the shell with their large, crushing jaws; sometimes, though, shiros that had formed symbiotic "shiro-trap" relationships with tooke-trap plants could easily camouflage themselves from granks and certain other lethal predatory animals.

They would also occasionally hunt narglatch cubs, though they would fear predation from adult narglatches.

Gungans found the taste of granks very appealing and would fry them. The toenails of granks were used to create Bongo engine parts, while their meat was a delicacy served in high-end restaurants. To hunt, they sensed vibrations through their hair from both the air and ground.

On Coruscant, imported saw-toothed granks are sold as zoo animals. Sometimes, like other imported non-sapient creatures to Coruscant, granks will escape and, like Coruscant's escaped imported Anoobas, they will range the lower levels of the city planet and feast upon meat-type garbage and unfortunate fellow living lifeforms.



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