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The sc'rath, or scimitar, was a weapon favored by the Togorian people, especially by the males who shunned sophisticated technology. Expertly crafted, individually made scimitars fetched a handsome price when exported from Togoria.


Mezgrafs Sc'rath

Mezgraf's scimitar, covered in T'surr-blood.

Every Togorian clan or tribe had their own distinctive blades. Some were powered weapons, similar to vibroblades. More traditional Togorians preferred simple, muscle-powered sc'rath. The Yil clan was famous for their crystalline blades, which were powerful conductors of electrical energy. In combat, Yil scimitars inflicted an electrical shock on opponents, combining the effectiveness of a blade and a stun baton. Galladinium's Galactic Datalog of Fantastic Technology sold Yil scimitars to discerning customers for 8500 credits.

Known Togorian master smiths included Mlatar Thon Gra and Elotis.[1]



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