Uueg Tching's Sayings

The Sayings were a series of scrolls composing a collection of the didactic and gnomic precepts of the 54th emperor of the Kitel Phard Dynasty on Atrisia, Uueg Tching, from the Third Atrisian Period. Uueg's wisdom regarding the strategic use of power, diplomacy and espionage was admired thousands of years later, throughout the whole galaxy.

Scribes recorded Uueg's pronouncements, originally private communications to his heirs. The scrolls were written in black ink, with marginal comments in another hand in red. These were believed to be in Uueg's own handwriting.

Around 1500 BBY the Sayings were converted into a print form for the Atrisian nobility as a propaganda effort by the then-Atrisian emperor. In 539 BBY the texts were placed in public databases and reproduced in a limited printing by the Atrisian Parliament, which had wrested power away from the emperor. However, in 1 BBY the Galactic Emperor requested the original scrolls from Atrisia. They were briefly displayed at the Imperial Museum on Coruscant before disappearing into Palpatine's private vaults. In 6 ABY, as the New Republic's forces approached Imperial Center, the scrolls were loaded with much of the rest of the Emperor's collection on shuttles sent toward the Deep Core. Several of these shuttles never reached Byss but, whether the Sayings were amongst those artifacts which survived the destruction of that planet was unknown. In 11 ABY Corellia Antilles speculated in an address to the Galactic Museum that the recovery of the scrolls would greatly aid the New Republic in obtaining the support of the Atrisian Commonwealth.

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