The scaly tauntaun was a small sub-species of tauntaun native to the ice planet Hoth.

Description[edit | edit source]

This unusual variant of the common tauntaun was hairless, despite the evident need for fur in the harsh cold of Hoth. Unlike its larger cousin, though, the scaly tauntauns lived in small groups beneath the surface, near hot springs and geothermal vents. They could smell the slightly-sulfur atmosphere released by the vents, and dig downward in the necessary direction. The scaly tauntauns used little energy in daily activities, and could easily trap heat within their bodies to keep warm. These unique traits made the scaly tauntaun a target for scientific research for two main reasons: studies did not have to be conducted on the frigid surface of Hoth, and the scaly tauntauns were an incredible example of a high-efficiency energy processor.

Predators[edit | edit source]

As with the common tauntaun, the scaly tauntauns were often hunted by Wampas. The scaly tauntauns were extremely skittish, more so than the common tauntaun, and would dart for the safety of their underground chambers whenever a Wampa appeared. Wampas would often use cunning tactics to lure the scaly tauntauns out of their lair. They would, at times, run into the heated tauntaun lair and back out again, hoping to scare them to the surface where they could be ambushed and killed.

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